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    Hi Ecigssa members, In this review i take a look at the Berserker V2 MTL RDA from Vandy Vape. The Berserker V2 MTL RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ariel from Vandy Vape.



    The Berserker range of RDA's, RTA's and tank have possibly been Vandy Vape's most successful products and here we see the upgrade to the original Berserker MTL RDA and another collaboration with Alex from Vapors MD. Rather than having both inserts and adjustable airflow V2 just has inserts which have also been simplified making it a much more straightforward RDA to use. V2 is much larger being 22mm in diameter compared to the 18mm original version but that extra diameter is all taken up by the double walled sleeve which houses the airflow channel which takes airflow from the side it enters the sleeve right round to the opposite side where it enters the airflow system on the deck, making it as leak resistant than i can imagine possible. The RDA has a deep juice well section meaning the build is sitting in the top reduced dome area of the chamber so in theory giving the Berserker V2 MTL RDA every chance of delivering top-notch flavour, let's have a look!


    In The Box



    1 * BSKR V2 MTL RDA
    1 * Accessory bag which includes:
    4 * Airflow inserts
    Drip tip tip
    Grub screws
    Allen Key
    Solid 510 pin
    2 * Coils (Ni80 0.78ohm)
    1 * User Manual
    2 * Drip Tip




    The Berserker V2 MTL RDA came in the usual Silver and Blue cardboard sample packaging minus any paperwork which is normal and will be included with the retail version. I received the Matte Black version which has the same Matte Black finish as previous Berserker atty's and is the colour i always receive. My wife uses the Berserker RTA's all the time so i can 100% vouch for the durability of the finish of at least the Black versions. The colour options are Matte Black, Gun Metal, Stainless Steel and Rainbow, all versions come with a 2 section drip tip, the bottom section has 4 heat sink fins in the colour of choice with an Ultem screw in tip up top. The main body of the sleeve has no logo or branding, in fact all we have is a small shield shape indented section that houses the airflow inlet hole. The top of the sleeve has a series of tapering and steps before eventually giving us a flat protruding surface in which the 510 drip tip can be fitted. Moving to the base the RDA comes pre-installed with a Gold plated BF pin and we also have etched branding and safety marks. The RDA has a very familiar Berserker look to it and is very good build quality.



    Berserker V2 MTL RDA Specs and Features:


    Length: 24mm
    Diameter: 22mm
    Capacity: 1.5ml
    Thread: 510


    1. True MTL experience.
    2. Come with various size of airflow, easy and quick to install.
    3. Leakproof design.
    4. Innovative Dual-shell cap design presents better temperature control and Isolation.
    5. Dome and smaller evaporation chamber.
    6. Easy coil installation and wicking.

    Colours: Matte Black, Gun Metal, Stainless Steel, Rainbow



    The Berserker V2 MTL Various Parts

    The RDA consists of a MTL 510 drip tip with heat sink fins and an Ultem tip but the tip can be unscrewed and also included is a Black delrin small tip as well as other options which i will cover in another section. We then have a heavy, thick sleeve section and when looking inside we can see it has 2 walls with the inner wall on the Black version being Silver in colour, this double wall is needed for how the airflow works which i will cover later. The base section is very tall giving the RDA a deep juice well and also will mean once the sleeve is fitted the build will sit in the top section of the chamber. An Insert needs to be slotted into the side of the deck for airflow and we receive 4 inserts each giving different amounts of air. Pre-installed we have a BF pin but a 2 part solid pin is also included and having it in 2 parts makes it adjustable. We also receive spare o-rings, grub screws, Allen key, screwdriver and 2 coils.



    The Coils

    You receive 2 coils with full specs given which is a big pro. The coils are Superfine MTL Fused Claptons, Ni80 30ga*2+38ga 6 wraps with a 2.5mm ID and a resistance of 0.78ohm.


    The Drip Tips

    I don't think i have included a separate drip tip section before in a review but with the Berserker V2 MTL RDA a lot of options are included and of course you can still opt for one of your own favourite 510 drip tips if you prefer. Pre-installed we have a 2 section drip tip which has 4 heat sink fins and the Ultem tip can be unscrewed, also included is another 2 section drip tip with 3 heat sink fins and a much taller MTL tip which also unscrews. Also in the accessories bag we get a small delrin tip so each of the 2 bottom sections can be used with any of the 3 different screw-in tips. If that wasn't enough options for good measure also included is a tall MTL delrin standard one piece drip tip.


    The Airflow

    The airflow i like a lot for it's innovation, we have inserts which is nothing new but the way the air travels from entering the RDA to getting to the insert is something i haven't come across before on an RDA. On the sleeve we have a hole where the air enters but their appears to be the second solid wall behind the hole but if you look carefully you can see to one side the start of a channel that goes between the outer and inner wall. When you look inside the sleeve you can see the hole on the inner wall which will feed the insert is on the opposite side to the hole on the outer wall and neither the outer or inner walls will turn, they are fixed in position. So the air coming in through the outer airflow hole travels around the channel between the outer and inner wall of the sleeve to the opposite side and then enters the insert through the hole on the inner wall.
    This does mean it's a completely fixed system relying on different inserts to produce different airflow as the airflow itself can't be adjusted but it does make it about as leak resistant an i have come across!
    On the original Berserker MTL RDA we had long inserts that spanned the entire deck and also the air went directly from the insert to the coil so you really needed the one you were using in place to do your build as it was your only guide to coil positioning. On the new version we do have a bottom airflow outlet on the deck which just needs feeding with one of the inserts so this can be used for coil placement so it makes no difference whether you have an insert in place or not when doing your build.
    The inserts this time around are much smaller, slotting into place and only travelling as far as they need to be able to feed the air to the outlet underneath your coil, i found these inserts really quick and easy to swap and doing so doesn't disturb your build so you can experiment on the fly. When the insert is fitted the hole on each one which allows the air to travel underneath the deck is the same size but the hole on the insert that sends air through the outlet underneath the coil varies in size and each insert is labelled, they are 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm and 2.0mm.
    Trying to find cons for the RDA is a struggle and although because i both DL and MTL when it comes to MTL i find i don't need to be that precise so i personally find the options adequate, i do wonder whether some MTL vapers may miss a 1.2mm or 1.8mm airflow option as from being a fly on the wall on some tootle puffing threads precision makes a big difference to many. So 6 inserts would be much better however the other con i have is the obvious, these inserts can be easily lost!
    Finally when you look on the outer wall of the deck on the opposite side to where the inserts are fitted we have a protruding tab and looking inside the sleeve we can see a little notch. When you put the sleeve over the deck just slowly turn with downwards pressure until the tab finds the notch and then it locks into position with everything perfectly lined up.



    The Build and Deck

    It might be a 22mm RDA but that is simply because of the thickness of the double walled sleeve and the deck itself is much more like a 18mm. Despite the small deck we have plenty of room and doing the single coil build is very easy. We have very short posts or should i say short walls (3 in total, the outer positive wall, outer negative and a central wall dividing the 2) with large screw heads acting as clamps. Really the walls are not much taller than lips just keeping the coil leads in place while the screw heads are like the ceiling which is lowered to trap the wire in position. I have seen it done like this before and it works very well as the coil doesn't move about while tightening and there is no chance of your leads popping out, also the screw heads are nice and big so it's not fiddly to loosen or tighten the screws.
    You need both leads facing the same way and i would suggest fitting the leads coming from the bottom rather than the top of the coil to give the airflow chance to spread slightly before hitting the coil. Place one lead between the screw and outer positive wall/lip and the other lead between the other screw and the outer negative wall/lip and then with the coil held in position just tighten the screw heads down. If needed just use a coiling rod or fit for purpose utensil to position the coil exactly where you want it, finally snip your access leads and you are done. Wicking is a doddle, and your cotton ends can be left quite long as we have a nice deep well, just tuck your ends down into the wicking ports, very easy build!



    My Experience Using The Berserker V2 MTL RDA and Thoughts!

    I really have no personal cons for the RDA but can see how some MTL vapers might want more insert options and obviously any atty that uses inserts losing them if not organised is very possible. I suppose their is a valid argument that no RDA unless pacifically named a BF RDA should come with the BF pin pre-installed so i will list it in my cons as i am struggling although personally i couldn't give a monkey's and quite possibly the retail version might come with the standard pin fitted.
    Apart from that it's Chicken Dinner all the way, the airflow may not be quite as silky smooth as on the V1.5 RTA's but it's still smooth comparable to the average. All the ingredients for top-notch flavour are in place and i have been getting some of the best flavour i have had from a MTL RDA, very impressed!
    I used the Berserker with the pre-installed BF pin and one of the supplied coils that came out to 0.70ohm and i settled for 17W with the 1.6mm insert which gave a draw just slightly looser than a cigarette pull. The 1.0mm is super tight, the 1.4mm gave what i would describe as a cigarette pull and the 2.0mm gave a loose MTL draw but not loose enough for a satisfactory DL vape.
    I don't really like to say leakproof but i would be amazed if someone had any leaking issues with this RDA, i zealously squonked away and had no leaking whatsoever. The build is very easy and wicking a doddle and changing the inserts is also quick and easy and can be done without the build getting in the way. Although i only used the RDA with the BF pin i really can't see any reason at all why the RDA won't perform equally as well as a dripper, and finally all those drip tip options is another pro!




    Good Solid Build quality
    4 Colour options
    Many drip tip options
    4 airflow inserts
    Innovative airflow channel between walls
    Double walled
    Leak resistant airflow design
    Very easy to build and wick
    Inserts can be swapped quick and easily
    Smooth airflow
    Top-notch flavour
    Domed inner ceiling
    Deep juice well
    BF pin and 2 part adjustable solid pin
    Very squonk friendly


    Could of come with a couple more insert options
    Inserts could be easily lost
    Comes pre-installed with BF pin (some may frown at this, although no certainty which pin will be fitted with the retail version)

    I would once again like to thank Ariel from Vandy vape for supplying the Berserker V2 MTL RDA for the purpose of this review.

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