What is the major difference between regular Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salts?

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    With an increase of vapers moving over to Nicotine Salts and an even higher number of consumers moving from cigarettes to vaping, there's been a massive debate on the difference between Freebase and NicSalts and what exactly it entails.

    The major difference would clearly be the throat hit. Due to the pH level being higher in freebase nicotine, the exhale is harsh. Nicotine Salts on the other hand, consist of benzoic acid which lowers the pH level. This allows for a subtle throat hit at higher nicotine levels, which range from 18mg to 50mg.

    The nicotine in regular freebase and nicotine salts is absorbed differently when vaped. Nicotine salts are more bio-available to your anatomy meaning that it’s absorbed faster into your bloodstream than with freebase. This replicates the cigarette smoking sensation much closer than your typical freebase and because of this doesn’t require as much adjustment when moving over from smoking to vaping.

    Nicotine Salts were designed specifically for your lower wattage devices, like pod systems, to deliver a very direct nicotine intake/hit. With more smokers moving across to vaping, the nicotine intake needed to be higher and NicSalts allows for exactly that. Smokers are able to take in much higher strengths of nicotine without having to undergo a drastic adjustment. Vapers and smokers now have a personalized option on their Nicotine intake and smokers stand a greater chance of kicking their cigarette habit.