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    The main draw here over the original Voopoo Vinci is, of course, the use of a single 18650 battery rather than an internal 1500mAh lipo. This does bring advantages in battery life but has obviously increased the overall size and shape of the Vinci X whilst managing to retain much of the original design language.

    Overall it’s 13mm taller than the original and only a couple of millimeters wider but has gained a slight bulge on the front which slopes away from the base of the pod towards the control panel area. The USB port has moved away from the underside of the mod to the front and the underside now houses a small threaded battery cap instead. This is clearly marked with a negative symbol in white which makes battery orientation easy.

    Aside from the control panel now housing the USB port, the screen and controls are instantly familiar with a bright vibrant screen and easy to access buttons which protrude slightly from the main body. There’s no button rattle this time around either which was caused by the up/down button on the original. The up/down button also has a very positive click in use now where it felt a little spongy before. The fire button feels identical with nice tactile feedback and I found it perfectly positioned for thumb firing as before. Both the gunmetal metal frame and coloured side panels have a very high gloss finish to them again which does unfortunately tend to attract fingerprints, and there’s also a wide choice of colours available as with the first release.
    Given that Voopoo have also recently announced an optional pnp-rba head for the Vinci line, it will be interesting to see how this behavior manifests itself with that, especially if your build ohms out the same as one of the stock pnp coils.

    Charging takes place at 1 amp as before which is more than adequate for an 18650 battery, so if you must charge your battery in the mod it shouldn’t take too long but, as always, the use of an external charger is recommended.

    • Good build quality
    • Removable 18650 battery
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Good flavour from the coils
    • Visible eliquid levels
    • Annoying automatic wattage selection
    • Larger than your average pod, but still small for an 18650 mod
    • A little more play in the pod than with the original
    • Contacts don’t seem to be as robust
    Despite a couple of minor gripes with the annoying automatic wattage selection, again the Voopoo Vinci X has lived up to my expectations. Great build quality, comfortable drip tip and flavourful coils still make it one of the better hybrid pod systems I’ve come across recently. Would I recommend this over the original? Well for me it’s a no brainer thanks to the step up to an 18650 battery, which has paid dividends in terms of battery life whilst still managing to retain a relatively small form factor which is comfortable to use all day, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with either should you decide to purchase one.
    I got myself a rebuild-able coil,that makes it very nice,and also more affordable than replacing your old coils. I would highly recommend the product,and would put it at the very top of pod systems out there.

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