1. Awarded: 27/7/15

    Flashy Vaper

    This vaper always takes and posts great photos of new devices and coil setups. This person always keeps the threads active with some sexy pics of new vape gear, coils and juices.
    Reason: Because your camera and mods go together like peanut butter and jam :D

  2. Awarded: 7/10/14

    2 Handed Vaping

    This is awarded to the vaper that always has two or more mods in use on a daily basis. This a true vaping enthusiast junkie.

  3. Awarded: 17/4/14

    Vape Gadget Junkie

    This member always has to have all the lastest vape gear. Vapemail is a regular occurrence and this member has major fears of missing out when new gear is launched. This member has all the gear from basic to the most advanced.

  4. Awarded: 10/3/14

    Dedicated Member

    This medal is awarded to a dedicated member that has grown into the forum and consistently been a part of the community.

  5. Awarded: 10/3/14

    ECIGSSA Addict

    This is awarded to a member that spends a ridiculous amount of time on the forum. A true ECIGSSA junkie to the max. Much love for these members.

  6. Awarded: 12/2/14

    Always a good LOL

    Always making a joke. Keeping a LOL thread going, well lollified.