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  1. Dave557
    Dave557 Myburgh182
    Yo Whattup bruh
  2. contrid
    Looking forward to VapeCon 2017!!!
  3. Charne-Rose Van Wk
    Charne-Rose Van Wk
    So excited for vapecon and to be apart of such an amazing community
  4. antonherbst
    Seeking balance between crazy and lame.
  5. jacques.coetzee
    7 days to vapecon
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  6. eiks _ the _vapor
    eiks _ the _vapor
    Is there anyone from durban that's wants to travel with me to vapecon I'm going alone
  7. Teez
  8. Henko
    Vape Enthusiast
  9. Shtaffen
    Vapecon boys!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Tameem Jedaar
    Tameem Jedaar
    Law student routine: study, drink coffee, vape, repeat.
  11. Shelton
    I stick pico with the wismeck indistructable
  12. Sunette
    Stopped smoking since March and loving my Vape
  13. ivc_mixer
    ivc_mixer RichJB
    If I may sir, at Vapecon, make a turn at our stall and try out the Creme Brulee Coffee flavour (Cafe Brulee) I made and then hand me your opinion. I know you feel there are no coffees out there that has met your standards, thus I would appreciate your honest feedback on that as I think I may have gotten it right. Well, that's my opinion.

    Infinite Vape Creations is partnering up with Brothers Vapes at stand S25.
  14. Noor_Gilbert
    If anyone is interested please let me know.
  15. Noor_Gilbert
    Selling my Sigelei Fuchai 213 plus.
  16. FranPrins
    I'm new here and ready for some vape fun
  17. ASCIIcat
    Vapecon! Such excite! Much Wow!
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  18. Candz
    10 days to Vapecon... Whoop Whoop. Tickets bought and Accommodation booked.
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  19. Ben Beneke
    Ben Beneke
    Vape-con 2017 , can't wait going to be EPIC
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  20. Nirvana Haripersad
  21. Ghouse
    Ghouse Marcel Keller
    Hi marcel keller, where did u put the o ring on the kylin as mentioned in one of the kylin rta threads? Thanks in advance
  22. Vapessa
    Behind every Cloud is another Cloud
  23. Morne75
  24. Nevan
    Nevan Dragon
    Hi, I am intrigued with the chefs special sauce e-liquids, can you tell me what ratio PG/VG are used in the liquids?
    1. Dragon
      Hi Nevan, Which one in particular?
    2. Nevan
      Was looking for the Iced Widow, I ended up buying anyway so see its 60VG 40PG, using a Ammit 22 so didn't want something too think because of the wicking issues, all good now liquid is good a bit more menthol then expected but solid! thanks
      16/8/17 at 13:12
  25. Gizmo
    VAPECON!!!!!! 26 AUGUST 2017 - BE THERE
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