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  1. Handro
    Handro Daniel da Rocha
    Good morning. Do you still have the Azeroth for sale.
  2. RudSTAR
    So im about to get a rebuildable kit, so keen to esperiment
  3. Bear_Vapes
  4. Jandrè
    Jandrè HappyCamper
    Hi Happy,

    I plan on opening a vape shop soon and would very much like to stock your products, any feedback would be appreciated

    Kind Regards
  5. B_rad
    Work Work Work Work
  6. Jaco1234
    Vape away bitchesss!!
  7. darian
    wanting to sell my Istick Pico FULL KIT 75w max output (switchable). 0822204201 inbox me for details
  8. Stephen Grabe
    Stephen Grabe
    Vaping FROM March 2016
  9. Brandt Grobler
    Brandt Grobler Power Vapes SA
    Hello do you still have the tool kit?
    And were do you life? My number 0611529736
  10. DoubleD
    DoubleD Darth Vaper
    Hey bud, I see you have a leaky Reo, I have a repair kit I can give you. If you like, you can send your Reo along and I'll set it up myself and get you back to vaping like a boss, Reo style ;)

    The only thing I would ask is that you send an extra shipping bag with your details on it to be be shipped back to you.
  11. pacman69
    Happy Friday!
  12. George49
    George49 Cor
    still want diy goods?
    1. Cor
      yes plzzzzzzz good sir
  13. Old School Alchemist
  14. zadiac
    zadiac usual
  15. Gadgetboy
    !!!!!! Smoke it like you stole it !!!!!
  16. bakersman
    bakersman Coldcat
    Hi, with regards to the glass you need, do you know if the bellus glass will fit? I have a spare one but no longer have the bellus.
    1. Coldcat
      Hey, thanks for the offer. However have no idea if it will fit. Let me have a look online and compare sizes.
    2. Coldcat
      Naa that's a 22mm glass, I need a 24.5mm. but thank you for the offer. :)
  17. Dew Drop Vaping_Roxy
    Dew Drop Vaping_Roxy
    East London vapers - your first vape shop & lounge will be launching soon - watch this space for opening specials and prizes on our open day
  18. Colin Gooderham
    Colin Gooderham DuncanG
    Hey! I have exactly want you want and exactly what I want
  19. Abdul Haque Maiter
    Abdul Haque Maiter Takie
    i saw this thread and i knew il find you here . My Dudie :)
  20. auriga1000
    auriga1000 zadiac
    shot. thanks for reply.
    1. PsyCLown
      I heard it will be back shortly.
      Got a message "in the process of being resolved. We will let you know when it is back up."
      auriga1000 likes this.
  21. Kalashnikov
    Kalashnikov Sir Vape
    Hi Sirs, Are you guys going to be brining in other colours of the snow wolf 235 ?
    1. Sir Vape
      Sir Vape
      Yes we will :)
    2. Kalashnikov
      Any ETA roughly ?
  22. auriga1000
    auriga1000 zadiac
    Hi Bud
    what's going on with the "the other site"?
    1. zadiac
      I have no idea bud. Cannot get hold of talon so far. Sent him a whatsapp. Will just wait and see.
  23. Bear_Vapes
    Cloudy with a chance of more clouds!!
  24. Gadgetboy
  25. Gadgetboy
    Gadgetboy Nilton
    Hey bud

    Where about in the south are you?
    I am interested in the Black serpent mini.
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