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    Hi Ecigssa members, In this review i take a look at the RECURVE DUAL RDA from Wotofo. The RECURVE DUAL RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Antonio from Wotofo.




    After the success of the Recurve RDA, a collaboration between Wotofo and Mike Vapes it was inevitable that a dual coil version would follow and here we are. It's a lot plainer looking RDA than the single coil version but once the sleeve is pulled off the deck is very familiar with the airflow walls simply being thinned out to give space for a dual coil build. I have never actually used the original version so in no way will this be a comparison review but after hearing all the favourable comments about the original i was quite excited to try this one, so i'll crack on and give my thoughts!


    In The Box



    1pc Recurve Dual RDA
    1pc Coil Trimming Tool
    1pc Squonk Pin
    1pc User Manual
    1bag Coils
    1bag Organic Cotton*1
    1bag Extra Orings & Screws




    The Recurve Dual RDA comes in cardboard box packaging with clear plastic lid so you can clearly see the RDA surrounded with plenty of Wotofo Green. Underneath the top layer which proudly just houses the RDA we find all the included goodies and as per usual Wotofo don't let us down. I received the Gold version which comes with a very thick walled Acrylic Gold speckled Goon style 810. The colour options are Black, Rainbow, Blue, Gold, Gun Metal and Stainless Steel, all versions come with a coloured Acrylic drip tip that suits the colour of the RDA.
    The RDA is quite plain looking and gone is the curved sleeve we saw on the original as here it has been straightened out to have a common form factor we find with a lot of RDA's. On the front of the sleeve we do have "RECURVE" carved into the metal low down but it's quite understated. We have 2 rows of 3 airflow holes each side so 6 holes per side in total, the top of the sleeve has a tapered step but other than that it's smooth and very plain. On the base we have etched branding and safety marks, we have a standard Gold plated pin pre-installed which can be replaced with the included squonk pin using the included Allen key. The build quality and machining of the outside, interior and deck is very good as i have come to expect from Wotofo.



    Recurve Dual Specs and Features:


    Diameter: 24mm
    Overall Height: 34mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
    Threading: 510 thread
    Drip Tip: 810
    Body Material: Stainless steel
    Coil Configuration: Dual coil
    Juice Feeding Method: Drip/Squonk
    Insulator Material: German PEEK
    Wattage Range: 40-120W


    1. Pre-installed 810 resin drip tip, curved drip tip included.
    2. Great mouth feel. Excellent heat resistance.
    3. Vapor-gathering chamber design, rich flavor delivery.
    4. Dotted slant air inlets, adjustable air inflow.
    5. Coil-focused air direction, upgraded juice vaporization.
    6. Oval circulation structure, optimal coil-air interaction.
    7. Post-less dual-coil deck, enlarged build space.
    8. Quad terminal design, super easy to build.
    9. Foldable coil trimming tool, scientific coil placement.
    10. Deep juice well, less frequent dripping.
    11. Squonk pin included, dripper and squonker in one.

    Included Coil Specs:

    Coil: Quad Core Fused Clapton
    Material: Ni80
    Inner Core: 28G × 4
    Outer wire: 36G
    Internal Diameter: 3mm
    Single Build Resistance: 0.26ohm
    Dual Build Resistance: 0.13ohm

    Colours: Black, Rainbow, Blue, Gold, Gun Metal, Stainless Steel



    The Recurve Dual Various Parts

    The Recurve Dual consists of an 810 thick walled Goon style drip tip and also comes with a spare 810 drip tip which is curved looking very much like the shape of the sleeve on the original Recurve RDA, this drip tip has a frosted look. The RDA has a one piece sleeve and base section which also has the airflow system on side walls. The RDA comes pre-installed with a Gold plated standard 510 pin.


    What Comes With The RDA?

    As mentioned as well as the pre-installed 810 drip tip and pre-installed standard pin you also receive an alternative 810 and BF pin. You receive a good quality Phillips screwdriver, Allen Key, spare o-rings and grub screws. You also receive 2 shoelace cotton pieces and 2 Quad Core Fused Clapton's with full specs given. Finally you receive a neat coil leg cutting guide tool which folds up allowing you to cut your legs to 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm or 8mm in length.



    The Airflow

    The deck has a wall either side which rises up from the bottom lying postless terminals, on these walls their are 2 rows of 3 holes each side so 6 holes on each wall. The sleeve has the same 6 holes either side and when looking inside the sleeve we can see 2 protruding notches which when fitted to the base can move between the walls against the interior side of the base with the walls themselves acting as stoppers. This system works well with the sleeve being able to be turned with really nice tolerance giving full airflow adjustability. The inside of the airflow walls are curved to follow the contour of your coils so when the air enters the deck it wraps around the coils giving really good coverage. Again looking inside the sleeve we can also see it has a conical shape which should encourage flavour.



    The Deck and Build

    I have already explained the airflow walls which are the upper sections of the posts so strictly speaking it's not a true postless deck but with the terminals on the lower sections of the posts that lay flat on the deck as far as the build is concerned it is. Doing builds on postless decks i find are the easiest having to simply drop your coil legs in from above then tightening your grub screws from the sides on the outside wall of the deck so you have so much room.
    I fixed one coil at a time but there is enough room to place both coils in position before fixing your legs if you prefer. Wotofo say to cut the legs to 7mm so using the supplied coil cutting guide tool i did just that and have to agree the coils are the perfect height. Once the coils legs were fixed in place i used a coiling rod to get the coils in the position i wanted them using the inner curved walls of the airflow as a guide. Wicking is straightforward just fluff your cotton ends up and tuck into the deep wells, job done!
    I never tried but i see no reason why you can't do a single build if you prefer, i would imagine a single build will be best with a large exotic coil to get close enough to the airflow to get the full benefit.



    My Experience Using The Recurve Dual RDA

    This is a standout RDA in my opinion because of two main reasons the first and most important being the outstanding flavour i have been getting and the second being airflow just doesn't get any smoother. Not everyone will get on with it though, i'm referring to those who like bags of air as this does have quite some restriction. On most RDA's i have the airflow halfway for the restriction i like which is a semi-restricted draw but with the Recurve Dual i need it fully open which gives the vape i like perfectly.
    Despite having the airflow walls the postless deck made the build as simple as a dual build gets with the curve on the inner side of the airflow walls giving a perfect guide for coil positioning. The pictured build was using the supplied coils as they really are good coils for inclusion with an RDA and it came out as it should bang on 0.13ohm. With this build i can see some enjoying the RDA at 70W and some that like a much warmer vape at 80W, personally i found 70W was about the maximum warmth i was comfortable with and eventually settled at 60W which was still a warm vape but very comfortable and gave such good flavour and as mentioned the airflow is super smooth. I did do a second build which really was just to find how it functioned with the BF pin but mainly on this occasion used the RDA with the standard pin. The RDA performed equally as well as a dripper or in squonk mode but don't get over zealous when squonking or over drip as until i got use to it i did have e-liquid escaping out the airflow holes on a couple of occasions.
    To find fault with the Recurve Dual i need to be petty, with being quite restricted the inclusion of a 510 adaptor would give the option for those that prefer wide bore 510's over 810 drip tips. Also removing the sleeve on occasions i found a bit tricky not because it's over tight but there is nothing to grip and although i don't know about the other colour version the Gold version i received has a very shiny slippy surface. Finally the way the protruding notches hug the inner wall of the deck acting as a rail with the airflow walls being the stoppers to put the sleeve in place you don't just need to have the protruding notches lined up between the walls but it needs putting on dead straight, any angle at all it won't go on so nothing major just a bit fiddly.
    I liked both included drip-tips although some might not be over fond of the thick walled Acrylic drip-tip as the bore is quite narrow, i myself did prefer the curved drip tip which had a wider bore and was very comfortable between the lips.




    Very good build quality
    Plenty of colour options
    Very simple but effective airflow system
    Good airflow coverage
    Airflow adjusts with perfect tolerance
    Outstanding flavour (at least that's what i experienced)
    Super smooth airflow
    Postless deck
    Very easy to build
    Performs equally as well as a dripper or with BF pin
    Standard and BF pin included
    Two different style of 810 drip tips included
    Can fit your own 810's
    Single build possible
    Includes excellent fold up coil cutting guide tool
    Very nice coils included with full specs


    Not for those that like bags of air (quite restricted)
    Nothing to grip sleeve and slippery surface making it a little difficult to remove at times.
    Fitting sleeve also can be fiddly as it needs to be perfectly lined up straight
    A bit of trial and error both dripping and squonking to avoid e-liquid escaping out airflow holes (just a matter of getting use to it's limits)
    No 510 adaptor included

    I would once again like to thank Antonio from Wotofo for supplying the Recurve Dual RDA for the purpose of this review.