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    Item Name :
    DRAG 2 Platinum
    Manufacturer: @VOOPOO
    Website: https:
    Cost: Still to be launched in SA

    ***DISCLAIMER*** This device was supplied to me by @VOOPOO for the purpose of reviewing the product for them and providing my personal feedback and opinion of this device before launching in South Africa. I also hope to create some excitement around this device. I’m not being paid for this review and this review is my own opinion and views.

    So, let’s start off with some pictures of this device, from unboxing to being used






    What’s inside the box you ask?

    • Drag 2 Platinum Mod
    • USB Cable
    • GENE Chip Card
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

    Technical specifications are also important, so here they are:

    Dimensions: 88.3x51x26.5mm
    Weight: 158 grams
    Battery: 2 x 18650 (Not included)
    Max Power: 177 Watts

    Device Specifications as found on website:

    Material Used : Tungsten Alloy Body & Resin
    Power Range : 5-177 Watt (20watt more than the old Drag2)
    Voltage Output: 0-7.5V
    Current Output: 0-40A
    Resistance Range: 0.05 to 5.0 Ohm
    TC Range: 100 to 315 C

    So, what do I think about this device? Good question!


    First thoughts upon unboxing this mod I immediately notice the size, I was expecting it to be as big its older brother, the first DRAG2. The Platinum has been made smaller and feels great in your hand. With the now rounded edges, it looks better in all departments. The high mirror finish is great but it’s a finger print magnet. This is a well built device with quality parts used and feels solid.


    The fire rate on this device is instantaneous! As soon as you fire the you hear the coil going at full rate. Playing around with the new FIT feature, It allows the device to detect the tank/coil you are using and will have 3 different levels according to that coil which are FIT 1 – Battery (Saving), 2 – Flavor and 3 - Cloud. In this mode you cannot adjust the power as the device manages this and protects your sub ohm coils from being burnt due to high wattage. The FIT feature is recommended only for Subohm tanks and not RTA or RDA’s. This feature works great but I prefer straight power mode and to set my power. The device automatically sets the power level according to the resistance when a new tank or coil is fitted which is nice.

    Fattening? Never!

    The Platinum is now 45 grams lighter than the previous DRAG2 and now offers a 20-Watt power increase as well, not that I would ever need 177w.


    Finally, I feel that this device manages the power delivery coupled with the battery exceptionally well, Like the Voopoo X217, the battery life seems to last much longer when compared at the same watts to my Fuchai 213 or Minikin V2. This would be thanks to the Gene.Fit chip I guess which manages the power better! A set of batteries comfortably lasts me a full day at around 65watt and I vape a lot!

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty! The want to hears and the not’s!

    My Pro's
    • Comfortable to hold and not too big
    • Light weight (45grams lighter to be exact)
    • Looks great with the mirror platinum finish
    • Different Resin color options
    • Super-fast firing, pretty much instant 0.025 seconds
    • Powerful GENE.FIT Chip
    • No button rattle, they are solid!
    • The GENE chip manages battery life very good.
    My Cons's
    • Battery door rattle/loose and doesn’t sit as snug as I would like it
    • Resin doesn’t seem to be removable to change colors.
    • Screen seems a little miss-aligned, part of the W in power mode is cut off or can only be seen if you look at an angle. (Might only be this one and not all)
    • Finger print magnet…which is to be expected with the mirror finish
    • Protruding 510 of around 0.5mm which causes a gap between the tank and the mod, a flush fit would look better IMO.
    • Asking if a new coil was installed, Randomly the mod will ask if I have a new coil? Without me removing batteries of the tank. Found this issue on my X217 as well
    • Its not quite Scratch-proof, I have picked up some small scratches over the couple of days while using it. This is a little disappointing…
    • Pictures below:
    IMG_20190412_125856.jpg IMG_20190412_130003.jpg

    This device has Protection Functions to cover every type of failure and they include the following:

    Over Temperature Protection
    TC mode assures the mod and the battery work properly within a safe temperature range

    Over Current Output Protection
    Intelligently detects the output current and close the output current when the current exceeds the highest allowed limit.

    Overcharge Protection
    With dedicated lithium battery protection, the battery will be protected against battery overcharge and damage.

    Over Discharge Protection
    With dedicated lithium battery protection components, the battery will be protected against battery discharge and damage

    Tank Short-circuit Protection
    When a short-circuit is detected, the MOD will protect the battery by preventing the circuit returning.

    Batter Reverse Protection
    The mod will be protected against reverse battery and will not work.

    Charging Protection
    Supports balance charging with different battery brands

    The following Colors are available:


    My Verdict???

    I have enjoyed using the DRAG 2 Platinum for the last couple of days even though to me it’s still a little big as I prefer smaller mods, but this is difficult in dual battery mods. I simply love the finish and the new rounded edges, it really does attract everyone’s attention especially the high mirror finish. I love the super-fast firing of this device because I hate having to wait for a coil to build up heat as I prefer vaping around 60watts. Using this device on the new VOOPOO MAAT tank as well as my RTAs it has impressed me and i have to say that it surpasses the previous DRAG2 in several categories! The build quality is great bar some of the cons I don’t like…but that me, perhaps you will look pass these things or they wont even bother you!

    Would I buy one with my own hard-earned cash?

    It’s a maybe from me, even though I love the new shape and design, the shiny new facelift and getting to tell everyone its platinum LOL, the size is still just a little on the big side for me personally. It’s a great device but I prefer smaller mods on the daily. The loose battery door moving while vaping is irritating the fact as well that it randomly asks you if you have installed a new coil? Weird. I also hate the fact that its not really scratch resistant...

    Thank you for taking the time in reading my review and findings on the DRAG2 Platinum.
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