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  1. Animefaerie
    I'm just a ghost.
  2. BigMeow
    BigMeow anthony001
    Hi, is the skyline still available?
  3. Gerrit
    Gerrit M.Adhir
    Hi there, I am in the Centurion area and should be available around 18:00. Any chance for a collection around that time. Which area are you situated? This is now for the LP Goon
    1. M.Adhir
      Please can send me a phone number which I can contact you on. Thanks
      13/10/18 at 15:03
  4. Trickboi18
    Hey guys im looking for a hammer of god mod second hand mint condition or new
    1. Silver
      Hi @Trickboi18 - head over to the Classifieds and make a new thread in the Wanted section
      12/10/18 at 13:30
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    2. Trickboi18
      Tnx alot will do
      12/10/18 at 18:23
  5. Martin Narainsamy
  6. witheredhandofevil
    witheredhandofevil Lee
    Yes boss. Is that ts still available of great interest to me. How do I make contact with you?
    1. Lee
      Hi boss. It is available. 0828137249
      11/10/18 at 13:59
  7. AZAM-ZN
    AZAM-ZN smilelykumeenit
    Hi. Big fan of your work... Need your input and guidance please... Which coils would you recommend for the Dead Rabbit RTA? Preference is a cool Vape therefore low temp and plenty Flavour... I presently have the Drop Dead RDA - No 14 Framed Stapled Aliens, Blitzen RTA- No 11- 30/38 Aliens and a new set of 32/40 Aliens SS...
  8. Flavour world Sa
    Flavour world Sa
    Flavourful Flavours at Flavourable prices Avatar:
  9. Flavour world Sa
    Flavour world Sa
    Flavourful flavours at flavourable prices
  10. NVee
    Cape Town is hot hot hot today, breaking out the icy juices for a change
  11. Rhys Dayson
    Rhys Dayson Dat_Dawg_GP
    Vapresso revenger still available?
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    2. Dat_Dawg_GP
      sold sorry the late reply.
      11/10/18 at 09:31
  12. Resistance
    Resistance Dela Rey Steyn
    This is not private hey. I think i pm'd you now.willing to offer help where I can but I have not started yet.just gpt materials so far
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  13. Resistance
    Resistance Dela Rey Steyn
    I am busy with one.sieries/parra.
    For a forum buddy.he wanted a sieries mech,but im doing both.
    Im gathering the materials and have the plans in my head.just need to start working on it.
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    2. Dela Rey Steyn
      Dela Rey Steyn
      awesome! will sketch out my plan tomorrow and send you some pics
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  14. Bertus1972
    Started vaping in January 2017 after smoking two packs a day for almost 30 years. Never looked back and I feel great.
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  15. Mikey J
    Mikey J Marius1988
    Hi Marius,

    Hope you're doing well. Im very keen on the Blade bro had my eye on her for a while and need an upgrade! Would you consider selling mod alone - 450 cash? If i take one of the rdta's too - 600 ??
    PLEASE SEND ME A FEW MORE PICS OF HER? When you say 7/10.... what issues/scratches ?
    I'm keen to rap up a deal in the next day or 2 and happy to come collect !

    Lekker let me know...

    Kind Regards, Michael
  16. Sven
    I like to Vape and I cannot lie!!!
  17. Room Fogger
    Room Fogger SmokeyJoe
    For a caring animal lover.
  18. Marko
    Marko Faheem777
    Hallo interested in the berserker rda
  19. Soxicorn
    Can anyone help me out? Not sure how to post a mod and tank for sale :/ #ImNewHere
    1. RainstormZA
      Look in the classifieds in the forum section
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    2. RainstormZA
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  20. berb
    berb RayDeny
    Hi Ray,

    May I ask, which vendor did you purchase your Vindicator from?
  21. Authentic Alchemist
  22. Resistance
    Resistance Werries
    Hi did you to get the details for the guy that fix dna's
    “Are you promoting these impossible ideals?”
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  24. Cmoh
    Cmoh Cornelius
    Hi Cornelius,

    I see from previous threads you were able to help get packages from JIMC?

    I Need a package before 5 October and it is stuck at JIMC. My international tracking number is RB603853786SG and I dont know what to do?

    Should I go there and pick it up, will they help Me?
  25. Tumelo
    Tumelo Marcel Meyer
    Drop your insta name.
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