1. Awarded: 12/6/14

    Coil Master

    This is awarded to the member that knows how to build expert coils. This is the go to guy for coil building advice and help.

  2. Awarded: 10/3/14

    ECIGSSA Addict

    This is awarded to a member that spends a ridiculous amount of time on the forum. A true ECIGSSA junkie to the max. Much love for these members.

  3. Awarded: 26/2/14

    Noob Friendly

    This medal is awarded to the member that is always there to help the newbies out. Always answering questions and lending a helping hand or giving a word of encouragement. This member knows what it feels like to start out. A special member indeed.

  4. Awarded: 26/2/14

    Dedicated Member

    This medal is awarded to a dedicated member that has grown into the forum and consistently been a part of the community.

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