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    Johannesburg DIY E-Liquid Mixers Meetup - Let's Mix and Mingle!

    Nah, Waaaaay over fighting and politics... :-D
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    Johannesburg DIY E-Liquid Mixers Meetup - Let's Mix and Mingle!

    Well... Considering I've joined this forum back in 2014 and have always had the same profile pic, and baxteen has joined way later than me, I don't see a reason to change my profile pic. Nor does he have to change his :--P:-D My name is probably popping up as you're typing Bak instead of Bax...
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    Charity bin or Pif bin at vape shops. Is it done?

    Yip. Piffed a couple of items over the years as well. Twice found items up for sale the next day. I mean the new owner can do whatever he / she wants as it is now their items, but it leaves a sour taste.
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    DIY Tobacco - RY4 Question

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely give that recipe a try
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    DIY Tobacco - RY4 Question

    Good day DIY Guru's I'm very new to tobacco diy so I have NO clue as to what concentrates to get. What recipe is the best for a nice, semis sweet, vanilla / caramel / tobacco combo? a Commercial juice I like is Boss Liquid's Signature Tobacco.
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    Any way of making contact?

    @BigGuy @Sir Vape
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    Need some help please

    @Timwis - Real left field idea here, but hey, it's worth a shot. There's a youtuber called "My Mate VINCE" in the UK who does various repair videos for his channel... Maybe send him your mod and a screen and ask him to fix it for you? Could be a nice content idea for him so he gets views and...
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    Decent RTA Nowdays

    Arbiter V2 and the Blaze RTA are my current go to top airflow RTA's
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    Introduce Yourselves:

    Room for plenty of bricks here. :-D
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    Introduce Yourselves:

    If you're referring to me... Well... That account isn't mine :--P:-D
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    Introduce Yourselves:

    Welcome! Love your name and profile pic :wasntme::-D
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    What a disgrace!

    I have not been on ecigssa for a while, but I see I have a doppelganger... :-D
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    Sack - I use Manscaped Back and crack was not part of the aforementioned discussion... :mm::-D
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    Your Wife lets you give your balls to someone else??? :oops::-D
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    Stuff that happened to you that doesnt deserve a thread

    So in October last year, I finally decided to get off my Lazy 120kg butt and do something about my fat ass. I went onto Slender Wonder and lost 16kg in 3 months, but picked up a little weight again aftewards. ( The diet works, but it's impossible to make that a lifestyle as you're basically...
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    I bought my first vape (9 years ago) to use in the office because I was tired of standing in the cold for a smoke. Never picked up cigarettes after that first one and I feel a lot healthier than when I was smoking. To be fair though, if you're thinking of doing it for health reasons, vaping, in...