Court case against govt. re tobacco ban

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    I liked one of the commenter saying this:
    Nowhere in the world has it been shown that smoking increases the risk of Covid-19 infection. In fact the facts argue just the reverse.At least 28 studies across a range of countries have found fewer smokers among Covid-19 hospital cases than in the general population. Chinese studies covering almost 6,000 Covid-19 hospital admissions, which showed that while smokers make up 26% of the Chinese population, only 6.5% of Covid-19 hospital admissions smoked.Similar figures were found when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) looked at 7,000 Covid-19 cases early in the pandemic. The centre found that only 1.3% of those hospitalised with the virus were smokers, while 14% of all Americans regularly use tobacco products.Other researchers have subsequently reported similar findings. A study of Covid-19 cases in a Paris hospital suggested that smokers are 78% less likely to “have an adverse outcome” from the disease. Another recent meta-analysis found that smokers are 82% less likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19 in the first place.Bottom line, if you’re a smoker your chances of getting and/or surviving Covid-19 are better than those of a non-smoker.