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    Classic Wet Shaving

    How's everyone's shaving going? This really is the way to go :)
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    Exploring the Top Vape Pod Systems of 2024

    XR Max gets my vote Also had/still have the xros mini which is good
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    Where to start with DIY E-Liquid

    Try find a one shot you like, this can also be an expensive exercise as its trial and error. But once you have a good one it can save you in the long run. Essentials for me are a scale to weigh your ingredients, and a set of funnels to help pouring, some empty bottles to mix in. You will need...
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    I use vandy vape mtl superfine coils in my arbiter solo. I wrap at 2,5mm. I get a nice crackle or fizzle, not sure what to call it? The coil and first wick last quite long. My problem is straight after i rewick that crackle is gone. Am i doing something wrong. When i rewick i dry burn the...
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    First mech, help with calculations

    That blue dead rabbit would look good on top of a blue squeezer. Feel like im falling down another rabbit hole :facepalm:
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    First mech, help with calculations

    What would be a good single coil rda, thats available?
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    First mech, help with calculations

    I had/have an asgard mini for it. Would a single coil rda be better for a mech? I need to get some 26ga wire to see if I can wrap those a bit better...
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    First mech, help with calculations

    That site helps alot, thank you. I ended up getting 28ga ss wire and aimed for .3 but ended up with .33 ohm. Will see how it goes. That wire is thin and not so easy to work with, with fat fingers.
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    First mech, help with calculations

    Which coils would bring my ohms up a bit? I currently have shadow aliens which give me the 0.16. Edit: found some white collar hex aliens which claim a 0.39 ohm dual build
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    First mech, help with calculations

    Thanks. Yes the battery is new and from a reputable dealer.
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    First mech, help with calculations

    Hi all Im currently waiting on a mech and want to make sure of my calculations, I have a dual coil tank thats reading 0.16 ohms I will be using a 21700 battery, 40t, rated at 35 amps, voltage at 3.7v 3,7 / 0.16 = 23.125 amps. This tells me I'm safe? (quite a way below the 35 amp rating) Or...
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    Sold Stubby

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    Sold Stubby

    Item: Stubby 18650 Age: Bought on forum Price: R1500 Payment Methods Accepted: Eft / cash Warranty: Unknown Packaging: Yes Authentic/Clone: Authentic Condition: 9 Location: Benoni Reason: Not in use Shipping: Postnet at buyers cost Link:
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    DIY Tobacco - RY4 Question

    I get it at BLCK