Uwell Crown 4 - WOW!

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    I picked up the Uwell Crown 4 yesterday and am well impressed, and then some. This is the long awaited follow up of the Crown and should reclaim the success of the original Crown as the Crown 2 and 3 were both pretty lame.

    As a full-time dripper, I was blown away by the flavour this baby produces on the standard SS coil supplied. I ordered the mesh coil form another vendor and should get it today - heard good things about it.

    It comes out the box with a 6ml bubble glass which is plenty as this baby is not thirsty at all. The top cap is unscrewed with a funky quarter turn mechanism which makes filling and opening a breeze. The supplied coils are superb and comfortably handles high wattages with ease.
    After watching a few reviews, I tested the claims of zero dry hits by chain vaping at 95W and it held up beautifully. Not a single dry hit in sight.

    It comes with a patented "Self cleaning condensation holder" which sucks up condensation and excess juice back into the wick, ensuring no waste and a cleaner unit.

    Easy to install, fill and use
    Leak free - like really
    Doesn't chow the batteries
    Not thirsty
    Sleek & sexy
    Amazing airflow
    Superb build quality
    Good price

    IMG_0253.jpg TANK_01.jpg TANK_03.jpg TANK_04.jpg TANK_05.jpg TANK_06-GIF.gif TANK_07_2.jpg TANK_08.jpg TANK_09.jpg TANK_10.jpg TANK_12.jpg
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