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  1. Vape City SA
  2. Yagya
    Yagya joker01
    hi. just saw your ad after i posted a noisy.
    what are you looking to pay.
    i have a noisy with avo 24 setup. both stainless steel.
  3. Ethan katz
    Ethan katz
    Loving this vape community.
  4. Yagya
    Yagya Abdur-Raaziq mohamed
    let me know if you still selling this device ( therion dna 166)
    i'm interested in the mod only.
  5. Sunette
    Keep on Vaping
  6. Yagya
    Yagya shabbar
    hi. i only saw your question now. the cash diff obviously depends on
    what you have to trade brother.
    let me know what you have and maybe some pics. whatsapp will do.
  7. Highlander
    Highlander Oreos
    Ey Oreos, on this stage Rainbow Phoenix of Mystic Nectar. Very nice all day vape. My favourite still stays mocojava from Revolution Vape. I ordered some from Kobus in the Northen Cape... Still using my Witcher from Rofvape. Not really in to building coils and mechanical mods, perhaps one day.
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    2. Oreos
      Ou man that sounds amazing!Will Definitely add those juices onto my list, the witcher is such a nifty little mod, I love it's style, one day hey! definitely worth the time to learn, it's great fun and the feeling of vaping some freshly built coils, hand made by yourself is absolutely stunning, makes the experience 10 times more enjoyable ;D
      28/3/17 at 12:10
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  8. Highlander
    Highlander Oreos
    Thx man...☺ did you visit the Cape vest / vape...
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    2. Oreos
      I didn't! Really upset about that =/ what ya vaping lately? I'm super keen to try Nostalgia Frosteeeeze and some Unbaked by Complex Chose, and maybe some of that Old Bills Caramel Popcorn! =D
      27/3/17 at 23:49
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  9. fluffybunnyfeet
  10. Highlander
    Highlander Oreos
    Ey Oreos, thx fotr the help last was my coil, so I went in this morning and got a new one..
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    2. Oreos
      Fantastic, I'm so glad, enjoy those flavours welcome back to the vape game :)
      27/3/17 at 19:58
  11. Ethan Loubser
    Ethan Loubser
    Vaper since 2016!!
  12. SouthernCelt
    Chasing clouds and flavour.....
  13. G-Step
    Flavour Chaser
  14. schalkjames
    schalkjames smokstore
    hey i want to buy the smok v8 rainbow,,, how do i get intuch with u
  15. Pravir
    Pravir Daniel
    hey dude, my number is 082 306 9616. please whatsapp me so we can arrange pick up. Where about in Centurion are you?
  16. DwaynePsytrooper
    Minikin 150 With Goon Rda
  17. Mr_Puffs
    Is that fresh Nichrome I smell. :p
  18. Big baxter
    Big baxter Dark Angel Vapory
    Very helpful and all ways eager to help out
  19. Damon_Scholz
    All about dem Clouds! xD
  20. Arno Nomdo
    Arno Nomdo
    Wow - I have been vaping for more than 7 years. I had to go check on ECF to find my start date
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  21. Arno Nomdo
    Arno Nomdo
    Eleaf is Duidelik
  22. Goldfish619
    New world, new life, new people. Time to embrace it all and meet some new friends
  23. SAVapeGear
    No Clones for me !
  24. Jessica
    New Device set up: Hcigar Inbox and Maze RDA V2! Absolutely enjoying this vape with a lovely Strawberry shortcake liquid... :D
  25. Raindance
    Quid in irrumabo
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