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  1. Craig0
    Craig0 Marius van Tonder
    Hi Marius.

    Craig from Vaper's Corner here.

    Feel free to make your online purchase of the Zeus RTA online and make a note in the special instructions box. We'll happily bring it along for you.
    1. Marius van Tonder
      Marius van Tonder
      Thanks a million will do
      23/11/17 at 15:03
  2. Mic Lazzari
    Mic Lazzari
    "Out of clutter, find simplicity."
  3. Room Fogger
    Room Fogger
    Sunny, with a chance of fruity clouds
  4. MartinDC
    Keep Calm and come to the VapE Side
  5. MartinDC
    for the Ultimate VapE-Experience
  6. AndreP80
    Clouded Judgement
  7. Tontoe
    Learning More Every Day
  8. Motheo
    Just need a break
  9. Kalashnikov
    Kalashnikov Sir Vape
    Hi Sirs, I may be jumping the gun, but around what time are you expecting that capo squonk devices? Just wondering if i should wait or purchase internationally. Thanks in Adv
    1. Sir Vape
      Sir Vape
      Soonish ;)
      AndreP80 and Kalashnikov like this.
  10. Spyro
    Ice-cream, chewing gum, peanuts, and bubblegum.
  11. Karriem
    Karriem JsPLAYn
    Hey, I have Twisted Messes TM2, SS, interested?
  12. Hooked
    Hooked Rob Fisher
    @Rob Fisher Good Morning Rob! This morning I posted a thread "Have laugh ... feel good" under LOLS. I received a msg. in Alerts saying that my thread has been moved to Have laugh feel good. ?? My thread isn't visible anywhere now? Since it was an innocuous funny, there surely can't be anything unacceptable about it?
    1. Rob Fisher
      Rob Fisher
      Not sure who moved it... not me... Maybe Silver?
    2. Hooked
      I don't know. There's no name or avatar by the message in my Alerts. It's just a question mark in a green block and a black flag next to it. The time of the Alert msg. was today at 10:17.

      I've re-posted it now at 12:38, thread called "Have a laugh". Let's see what happens.
  13. Hooked
    Hooked shaunnadan
    @shaunnadan Good morning! I posted a thread called "Have laugh...feel good" this morning, but it's not showing and in my Alerts it says that it was moved to Have laugh feel good. Is there something unacceptable in what I posted?
  14. Smoke_A_Llama
    There is a party in my head... and someone spiked the punch
  15. Michail
    SA has the most wonderful vape community
  16. Shifty
    Make clouds not war
  17. Apollo
    Apollo ettiennedj
    Hey man, I will take the Wasp Nano off your hands, where are you during the day?
  18. Riaan Aitkem
    Riaan Aitkem Cobrali
    Howzit Man,

    Keen on the battlefield, my heart has been yearning for one since they were released,

    If there is not anyone else interested could I call dibs until friday(24th November)?

    Would be awesome to get that mod as my black friday purchase and quite fitting to be honest, black friday, black ceracoated mech, let me know,

    Thanks in advance and happy vaping!
    1. Cobrali
      Sure thing bud. I will hold it for you
  19. BATMAN
    Hi @KZOR
    I hope this finds you well.
    I would like to say thank you for sharing your awesome recipes and expertise with us-I truly have learnt alot from you without you even realising it.
    I kindly need some help,if possible-Have you by any chance managed to replicate something close to Sanctuary eliquids 'PECAN' and/or Nostalgias 'TWINKD' or 'LUSTRE'
    Thank you
    1. KZOR
      I have not tried anyone of those three but if they cross my path in the future then I will see what I can do. :)
      Glad you find that I am helpful to you. Thanks
  20. Jakes247GP
    Vape On...
  21. Gabriel Weiner
    Gabriel Weiner ChadB
    Hey bro! Was wondering if you ever got coils for the icare, and where? My icare 2 is coming this week...
  22. Ben-j
    Ben-j Mender31
    Is it Version 2 with the juice fill slot adaptor at the top and chimney extension parts for 6ml tank glass?
    Is the kit still complete?
  23. Ben-j
    Ben-j Mender31
    HI. I am interested in the Ammit. Is it still available?
  24. Drikusw
    Drikusw Justin Pattrick
    Hi Justin,I would like to know if you are planning another batch of Clurichaun mods anytime soon.
    Best regards Drikus
  25. Samdawolf
    If you dont know...Now you know...
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