The Mawavi Historic District, Chopawamsic RDA Camp 2 near Triangle, Virginia, United States, dates from 1942. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.
Landscaping and structures were designed by architects of the National Park Service; construction was done by Civilian Conservation Corps workers.
The 132-acre (53 ha) district is within what became the 16,084-acre (6,509 ha) Prince William Forest Park.
The NRHP listing included 56 contributing buildings, one contributing structure and one other contributing site.
The work was specifically designed by a cooperative effort of the NPS's Branch of Plans and Design in Washington, D.C., and by the NPS Branch of Planning and State Cooperation, Region 1, in Richmond. It included 36 cabins, a dining hall, various other buildings, and a dam that were built during 1936-1938.
"Mawavi" is a coined term that sounds like an Indian word, but really is just MAryland-WAshingtondc-VIrginia's first two letters schmushed together.

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