Ample Vape Mace-X

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    "Hard hitting crisp flavor"

    The exact words a mate of mine used when he tried it for the first time and honestly I couldnt agree more

    This review is on the Ample Mace-X sent to me by @Heaven Gifts (and due thanks to them)


    Straight into the nitty gritty details:
    The rta is superb and I was honestly surprised by how good the build is not to mention the flavor and clouds that comes off it.

    For the purpose of this review I tested the Rta on a range of devices over a number of days and I was rather pleased.

    Straight into the specs:
    24.5mm diameter
    50mm height
    2ml tank capacity (although i
    I have seen bubble glass for this however I did not recieve)
    Comes in a range of colors: Black, Blue, SS and Rainbow (heat treated look)

    Now with RTAs the question is always: Does it leak?

    And with full honesty I can say that it does not. With Top airflow and tight Orings i have yet to have had any issues with leaking.

    The top cap is easily removable with smooth threading and has a top filling feature with dual kidney holes and unlike other RTAs you dont have to worry about the top cap opening accidentally.


    This RTA does come with two pop-in coils one installed, standard across most RTAs which read at about .27 ohms. Now as a full disclaimer before I continue I dont reccomend ever doing this

    When it comes to the 510 Pin as with most Rtas it is a floating pin and does move so it is not entirely hybrid safe HOWEVER it does protrude quite far with the coil in to it semi safe to use on a hybrud mechanical mod which I have been doing.


    Here I have the Ample Mace-X on my Geekvape Black Ring and I must say i love the way this RTA looks on almost anything.

    My only con to this RTA is the way the 810 driptip was designed. Nowadays most driptips slip into an O-ring inside the atty however this was designed so that the O-ring is on the driptip itself meaning I couldnt use my pther preferred driptips.


    Also I did not recieve a 510 Driptip adapter.

    To sum it up I loved this RTA and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a hugh quality, economic RTA.

    Check it out on @Heaven Gifts web page: