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  1. Room Fogger
    Room Fogger Ryangriffon
    You are an exceptional human being allways willing to give your all.
  2. Room Fogger
    Room Fogger ARYANTO
    Keep those LOL’s coming, it’s laughter that makes the world go round
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  3. LeonO
    Dont you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!
  4. Jigs Tambong
    Jigs Tambong
    Stay Relentless | #BeRuthless
  5. Craig0
    Craig0 Rude Rudi
    Hi Rudi

    Craig from Vaper's Corner here. I'm responding to the message you sent the other day regarding VapeCon t-shirts/hoodies.

    Could you perhaps email me on with pricing?
    “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
  7. Vaper's Publication
    Vaper's Publication
    I vape, therefore I ohm.
  8. Martin Narainsamy
    Martin Narainsamy SEAN P
    wassup Sean.
    Im Mofo VAPES (Martin). A local Youtube Reviewer. I was wondering if I could get some samples from you guys to do some reviews on.
    Please let me know...
  9. delon
    Geekvape just keeps churning them out..
  10. Yagya
    Yagya Asif
    i think i need that dotmod.
    let me know if you will except 1500 and where you are located.
    1. Asif
      ok its fine. R1500 is ok. im in rylands after 9pm or kenilworth during the day
  11. Nova
    Plodding along
  12. Martin Narainsamy
    Martin Narainsamy
    Feeling cold and wet.... Rainy Weather
  13. Robin1_122
    I am looking to sell my 88w voopoo mojo canany one help
    1. Silver
      Hi @Robin1_122 , put it up for sale in the Classifieds For Sale subforum. Just check out the rules and include all the info and a picture
  14. jamescampbell612
    jamescampbell612 Nadim_Paruk
    Hi there. Is the Goon still available? I would like to take it and arrange for payment and collection today
    1. Nadim_Paruk
      Check your PM
    ♫ And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King, have grown so tired of the same old thing. ♫ – Jack Skellington
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  16. Yuvir Punwasi
    Yuvir Punwasi Halfdaft Customs
    Sup if u ever selling any goon og please let me know really looking for a newish one thanks
  17. Martin Narainsamy
    Martin Narainsamy cloud9
    Watsup Cloud 9.
    I would really like to do a review on this Squonk Box if possible.
    Let me know.
  18. Martin Narainsamy
    Martin Narainsamy
    Check Out my Reviews at MOFO VAPES on YOUtube.
  19. Ruffcat
    Dominate Daily
  20. Martin Narainsamy
    Martin Narainsamy
    See Mofo Vapes on YOUTUBE. New South African Vape Reviewer / vlogger
  21. Serialvapist
    Vaping is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle. In my opinion vapers are the coolest folk on the planet
  22. ZeeRSA
    ZeeRSA Tumelo
    Hi, interested in the Sicario with the bottles of Glazers. Will you do it at the same price?
  23. Wilco
    Batteries on my Revenger is low :(
  24. Kaos
  25. Captain Chaos
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