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    VOOPOO Vinci Air Pod Kit

    Disclaimer – The views expressed in this review are based on my own experiences while testing the equipment being reviewed. The product/s were supplied free of charge by VOOPOO for review purposes and no remuneration or other incentive is received to do this review.


    This review will focus on the VOOPOO Vinci Air Pod Kit consisting of the Voopoo Vinci Air Device that uses a 900 mA built in battery, and the Refillable Pod System with PnP replaceable coils capability.

    The link to the official VOOPOO website is:
    The link to the product on the official VOOPOO website is:


    The kit is neatly and securely packaged in a white colored single level cardboard box with a slide off cover. The front has a printed picture of the Pod style kit, and information regarding the content of the kit and product specifications are on the back. A foam cutout insert holds the device and the pod in place, with the 2 supplied coils being packed under the foam cutout in a box containing the USB charger as well as the information booklets, keeping everything safe.


    The Pod kit I received was in a Gunmetal finish with a colored back panel called “Aurora”, and accompanied by the pod and coils in 2 different resistances.

    Package Contents included (Standard Edition):
    1 x Vinci Air device.
    1 x Vinci Air 4 ml Pod (Standard)
    2 x PnP Coils.
    Mesh Coil PnP – R2 0.1 Ohm coil, 10 W - 15W.
    Mesh Coil PnP – VM4 0.6 Ohm coil, 20 W - 28W.
    1 x USB Charging Cable.
    1 x User Manual / 1 x Gene Chip Card / 1 x Warranty Card.

    Initial impression

    The Voopoo Vinci Air Pod is a very attractive and light device, more in the traditional thinner rectangular format, and it lives up to expectations with regards to quality, with the gunmetal finish and colored back panel complimenting each other. The face layout allows for a fire button above a colored screen, wattage adjustment buttons on the right hand side, and the USB charging port on the left side. This definitely falls into the category of a light and pocket friendly device.

    Specifications and Features:



    Dimensions – (L) 100 mm x (W) 27 mm x (D) 18 mm.
    Material: Zinc Alloy and PCGT.
    Style/Design Type: Rectangular Pod.
    Battery Specifications: 900 mA built in battery.
    Wattage output range: 5 W to 30W.
    Voltage Output Range: 3.2 V to 4.2 V.
    Resistance Range: 0.45 -3.0 Ohm.
    Chip: new generation Gene-AI chip.
    Weight: 80g (Approximately)



    Dimensions – (H) 35 mm (Drip-tip to bottom) x (W) 25 mm x (D) 15 mm. (Approximate, own measurements)
    Material: PCGT
    Capacity: 4 ml (Standard)
    Filling: Side Fill with Silicone Sealing strip.



    Coils: Replacement disposable coils.
    Mesh Coil PnP – R2 1 Ohm coil, 10 W - 15W. (Best suited for Nic ≤ 25 mg.).
    Mesh Coil PnP – VM4 0.6 Ohm coil, 20 W – 28 W (Best suited for Nic ≤ 35 mg.).
    Compatible with most other PnP Coils, including rebuildable Rba.

    Seven Additional Safety Features

    Overtime Protection – Intelligent overtime protection will avoid the atomizers coil or cotton from being burned.
    Short Circuit Protection – When a short circuit is detected the device will protect the battery by preventing the circuit from returning.
    Overcharge Protection – With dedicated Lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against overcharging and damage due to this.
    Output Over-current Protection – Intelligently detects the output current and will shut it down if it exceeds the maximum limit.
    Over Discharge Protection - With dedicated Lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against discharge and damage.
    Over-Temperature Protection – TC Mode will assure the device and battery work properly within a safe temperature range.
    Max Power Protection – Intelligently matches power to coil and will not allow you to exceed this limit to prevent the coil from damage or burning.

    Opinion, likes and dislikes

    So the box appears and you think to yourself, another Vinci, what can be different? But once you open the packaging you realize that although it is of the Vinci family, it stands comfortably on its own. The Vinci Air is a small pod device, a lot thinner than its namesakes, lightweight and pocket friendly and has the performance to make it a winner in its own right. It is comfortable to use and the round edges means it doesn’t hurt the hand if in it for long periods of time. The matt finish also means it doesn’t show fingerprints easily, a common problem with more smooth finishes. Combine this with the capability of somewhat cross compatibility with the other PnP coils and Rba, and you realize you may just have hit pay dirt, a great little day to day carry device. Operation is really simple, 5 clicks on and off, fire and – button to clear puff counter, fire and + button to lock and unlock.

    The 7 color schemes also provides you with a decent choice to suit your individual taste and preference. The colors available are:
    The pod utilizes the same Pull and Push (PnP) system as the other models in the Vinci range, and the compatibility with some of the other PnP commercial coils and RBA makes this a great complimentary system with one of the other models.


    It was supplied with a combination of 2 coils, the R2 1 Ohm coil, 10 W - 15W, and the VM4 0.6 Ohm coil, 20 W – 28 configuration. Combine this with a 4ml pod and you have an all-day mod with the 1 Ohm coil, vape style and battery dependent. Very reasonable flavor was there from the first fill, and there was virtually no break in time at all with either of the coils. The wicking was great and I mostly used both coils at the wattage as suggested by the chip, being 24 W for the 0.6 Ohm VM4 coil with a maximum of 28W, and 12 W for the 1 Ohm R2 coil with a 15 W maximum, using a 50 VG / 50 PG commercial MTL juice on both for the test. The R2 1 Ohm coil was my favorite of the 2 coils, and imho is the better suited of the 2 to make this a powerhouse, and wait for it, you actually get a decent tight MTL draw from it, or a really restricted DL, all by rotating the Pod 180 Degrees.

    Battery life was as expected for a 900 mAh capacity, wish it could be bigger but to keep the device small you have to compromise, and you will need to recharge if used exclusively, especially with the lower resistance coil. The Gene AI chip performed flawlessly, and the device really made the experience pleasurable. The adjustable wattage and airflow control design allows you a vape experience of note.

    A sincere thank you to @VOOPOO for supplying the VOOPOO Vinci Air Pod Kit for review and for giving me the opportunity to do a review on it.
    (Information, photos and specifications as obtained from the official VOOPOO website and other sources on the Internet)
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