Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA Review

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    What's up guys. I've finally decided to review this after a couple weeks of waiting.

    Okay so today I’ll be reviewing another RDA because you guys voted for it… I’m running out of hardware to review… If you guys would like to help me so that I may afford to do more hardware reviews, please go subscribe to my Patreon. Anyway, so the RDA that I'll be reviewing, I got with a device is reviewed a couple weeks ago. You guessed it. Ill be reviewing the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA,
    another Tony B Project... So, let’s get into it!

    I don’t have an individual box for this because I got it in a kit. But I did get all the spares, so I got the Pulse V2 Rda, I got 3 different airflow rings, and I got the spares. Let’s get up close and personal with this beast.

    Ok so here we have the RDA, you’ve got the interchangeable squonk-pin at the base by the 510, upload_2020-4-13_17-7-42.png
    a very simple design on the top cap where it just says 2 Pulse on the side upload_2020-4-13_17-8-26.png
    and then a nice luminescent 810 drip tip which I find awesome. upload_2020-4-13_17-9-13.png
    Let’s remove the top cap so we can have a look at the build deck. So immediately I find it quite difficult to remove the top cap, but that could just be mine, if any of you have a Pulse V2 RDA , let me know down in the comments if you guys have the same issue. Okay so its off and as you can see it has a beautiful floating deck which I love. upload_2020-4-13_17-10-56.png
    It makes it super easy to build and wick on. Vandy Vape also boast about the fact that this is a top squonk feeding, bottom juice return, anti-leaking design. So what that means is if you are squonking with this rda, when you squonk, the juice come out of this hole, upload_2020-4-13_17-12-6.png
    and then when you release the squonk bottle and it sucks the excess juice back, the juice returns at the base of here. upload_2020-4-13_17-12-58.png
    Also, with the airflow being situated at the top it means there's a lot lower risk of your rda leaking from over-dripping or over-squonking.

    My favorite feature of this rda however is the airflow rings. upload_2020-4-13_17-14-15.png
    You have 3 different types. 2 for dual coil set ups and 1 for single coil. With the dual coil rings we have one for maximum flavor which has the small holes to create some air restriction and then one for maximum cloud production which as you can see just has one massive hole on each side so that you can get tons of airflow. Let’s see how we set this baby up though. Okay the coils I’m running are going to be White Collar Fused Claptons. First we trim the legs so they aren’t too long, then we stick the legs into each hole like so, upload_2020-4-13_17-17-3.png
    I love this build deck especially when it comes to single coil because when installing single coil you can do one leg here and the other leg here so the coil is centered without you having to adjust the coil too much. upload_2020-4-13_17-15-52.png
    Okay once you’ve got the coils in and you are happy with the placement, you just trip the legs at the bottom here. upload_2020-4-13_17-18-19.png
    And there we go. Now we check for hot spots. upload_2020-4-13_17-20-40.png
    Alright so my coils are now hotspot free, all that’s left is to wick this puppy. Like always we make sure we have the right thickness, upload_2020-4-13_17-21-40.png
    we slip the cotton through the coils,
    snip the middle,
    then we just trim the cotton slightly. If you aren’t sure about the length, push the cotton down and cut along the top of your mod.
    There we go.
    I’m going to prime it so ill see you now. Alright so she’s all primed and ready to go. I’ve got the flavor airflow ring in but ill check the cloud ring after this. Ok so the flavor ring really does produce great flavor and a very smooth pull aswell. The cloud production from this is also no joke. Let’s give the other airflow ring a go. Okay so a lot more air which means I can really push the power up on this guy. Wow okay so it handles quite a lot of heat, flavor isn’t as great as with the other ring, but the cloud production is quite intense. Let’s go over my pros and cons. Pro number 1, the floating style build deck is super simple to build and wick on. Pro number 2, the anti-leak design is really nice as it sucks when you over squonk or over drip and then there’s just juice everywhere. Pro number 3, the interchangeable airflow rings really make for a personalized vaping experience. You aren’t limited to what the top cap gives you. If you want great flavor production, not a problem, if you want huge clouds and a very turbulent vape, not an issue. Single coil? You are sorted. Cons… I must admit, I personally don’t have any cons for this guy. Its simple, easy to use, and customizable without being too complex. If you are looking for a good RDA that can handle single and dual builds, this is a fantastic option to go for.