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  1. Quintusson

    Holiday period

    Please note that I am going on holiday from 14/06 to 28/06 and that during this time I will not be able to facilitate any orders as I will be out of country. Please place all orders by 12/06 (next week Wednesday) in order to ensure delivery and collection can be done in time. Thank you
  2. Quintusson

    WANTED: Black Reload RTA

    Item: Reload RTA (black) Age: Any Price: Pref R500 - R700, but make me an offer Payment Methods Accepted: Will EFT Warranty: N/A Packaging: Not critical Authentic/Clone: Authentic only Condition: Good Location: Any, I will courier Reason: Mine's messing around, so need another one Shipping: On me
  3. Quintusson

    FA 7 Leaves

    By all means. PM me and we can make a plan
  4. Quintusson

    Longfills, Steeping, sun worship and other gibberish

    After years of mixing I have found that there is no real 'hard and fast' rule for steeping. Sure, the averages can equate to something like fruits being ready in 2-4 days and desserts in 2-3 weeks, but there are anomalies as well. I have a few fruit flavours that have to stand at least a week...
  5. Quintusson

    Wanting hangsen blueberry concentrate

    Got a 10ml for you. Think I used like 5 drops from it. You can have it for free.
  6. Quintusson

    More News

    I'm taking this up for sure!
  7. Quintusson

    FA 7 Leaves

    Saw this post now only. If you need more, I got a 100ml bottle here which will last me forever and a day, so more than willing to part with 50ml or so.
  8. Quintusson

    Where to start with DIY E-Liquid

    Alas, I will be in Kenya at the time. Would've been interesting.
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    Where to start with DIY E-Liquid

    So much advice, so little time to type everything. So first, Very good advice. Sites like is a good place to start. Just note, some of the top rated recipes are very old and so may not be so relevant anymore. Also, do not panic if you do not have the exact ingredients...
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    More News

    This part, take note specifically: "...indicated that the tolling infrastructure could be repurposed to detect average speed-over-distance violations."
  14. Quintusson

    More News

    You'll send people like me into a panic and re-reading the excruciatingly boring legislation again to see if I missed something :rofl:
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    More News

    Tax has been in place since June 2023 already, so this is just an increase on that. For a 30ml of premixed juice you would have paid R87.00 more since June 2023, now you will be paying R91.20 extra
  17. Quintusson

    More News

    Not applicable to DIY nicotine as yet, just for ready to use juices
  18. Quintusson

    More News

    Vape products tax increased by 4.7%: