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    Hi Ecigssa members, In this review i take a look at the Diesel RTA from Timesvape. The Diesel RTA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy.




    The Diesel is yet another collaboration AmbitionZVaper is involved with, this time with Timesvape. The Diesel is a top airflow dual coil RTA which seems a mish mash of previous RTA's that i'm sure people will spot and shows no innovation whatsoever. After saying that it doesn't mean the end result will be poor and on first look the Diesel may shape up to be quite a good dual coil RTA, let's find out.


    In the Box



    1 Diesel RTA
    1 Spare 5ml Glass
    1 User Manual
    1 Spare Parts



    When the Diesel was first released i seem to remember both the pre-installed straight tube and included 5ml bubble tube where polycarbonate, there was only 2 colour options and the deck was a in your face Gold coloured/plated affair!
    The Diesel now comes with both a 2ml and 5ml glass tube, comes in 6 colour options and at least the Gunmetal option i received has a Stainless Steel build deck.



    The Diesel was packaged in a cardboard box with viewing window positioned to see just the RTA without opening. I received the Gunmetal version, the other options are Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Gold, Blue and Rainbow, the RTA comes pre-installed with a 2ml straight glass and smoked very low profile 810 drip tip.

    The RTA although 25mm at the base immediately tapers out to be a 27mm RTA and with the bubble glass installed has it's diameter increased further. A lot of metal is on show up top where we have the airflow control section and top-cap and the RTA is much heavier than average.

    We have dual cyclops slots with also some vertical grooves for grip, above is the top-cap which has aggressive fine knurling that gives really good grip. The base see's the same aggressive knurling for grip before it tapers as mentioned to the base. Looking at the base we have printed safety marks and branding, the Gold plated 510 protrudes.

    Finally looking through the glass section "DIESEL" is printed on the outer chamber which is domed at the top.



    Diesel RTA Specs and Features:

    25mm Diameter
    27mm Widest Point
    2ml Standard Glass Capacity
    5ml Capacity Bubble tube
    Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
    Superior Stainless Steel Construction
    Threaded Top Refill System - Dual Fill Ports
    Dual Slotted Top Airflow Control Ring - Leak-Proof
    Elevated Postless Build Deck - Terminals on Floor of Build Deck
    Side Secured via Flathead Screws
    Dual Coil Configuration
    PEEK Insulator
    48 Hole Build Deck Airflow - Half Pipe Shaped
    Domed Flavor Cap
    810 Widebore Drip Tip
    510 Connection
    Available in: Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Gold, Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow



    The Diesel's Various Parts

    The Diesel comprises of a very low profile 810 which just isn't practical and no alternative is provided, i can see most people instantly fitting one of their own. We then have the top-cap that has quite short threading but screws deep down below the airflow control section which means filling is a breeze because if any liquid is spilt it will still find it's way down into the fill slots. The top-cap also has the chimney attached which is just press fitted into the inner chamber, likewise the inner chamber is just press fitted into the main chamber so comes out very easily, but once the tank is together everything is fine.

    Next we have the airflow control section which is just the control ring as most of how the top airflow works is included in the top-cap section. This is followed by the chamber with attached juice port plate which has dual kidney ports, as mentioned we then have an inner chamber that just press fits into place.

    The glass tube gets secured and sealed top and bottom with o-rings and as well as the pre-installed 2ml glass a 5ml bubble glass is also included. Finally we have the base section with postless raised deck with impressive if not original honeycomb halfpipe walls.

    Finally in the bag of spares we have a useless little blue screwdriver, spare flathead (rubbish) grub screws and plenty of o-rings and finally a couple of spare insulators. No coils or cotton is included which is a big con for me as any rebuildable atty should come with everything needed to do at least one build!




    Filling the Diesel is the very common method of unscrewing the top-cap to reveal two good sized kidney shaped fill ports. The threading isn't long so only about 3 turns before it's off and the ports are recessed into the top section so any spilt liquid will still find it's way through the ports. When the top-cap is unscrewed the chimney is actually attached to the top-cap which is a first for me and the only issue i had was as in the second picture sometimes the airflow control ring stays attached to the fill plate when removing the top-cap but that's nothing major.



    The Airflow

    The Diesel allows air into the RTA via the top dual cyclops airflow control ring which moves with a nice tolerance but has no stopper and as mentioned sometimes stays attached to the tank when removing the top-cap.

    As mentioned when the top-cap is removed the central chimney section is attached and looking around the surround of the chimney we have two kidney shaped (similar to the fill ports) openings which allow the air that has entered through the control ring to travel over the top of the inner chamber but within the outer.

    The inner chamber just gets press fitted into the outer chamber and sometimes when unscrewing the base the inner chamber also comes with it but again not really an issue and having the inner chamber this way does help with cleaning. Because the inner chamber isn't fixed though does mean the two cutout sections either side of the inner chamber needs lining up with the already mentioned kidney shaped airflow inlets on the underneath of the top-cap.

    The deck has 2 halfpipe walls either side which are straight rather than curved to the contour of the outer chamber so when they are lined up with the cutouts of the inner chamber cavities are formed between the airflow walls and the outer chamber so now the airflow can go through the honeycomb outlets of the walls directed at the coils. The walls either side consist of 3 rows of 8 holes to hit the side of the coils before we then have a lower recessed section with a further 2 rows of 5 holes directed at the underside of the coils giving plenty of coverage.

    Finally the inner chamber is domed to encourage flavour and both the large airflow walls and having an inner chamber reduces the space again which in theory is another ingredient towards getting good flavour.



    Deck and Build

    As already mentioned the deck has 2 large airflow walls which are split between negative and positive and then the terminals are on the floor of the deck giving us a postless design, the deck is also raised GTA style.

    With the leads just getting slotted into the terminals from above then screwed tight from the sides in theory it should be a very easy build but i actually found it a little awkward. To reach the screw heads the screwdriver needs to travel quite a way into the opening before reaching the head and when undoing it's very easy to over undo as the heads don't reach anything like flush with the openings before you run out of threading and the grub screw falls out. Twice i had a screw fall out and on one of those occasions the very small screw was never found so first build and already on a spare, it doesn't help either that they are flathead screws which i don't know anyone who likes them so why they keep appearing on decks is beyond me.

    Once you do get the leads tightened it's plain sailing as you can use a coiling rod or fit for purpose tool to get your coils in the best position using the halfpipe walls as a guide. I forgot to mention because it's postless in regards fixing your leads they will need to be pre-cut and i would suggest 5.5mm but 5mm or 6mm will also allow for good positioning. Wicking is straightforward being a floating deck as we have a nice size void with containment rail to just poke your cotton ends through, very forgiving!

    The build i did was using a pair of coils labelled as Kanthal Aliens 3ID 0.45ohms and the final build came out to 0.20ohm.



    How it Vaped and My Thoughts!

    To start with i love the look of the RTA with the pre-installed 2ml glass and low profile Smoked drip tip but the capacity really needed increasing and the drip tip might look great but is just too low profile to be comfortable, unfortunately i found the tank to look ugly with the bubble glass and more practical drip tip but that's the way it needed to be.

    Mainly due to the screws i found the build a bit more awkward than it should of been but lining your coils up is easy using the airflow halfpipes as a guide and also the terminals are a fair size so thick wire could be used.

    The inner chamber and the airflow control ring both occasionally come off with the deck and top-cap but once the tank is screwed together everything works fine and the airflow control ring moves smoothly with a nice tolerance.

    The airflow is restricted as would be expected from a top airflow honeycomb style but not as restricted as i thought it would be and fully open there was too much air for me so needed the airflow a third closed for the restriction i like.

    The Diesel gives a good balance between flavour and cloud but is a Jack of all trades and master of none as there are far better RTA's for flavour or cloud. where it does shine is the smoothness of the airflow being very smooth however you have it set, it's also a surprisingly quiet tank.

    Other things i like is the large capacity with the bubble glass and the airflow design makes it about as leakproof as a tank can get, the final disappointment is although the Diesel overall is quite unique as a package there is no innovation as it just previous executed ideas being combined and packaged as something new!




    Good machining
    Good top fill method
    Can fit own 810 drip tip
    6 colour options
    Now with glass tubes rather than polycarbonate
    Leak resistant top airflow design
    Honeycomb halfpipe airflow giving side and bottom coverage
    Airflow control ring moves smoothly with nice resistance
    Coils can easily be positioned into good position
    Will allow use of thick wire
    Airflow very smooth
    Less restriction than expected
    Good balance between flavour and cloud
    5ml Capacity (with bubble glass)
    Inner chamber being press fitted makes cleaning the tank very easy


    Short Grub screws set well into side of deck (easily can undo too much and they fall out)
    Flathead screws
    Supplied Drip Tip looks nice but not comfortable and no alternative included
    Tank looks quite ugly with bubble glass (in my opinion)
    Airflow control ring sometimes stays attached to tank when top-cap removed
    Inner chamber sometimes comes away with deck
    No coils or cotton included
    Although decent flavour and cloud far from special
    No innovation


    I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for supplying the Timesvape Diesel RTA for the purpose of this review.


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