1. Awarded: 7/10/14

    2 Handed Vaping

    This is awarded to the vaper that always has two or more mods in use on a daily basis. This a true vaping enthusiast junkie.

  2. Awarded: 7/10/14

    Moderator Medal

    This medal is awarded to the dedicated Moderator. Keeps the forum clean and together.

  3. Awarded: 7/10/14

    ECIGSSA Addict

    This is awarded to a member that spends a ridiculous amount of time on the forum. A true ECIGSSA junkie to the max. Much love for these members.

  4. Awarded: 9/5/14

    Noob Friendly

    This medal is awarded to the member that is always there to help the newbies out. Always answering questions and lending a helping hand or giving a word of encouragement. This member knows what it feels like to start out. A special member indeed.

  5. Awarded: 23/3/14

    Noob to Elite

    This medal is awarded to the user that lets us follow them from the beginning of their vaping experience to the end. From basic gear to the most sophisticated stuff. This person has really caught the vaping addiction.