1. Awarded: 17/5/18

    Flavour Master

    This medal is handed out to the member that really loves to mix up the e-liquids to come up with some stunning yummy flavours

  2. Awarded: 28/7/15

    Noob Friendly

    This medal is awarded to the member that is always there to help the newbies out. Always answering questions and lending a helping hand or giving a word of encouragement. This member knows what it feels like to start out. A special member indeed.

  3. Awarded: 31/7/14

    Dedicated Member

    This medal is awarded to a dedicated member that has grown into the forum and consistently been a part of the community.

  4. Awarded: 18/7/14

    Elite Vaper

    This medal is handed out to the hardened vapers. These vapers have been around here for a while. They help out and know their stuff. They love the gear, the juices and all things vape.

  5. Awarded: 7/4/14

    Golden Member

    This member has been rated by the community as the most friendly and down to earth person. This medal can only be awarded to one person