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  1. Gorvian
    Gorvian Jp1905
    I want to buy the Hadaly clone
  2. kashmier fortune
    kashmier fortune
    Looking to trade my Aleader 80w killer sqounke with serpent bf for a billet box all spears with my and RDA hit me up on my number 0721913234
  3. Gorvian
    Gorvian Jp1905
    Is the Hadaly clone still available ?
  4. Gorvian
    Gorvian Steph
    Shaaaawing !!
  5. Douggie
    4 months stinky free and 4 months vaping. I never knew there was such a following in south africa. ✌️. Well done to all who quit smoking.
  6. Yagya
    Yagya Amir
    Slm. me if that mod becomes available again.

  7. Room Fogger
    Room Fogger Adephi
    Thanks for going the extra mile for a fellow vaper
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  8. Stephen Seymour
    Stephen Seymour Rob Fisher
    Hi Rob, the dampless plugs are they only for the authentic B.B.?
    1. Rob Fisher
      Rob Fisher
      Yes I'm afraid so!
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  9. Yusuf Ismail
    Yusuf Ismail shaunnadan
    hello could you please tell me how to go about being a vendor on this site thank u
  10. VapePulse
    Visit our new store at 15 Millenium Blvd,Umhlanga Ridge,Durban
  11. Milano Buncin
    Milano Buncin
    Mr Up In Smoke
  12. domhatch
    No stinkies since winter 07!
  13. Rich
    yep, new to the vaping game ... off cigarettes after many years. not a fan of fruit flavours or perhaps havent found the right one yet.
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  14. Milano Buncin
    Milano Buncin Rob Fisher
    Cant Wait for August Vapecon 2018 Rob, Its going to be my first Year Attending, So excited❤
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  15. Milano Buncin
    Milano Buncin
  16. aXe
    aXe Mahir
    howzit... ( VTC75 ) will you courier or post it for much if you can...whatsa 072 786 9996.
  17. Comfort Vape
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  18. Comfort Vape
    Comfort Vape Clouds4Days
    Where do one buy the s/s mesh for the Taifun?
    1. Clouds4Days
      I bought some extra mesh through 3f vape brother
  19. Leez
    Vaper For Life
  20. Stevie
    Nothing like a fresh build to start the day! Fruity pebble crispy treat drippin today :)
  21. DanRym
    Looking for a new vape
  22. ChickaBear
    NewBee Vapor Chick - Started Tricking
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  23. Kyl0
    Kyl0 Hallucinated_
    Hi is the goon avail still? if so please ad me on whatsapp 0792192801
  24. Martin Narainsamy
    Martin Narainsamy
    0.1 ohm Quad-core Framed Staple (4X24g + 36ga). BEAST!!!
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  25. Jane808
    Jane808 Timwis
    hi , I will update tracking number with you tomorrow.thanks
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