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  1. Golden Goose
    Golden Goose
    Check out out new crazy Winter specials
  2. Johann jacobs
    Johann jacobs
    Hi All been vaping for 18 months and still going strong
  3. craigb
  4. Darryn Du Plessis
  5. Marianka Pelser
    Marianka Pelser Stroodlepuff
    Hi there. Would like to enquire as to how I can sign up to be of any assistance on the day at Vapecon this year? Thanx
    1. Stroodlepuff
      Thank you for the offer :) the best person to speak to would be Silver or Rob :)
      25/5/17 at 12:31
  6. NeoVapist
    NeoVapist Scott
    Sorry for offending you Scott. It came out wrongly i didn't mean to be rude. It was am honest joke nothing personal. Enjoy your afternoon
  7. Pravir
    Pravir Jasonjardine07
    howzit bru. is the Candy King still available? I can collect tomorrow if it is
  8. Arno1234
    Arno1234 Muhammad Peer
    Hi im intrested in the gpriv what is your best price. You can watsapp me on 0745898554. Regards Arno
  9. Phantom Vape
    Phantom Vape E-Liquids Online
    Hi I would like to know what solutions you have found for the payfast problem
  10. Yagya
    Yagya GeeBee
  11. Just a L'il GorJess
  12. Just a L'il GorJess
  13. Just a L'il GorJess
  14. Just a L'il GorJess
  15. Faraaz Abrahams
    Faraaz Abrahams
    Hi I am the founder of Jeem Juice Vape Company (still in its infancy) looking to register to become a vendor at vape con this year, help?
  16. craigb
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  17. Nightwalker
    Nightwalker Stosta
    I'm not going to reply to him again. Sorry old friend
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  18. Cloudgeek
    .....another day in the office....
  19. MysticNectar
    Loving it
  20. DangerDave
    Waiting for my steam boat to come in...
  21. Yagya
    Yagya Mtoefy
    Hi Mr. Toefy.
    i saw you posted about your SX g-class a while back.
    i am looking at upgrading and was eyeing this baby.
    Are you still rating the g-class as number 1 or have any issues with it.
  22. Cloudgeek
    Mech modding away since 14/05/2017, took me over a year to start meching, so far so good!!
  23. GerritVisagie
    Mech Addict, Goondock Saint.
  24. Samodien
    Samodien xmnsx
    Whats your number for serpent mini
  25. xmnsx
    xmnsx Samodien
    I'll take the Serpent Mini if you still have it.
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