1. Random Awards

    These are our playful awards, that are handed out to our "special" individuals.

    1. Chatter Box Award

      This medal is awarded to the member that always has to make a comment.

    2. Always a good LOL

      Always making a joke. Keeping a LOL thread going, well lollified.

    3. ECIGSSA Addict

      This is awarded to a member that spends a ridiculous amount of time on the forum. A true ECIGSSA junkie to the max. Much love for these members.

    4. Bright Spark

      This is awarded to the member that always has a bright idea. Super valuable guy to have around when we are vaping too much rather then thinking.

    5. The Philosopher of note

      This member has some special powers. A true Philosopher.

    6. Researcher

      noun: diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc

    7. Loves Everybody

      This medal is handed out to the member that can't help but like nearly every post. Super friendly and always a pleasure to have around.

  2. Retailer Awards

    These are awards to handed out to the dedicated retailers on the forum

    1. Friendly Retailer Ribbon

      This ribbon is awarded to the most friendly and customer orientated retailers. And those that are community driven and go out of their way to help others.

  3. Vaping Enthusiast Awards

    These medals are only handed out to the real vaping enthusiasts here at

    1. Mod Crazy

      This medal is given out to those "do it yourself" vapers

    2. Elite Vaper

      This medal is handed out to the hardened vapers. These vapers have been around here for a while. They help out and know their stuff. They love the gear, the juices and all things vape.

    3. Moderator Medal

      This medal is awarded to the dedicated Moderator. Keeps the forum clean and together.

    4. DIY Expert

      This medal is awarded to the member that is a true "do it yourself" expert - either a custom mod magician or an ejuice master - or both!

    5. Golden Member

      This member has been rated by the community as the most friendly and down to earth person. This medal can only be awarded to one person

    6. Dedicated Member

      This medal is awarded to a dedicated member that has grown into the forum and consistently been a part of the community.

    7. Noob to Elite

      This medal is awarded to the user that lets us follow them from the beginning of their vaping experience to the end. From basic gear to the most sophisticated stuff. This person has really caught the vaping addiction.

    8. Noob Friendly

      This medal is awarded to the member that is always there to help the newbies out. Always answering questions and lending a helping hand or giving a word of encouragement. This member knows what it feels like to start out. A special member indeed.

    9. Flavour Master

      This medal is handed out to the member that really loves to mix up the e-liquids to come up with some stunning yummy flavours

    10. Coil Master

      This is awarded to the member that knows how to build expert coils. This is the go to guy for coil building advice and help.

    11. Dr. Vape

      This member is always there to help other members in need. From fixing mods and attys to being always helpful and friendly. This guy deserves a Bell's and a Medal.

    12. Vape Gadget Junkie

      This member always has to have all the lastest vape gear. Vapemail is a regular occurrence and this member has major fears of missing out when new gear is launched. This member has all the gear from basic to the most advanced.

    13. Flashy Vaper

      This vaper always takes and posts great photos of new devices and coil setups. This person always keeps the threads active with some sexy pics of new vape gear, coils and juices.

    14. International Vaper

      This medal is awarded to a prior south african or international vaper that still supports the south african vaping community from abroad. We are privileged to have you here with us!

    15. Cloud Chasing Legend

      This vaper is an expert at all things cloud blowing and has won cloud blowing events. You will not easily see vape photos of this person because the clouds will fill the shot. A true cloud chaser of note!

    16. 2 Handed Vaping

      This is awarded to the vaper that always has two or more mods in use on a daily basis. This a true vaping enthusiast junkie.