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  1. Grand Guru

    Load shedding power backup solutions

    I’m seeking advice. I need a cost effective system to power my Wi-Fi router, TV and android box during load shedding. I made some research on YouTube and found many videos but it’s getting a bit confusing. Which route should I take. Inverter or UPS? With or without additional batteries. Lead...
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    Martial Arts?

    So I grew up watching martial arts movies (the Lees, Van Dammes and their alikes) and like many people I was (and probably still am) fascinated by the culture but, as I started watching boxing fights and then came along the UFC…. I’m not so sure. My question is simple. Are martial arts really...
  3. Grand Guru

    In vitro cytoxicity profile of e-cigarette liquid samples on primary human bronchial epithelial cells

    Massimo Caruso 1 2, Alfio Distefano 1, Rosalia Emma 1, Pietro Zuccarello 3, Chiara Copat 3, Margherita Ferrante 2 3, Giuseppe Carota 1, Roberta Pulvirenti 1, Riccardo Polosa 2 4 5, Gesualdo Antonio Missale 5, Sonja Rust 5, Giuseppina Raciti 6, Giovanni Li Volti 1 2 Affiliations expand PMID...
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    E-cigarette flavoured liquids 80% lower risk than smoking – Italian study

    The results of the study published by the prestigious scientific magazine “Drug Testing & Analysis” showed no contaminants in all e-liquids and a metal content below the levels permitted by WHO for drinking-waters Catania, 21 April 2022- The debate over the safety and efficacy of electronic...
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    Archive Wanted: intake DL single RTA

    Item: intake single RTA Age: N/A Price: reasonable Payment Methods Accepted: no sexual favours Warranty: n/a Packaging: if possible Condition: as good as possible Location: anywhere in SA Reason: mine gave up Shipping: will pay Link:
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    The Golden Days

    I’m going to start with myself. I’m born in the 70s. I wish I were born 20 years earlier to witness the extravaganza of the 60s and 70s, the music, the great technological advancement. I think the 30 years that followed WW2 were some of the most prolific periods in human History. Same as the the...
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    Juice PIF (closed)

    I have a few commercial juices to donate to anyone in need. They're all 2 to 3mg Nic (I only vape 0 to 1mg Nic). They are mostly unopened but some were tested. They're going all together. PM if interested.
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    9/11, where were you?

    It’s an event that has undoubtedly marked our generation, the way we see the world and probably our vision of religion whether we are pro or anti American, Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. Where were you that day? What was your reaction to the attacks? Did the attacks influence your vision of...
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    Stardust - for Astronomy lovers

    I’m fond of astronomy and astrophysics. I read every article and watch every YT video that I come across. I’m sure some of the fellow vapers share this passion too. Here is a thread to share the knowledge!
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    Horror movies and thrillers

    I’m a huge fan of horror movies and thrillers. This thread is for those who have the passion for goosebumps to share recommendations
  11. Grand Guru

    In loving memory…

    Here is a thread dedicated to your beloved Vape gear that kicked the bucket :giggle:
  12. Grand Guru

    Uwell Nunchaku in Stainless Steel/Silver

    Item wanted: As per title. No other colours desired Price Preference: depends on condition Condition: good Age of the item: doesn't matter Location of item: doesn't matter Delivery/Collection: either Reason: I want another one but in SS/silver Picture here (if it helps describe what you...
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    To the fellow forumites who were offended by the “heavy” jokes of religious nature, I want to present a humble apology. I obviously never intended to hurt anybody’s feelings but we all have different tolerance thresholds and I do respect that. on a lighter note…
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    Opera. Not for everyone!

    I'm creating this thread for those who'd like to share some good opera and baroque music. I only started listening the last couple of years, so I'm relatively novice.
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    E-cigarettes: What we know and what we don’t – Cancer Research UK Highlights: 1. In fact, research shows that vaping is far less harmful than smoking The best evidence available in humans shows e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. For example, one...
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    Dremel 3000-1-25

    Item for Sale :- as per title Selling Price :- R1200 Condition :- sealed Age of the item :- 2 years or so Clone or Authentic :- authentic Location of item :- Bloem Delivery/Collection :- either Reason for sale:- bought for a project but never used. Not needed Add a picture here :-
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    The dying man last wish!

    Well it's all in the title! What would be your last vape setup (mod and tank, AIO system, whatever makes you really happy) and juice? Thinking about it myself, it's a difficult question! A solar storm DNA75C (from the skipper's collection :inlove:) A Skyline RTA with a nice 1.2 Ohm coil (because...
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    Vaping reduces the inflammatory markers compared to smoking

    Some positive findings about the benefits of vaping Vs smoking in an American study? Worth sharing... Extracts: Inhaling combustion products is always a bad idea. Ask a firefighter. So before...
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    Archive Nunchaku Mod

    Item wanted: Nunchaku Mod SS or Black Price Preference: we can talk Condition: 9/10 Age of the item: don’t care Location of item: SA Delivery/Collection: either Reason: Gave mine away and miss it! Picture here (if it helps describe what you looking for) : if you don’t know what it looks...
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    Bored? Travelling is too risky? Try a virtual tour!