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  1. Stranger

    Why so many flavours

    I note that many people will change flavours frequently during the day. Why ?
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    Miso C, the alternative reality

    The Miso C How dainty I thought when I opened the box. How wrong I was. I made the decision to give the Miso C a hammering before I did the review. I am convinced that every vaper should have a pod as a carry vape. This has broken my old habit of carrying spare batteries around for my daily...
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    The wear and tear thread

    Now we all love a new gadget, in our case a new mod or tank or RBA pod. So they start off all new and shiny, but they will get wear and tear. What peice of kit for you is wearing and tearing? I have a Jelly box that the fire button is wearing badly, although functional it does not look good
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    A word to the Newbies

    Shortly I will have been a member of this forum for three years, as such I took a stroll down memory lane and looked at my earlier posts. Man what a newbie I was and in some area's still am. However the learning curve thanks to this forum has been amazingly steep. What I thought were stupid and...
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    How many ml per rewick

    This has probably been posted before, but time for a new poll. There is such a variation now with vaping styles, and now with rebuild able pods we can include those as well.
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    The idiosyncrasy of the sweet spot

    I recently acquired a Grus, a brand new one out of the box, not the newest V2 but the older V1. It did not initially perform as I expected it to, yes from mod to mod you get a difference in W output but still this did not satisfy. It does have VV though and it must be there for a reason. I have...
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    And today's question is ......

    If vaping went underground, would you risk it ?
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    Perception of power

    Without going into all the nitty gritty specs, and just working on your own perception ....... what mods seem to be managing the power best. I recently got a Grus, this seems to eat power in comparison to two of my other 21700 mods. Using the same Intake solo with a 0.3 build fused staggered...
  9. Stranger

    What puts you off just by looking at it ?

    For me, it is the AIO's like the Pulse. Even seeing them in the flesh does not make them eye candy for me. I have never owned or even tried one so I can't comment on the quality of the vape but the form just does not appeal. A good looking mod and tank does it for me.
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    Talk to me ... Arbiter solo

    Please tell me your real world experience. This tank intrigues me and considering it as my next buy.
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    Golisi i4 usb charger

    I have a Nitecore i2 and an i4 both of which have been serving me well ..... until My dual 18650 battery mods were reporting that the batteries were discharging at different levels. One before the other. I thought that this was limited to my Puma, but no, my Manto and Manto max also looked the...
  12. Stranger

    Any Ububtu / Linux guru's. I need help please

    Probably easier over the phone, if you think you can assist, may I please call you PM me a no and I will call
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    What is giving you best flavour

    What are you finding works for you ? I have added squonk as a fully saturated vape may be your preference.
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    Not a Vape meet ... workshop

    Complimentary to the vape meets, @Intuthu Kagesi and myself wish to offer a limited workshop. Date and time to be decided but most likely at The German club in Edenvale . Itinerary: Battery safety How to install pre built coils How to wrap a coil/ wire types Wicking/clean and rewick No...
  15. Stranger

    The Requiem BF Kit

    I was a very lucky boy after the last vape meet, but I was also lucky in winning a Requiem BF kit at the vape meet. Bear with me if I use some stock pics. Even when you first see this in the box, you just know that it is going to be good. Although small in size it is surprisingly heavy. The...
  16. Stranger

    Does anyone have the Slatra mesh BF rda ?

    My mate won the Slatra at the vape meet and wants me to build it for him. It looks complicated from the reviews I have seen. Installing the mesh looks easy enough but as we know, wicking mesh can be a hit and miss sometimes. A reviewer mentioned that you can use coils and I can see how to load...
  17. Stranger

    Adapting to airflow

    Just a curious question. My main go to's are my Intake single coil tanks sitting on a 21700 mod. I have the coiling and wicking down pat and they are very consistent. Airflow is wide open that gives me a good RDL. I also like my Dvarw clones and after installing the airflow insert there is no...
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    Please post yours
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    Whats the wierdest tank you ever bought This one was mine. I bought a couple to take in the bush with me before I learned how to build, thinking that they were so cheap that if I lost or broke them then I would not cry. Surprisingly they vaped really well.
  20. Stranger

    What has been your best 2021 buy

    If I was to ask, what has been your single best buy (just name one) of 2021, mine has to be the Intake. Got my first one from DBM and then found an OG new one. Alongside the Dvarw clones these tanks just suit my vaping style so well. Even full open they give an RDL. Easy to work with, coil and...