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The Trojan Box Set series is a range of various artist triple CD box sets, periodically released by the British reggae record label Trojan Records since 1998. The series covers a wide variety of reggae subgenres, styles and themes.
Each set has standard formatting. The title is Trojan ____ Box Set (except RAS and Creole Reggae) The artwork is usually a colourful, distinctive variation on a generic design, with the Trojan Records logo as the central motif (except Upsetter, RAS, Creole Reggae and Reggae For Kids). There are usually 50 songs in each set (except 12" with 35, and Reggae Rarities with 51). The packaging is a clamshell cardboard box with an individual hard paper slipcase for each disc, plus basic track information and/or liner notes. Despite being billed as "limited edition", many sets have remained widely available.

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