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  1. Rob Fisher

    Vaporesso Gen 80 S Kit

    Vaporesso has always been pretty good with their coils and this package says Best SubOhm tank according to the Vapin360 2022 survey! We shall see!
  2. Rob Fisher

    Geekvape Z SubOhm Tank

    I often get asked for recommendations for SubOhm tanks so I thought I would pick up this Z SubOhm Tank to test drive! I hate 810 drip tips so I dug out one of my adapters so I could use a 510 tip!
  3. Rob Fisher

    Voopoo VMate E Pod

    I grabbed this VMate E because it's a looker! Love shiny gold with white leather. 3ml of juice. Letting the coil soak in and then will give it a go!
  4. Rob Fisher

    Vaporesso Moti X Mini Pod

    I heard that this little (and cheap) pod performs well and has an RDL vape with decent flavour! Well here goes the test drive!
  5. Rob Fisher

    The Atom Bridge

    Yet another in the long line of Billet Box bridges to arrive in the Vape Cave! This is the Atom Bridge. Very easy coil placement and wicked with a 45-degree cut in the tails... tucked a little of the tail into the juices holes at the bottom. Right off the bat, I have to say the airflow is...
  6. Rob Fisher

    Black Rose Spade Bridge

    The Black Rose Spade comes with a million airflow pins... well two bags of them! I chose the biggest one obviously because I can never quite get enough air out of a Billet Box! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Great airflow! Wicking well! Flavour great! Another great buy and an addition to the vape...
  7. Rob Fisher

    Black Rose Stealth

    The Black Rose Stealth Mod. DNA 60 and really small! The stand-out feature (apart from how smart and small it is) is the really smooth threads on the battery cap! A lot of modders could learn from Black Rose! It has to have the smoothest threads of ANY high-end mod on the planet!
  8. Rob Fisher

    Vaping Tax discussion with Asanda from VPASA
  9. Rob Fisher

    Monarchy Mobb 2

    Another high-end bridge hitting the scene shortly! And that is the Monarchy Mobb 2. Should be leaving Poland in the next few days!
  10. Rob Fisher

    Monarchy JIIS 2 RTA

    Another new high-end RTA leaving Poland shortly is the Monarchy JIIS 2 RTA! And this one was really pricey so I hope it lives up to the cost!
  11. Rob Fisher

    Golden Greek Caspardina RTA

    The new RTA from Golden Greek will be leaving Greece for South Africa in around two weeks! Imeo Thanasis is the inventor of the first RTA and this one has a lot of thought gone into it and I can't wait to get my grubby paws on it!
  12. Rob Fisher

    Aviator RTA from Amber Mods

    I can't wait for my Aviator Mods RTA from Aber Mods in Poland! It is a really beautiful-looking RTA and was launched at the Hall of Vape in Germany on the weekend!
  13. Rob Fisher

    26650 Batteries

    Do any vape shops still stock 26650 batteries? Anything other than iJoy's.
  14. Rob Fisher

    One Million Posts

    ECIGSSA is fast approaching One Million posts! The amount of help we have all gotten from all the helpful members of the ECIGSSA Family cannot even be measured! You have all made a huge difference in people's lives! Vaping is entering the mature stage of a disruptive technology and the hobbyist...
  15. Rob Fisher

    Vision RBA for Billet Box

    Now, this is an interesting boro RBA from Umbrella Mods! No condensation and no leaking because the airflow comes from the top! Due for release soon and I'm on the list! Vision RBA has a unique airflow route, air travels from the top of the RBA to the side of the coil. This will achieve one of...
  16. Rob Fisher

    The scientific approach to vaping!

    A long video but well worth the watch.
  17. Rob Fisher

    Vaping tax: the folly of tax policy replacing public health policy

    Analysis shows introducing a tax will simply invite the onset of an illicit market!
  18. Rob Fisher

    Drip Tips by Bill

    After Siam Mods in Scotland closed down I went in search of a new drip tip supplier and was really happy to find Drip Tips by Bill in Germany! They are the most beautiful drip tips on the planet!
  19. Rob Fisher

    SABS to develop first standards for vaping products The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is starting to draft the first set of standards for vaping products in South Africa. Currently in South Africa, and on the rest of the continent, there...