Delosi Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer


The SteamCrave Guy

Did not see a large amount of Delosi flavor notes, so decided to buy a batch, and test them out. All tested at the % listed, with a 3-5 day steep. All tested on a SteamCrave RDTA v.1, 7 wrap kanthal 24 ga. coils, with fresh cotton and dry burned in between tests. Tested @ 65 watts.

**Coconut (Delosi) 5% (8-07-19)** -- Stumbled across Jojo's notes on this one, and motivated me to test. This one smelled great on mixing, and after a short steep continued to be stellar. This may be my (just like Jojo) new fav coconut. It has NONE of the "greasy" notes that some other coco's have, but all the good parts. It imparts all the best of fresh coconut with plenty of body, great sweetness, some of the cream, and the meat. It's all in there. Continued solo vaping @ 5% revealed no off putting notes, and I can already see this taking over my number one slot for some dragon's blood mixes. Very full, but not cloying at this %, and can't wait to get a bigger bottle, and start mixing with it. **10/10**.

**Peach 5% (8-16-19)** -- Peaches, peaches, peaches. Are they here ?? Ummm, not really. At first I thought I WAS getting some peach, almost like the cubed, sweetened chunks that Chic Fila tosses in their Peach Milkshake, but the more I vaped it, the less I got. Somewhat sweet with SOME peachy undertones, but overall it fell short of a full on peach. Sometimes even, smelling it gave more peach, than vaping it. Not terrible, just not peachy enough. Maybe an even keeled fruit puree-ish flavor. Probably great as a mixer to fill out a fruity mix, but not a driving peachy mcpeach. Maybe too generous to leave it at **5/10**.

**Strawberry Milk 10% (8-10-19)** -- After a mere few days steep, this one turned out to be quite good. I've not had great luck with single flavor milks, and/or milkshakes, so my hopes were low with this one. It did however, prove me wrong. Coming up with an actual SB Milk as opposed to a SB Creme is exactly what they did here. It did come across almost like the SB version of Nesquik. Milky ? Check. SB ? Check. Smooth and even, with just about the right amount of sweet. I used the average % of 10% so it's not very concentrated, but at 10%, it was a winner. So much so I finished off the tester, and that's a great sign. The SB was somewhat subdued and could probably use a boost from say FA Juicy SB perhaps, but as is, **9/10**. Going to be getting a bigger bottle of this one as well.

**Honeydew 5% (8-16-19)** -- It didn't take many puffs to decide this one was equally MEH. Sweet fruity flavor with some melon maybe Kiwi-ish undertones. Maybe a blender for fruit mixes at best ? Not terrible, but def. not great. I think back to my Medicine Flower tests thanks to @Pro_Vapes, and the MF Honeydew blows this out of the park. As my final tester in this series, going to go low again @ **3/10**.

**Banana 5% (8-11-19)** -- Oh banana how do I love thee ?? OK, out of the gate, this one was good, but not great. Seemed to lean more towards runty artificial, but still had some authentic banana in there. Nicely sweet and even/full @ 5%. Not creamy per se, but maybe a slight feel/taste of pudding-ness, if anything. The one BIG take away for me on this one, was that I often get a sort of muskiness from most bananas, but this one had NONE of those notes, and that's a plus. Although not giving this a 10, I am already planning on re-mixing a few of my current banana favs with this so see how the UN-muskiness works out. As it stands, feel like a **7.5/10** is solid.

**Strawberry 8% (16-19)** -- With sooo many strawberries out there, you're always looking for the next big one. Sadly this one is NOT it. Nothing off-putting or floral, just meh. Somewhat SB'ish, but not overly so. Sweetness was nice, but overall just seemed a blur with no telltale breakthrough SB notes. Delosi's SB Milk however was excellent, but this one, going to leave it low @ **3.5/10**.

**Cantaloupe 5% (8-11-19)** -- This one had me guessing trying to figure out what it was. It did have canta elements, but vaping it seemed more of a sweet-ish fruit-like mish mash. It smelled like canta seeds, but not the fruit when vaping. Def. would not be my canta choice. Not finishing the tester in this one. **2/10**.

**Watermelon (Delosi) 8% (8-10-19)** -- Wow on this one. Following the Coconut, this would be a perfect pairing with it heading towards a Dragon's Blood. OK, this was pretty good at 8%, but might be able to go even higher. It came across as an even keeled candied WM, that straddled between realistic and slightly artificial. I think it's closest cousin would be LA Watermelon for comparison. Nothing off putting, and sweetness leaned heavier, but not overly so. Nicely done, and putting it @ **9.25/10**.

**Cotton Candy 5% (8-11-19)** -- So what exactly IS Cotton Candy ? Who knows, maybe straight EM ?? Added this one to my order just to see what was what. As expected it was sweet, but not actually overly sweet @ 5%. Had all the telltale signs, smells, and tastes of CC without being overpowering. Continued vaping didn't appear to reveal any muting, and the flavor stayed consistantly cotton candy-ish throughout. Didn't seem to reach the level of TPA Cotton Candy, but in the ballpark. For what it's worth, leaving this at a **7/10**.

**Series II: Mixing 1-6-21**

Delosi SFT Series II.jpeg

**Cake Batter (Delosi) 5% (1-10-21)** -- Have not used many CB's, and CAP's would probably be the one I've used most, was interested to see how another one fared. Out of the gate, I'm not sure if it conveyed a Cake Batter to me, but it had clear similarities to Flavor West's Cake Batter Dip, BUT, without the smoothness. At times I had some fruit elements, others not, and it was hard to explain other than to say like a non-smooth cousin to FW CBD. Had some frosting elements, but not a frosting, maybe some vanilla in there, but that even wandered around. Hard to nail down for sure, but in total, not really sure if it conveyed a batter. Not terrible, mid sweet, and beyond a few fruity florals that popped in and out when vaping, nothing off-putting in it. Feels fair @ **6.5/10**.

**Cereal Base (Delosi) 5% (1-24-21)** -- Is this the cereal base you've been looking for ?? Maybe, maybe not. It had some lower end bakery notes, with some grains, but to my palate, I kept getting the distinctive AP notes. Not overwhelming, but they were there, and once you tasted them, you couldn't NOT taste them. I'm not opposed to using AP, as I do often, but I can control it's impact/effect, and this one it was static, and always there. Sweetness was below mid level, and no off notes at 5% could be found. Your tastes/needs will vary, so if you want AP or not, will dictate how good this one is for you. For my "base" needs, I'll leave it at a mid-level **5/10**.

**Cherry (Delosi) 2% (1-23-21)** -- What do we fear with Cherries ?? EVERYTHING !!!! Kidding. I am still apprehensive when trying to decide on initial testing strengths with Cherries, having being burned soo many times before. Decided to go low with this one (relative) as there just wasn't much info on it out there. At this low weight, the great news was I wasn't slammed with a soapy, medicinal, floral assault to my senses. Now, I was also not assaulted with a full cherry either !!! I may re-test this higher for better analysis, but at 2%, I wouldn't call this a full, in your face cherry. Smelled great in the tank, but vaping it was rather hollow, and seemed to be a HUE of a cherry. Now, this COULD easily be that I tested it too low. Somewhat sweet, and tart, with clear aspects of Cherries, but just needed some more body, presence, and fullness. Because it was so subdued, complete analysis was hard to obtain. Not overly natural, somewhat candied, and not bright or dark, but a middle of the scale cherry. Re-testing higher may reveal more, but at this weight, it would probably be best as a Cherry base mixer/enhancer/builder, and that's not the end of the world. At 2%, will leave this one at **5/10**. Not offensive in any way, just not ON the offense.

**Chocolate Coconut (Delosi) 4% (1-13-21)** -- It should be no secret that .......

Delosi KNOWS Coconuts **Coconut (Delosi) 5% (8-07-19)** – Stumbled across Jojo’s notes on this one, and motivated me to test. This one smelled great on mixing, and after a short steep continued to be stellar. This may be my (just like Jojo) new fav coconut. It has NONE of the “greasy” notes that some other coco’s have, but all the good parts. It imparts all the best of fresh coconut with plenty of body, great sweetness, some of the cream, and the meat. It’s all in there. Continued solo vaping @ 5% revealed no off putting notes, and I can already see this taking over my number one slot for some dragon’s blood mixes. Very full, but not cloying at this %, and can’t wait to get a bigger bottle, and start mixing with it. **10/10** .

And with that said, I had high hopes for this one continuing that trend. Upon first vape however, I just wasn't sure. If you've been DIY'ing for a while, you may have heard me or other mixers talking about "Pushing" or "Pulling" flavors and profiles. I think this flavor is a PRIME example of that. I didn't really get much choco out of this one, BUT, whatever they put in here Pushed, and Pulled their deliciously creamy Coconut OFF profile. I took a vape break and came back to it fresh, and had the same resolution. I was getting SOME of my beloved Delosi Coconut, with some other, unidentifiable notes, that just didn't work as expected. The mix was rich, full, and even keeled at this weight, not overblown, and no ceiling hitting off-notes, just no great choco/coco. I'm not sure if this should be a stocking stuffer or not. My preference would be to use Delosi's Coconut, and temper in my OWN chocolate, possibly MF Dark Chocolate, and do it right. You guys know me, and my reviews, so I don't go low, unless I have to. Leaving this interesting one @ **5/10**.

**Cinnamon Bun (Delosi) 5% (1-12-21)** -- The most unique aspect of this one was the Cinnamon, which was fairly hard to nail down. It seemed to be a bit spicier than the normal "bakery" cinnamon, but not a "red hot" cinnamon, maybe somewhere in between. The bakery elements were fairly average, with no cream cheese icing, or yeast notes. It wasn't a terrible flavor, but I think it could have benefited from more of a bakery cinnamon, with maybe some yeast to add to the authenticity of the "bun". As a whole it had all the elements, but seemed to lack focus. I could see it benefiting from a cream element to temper the cinna a smidge. Feels right @ **6.5/10**.

**Classic Fruit Punch (Delosi) 5% (1-12-21)** -- This "classic" fruit punch, should NOT be confused with a red tropical punch (which Delosi also has), as it was more of a citrus punch. Immediately the lime was evident, with lemon taking 2nd place, and some orange rounding it all out. With below mid level sweetness, it might benefit from a pinch of sweetener to help flush it out a bit. The citrus elements tasted about 50/50 natural/artificial, which worked well here, and with no off-putting notes at this testing weight. I think my personal preference would be more to the red tropical punch, but even still, this one was good for what it was. All 3 elements were blended fairly evenly, and it finished clean, and crisp. For a not red tropical punch, this one worked pretty good, and the trifecta of citrus fruits didn't leave you wanting. **7.5/10**.

**Custard (Delosi) 5% (1-9-21)** -- Custard, custard, how do I love thee ?? More than too much. I love my Custards, BUT, I seem to have a NARROW band, wherein my favorites lie. There are soo many different styles of custards, and different tastes for custards, that trying to state what the "best" custard is, is all but impossible. To MY tastes, I love a nice rich, slightly eggy custard, but with pudding notes to temper them. CAP's VC1 and INW Custard are probably on the top of my "Egg Brick To The Face" list, yet I still use both, but I use them sparingly. This one, actually COULD become my NEW favorite Custard. It's not billed as a Vanilla Custard, and rightfully so, as it didn't lean too heavily into a pure VC. The more I vape this, the more I like it, as it almost seems to have perfectly fit MY needs for a custard, with some eggy-ness, but also some nice smooth pudding-ish notes tempered in there. It was very full (but not IN your face) at 5%, and with a mid level sweetness, it could indeed be ADV'd solo. If you're reading this, your tastes for custards may require more, or less eggy-ness, so your mileage will vary. While fulfilling my "some egg, and more pudding" requirements, it clearly is not as buttery rich as CAP's VC1, and/or in your face, but continued vaping, didn't leave me missing those. If you're really looking for a straight up "what's it like", then I'd have to say 40% CAP VC1 with 60% pudding. Let YOUR tastes dictate whether or not you try this or not, but if you're looking for a Custard that's got SOME egg, and more pudding notes, that doesn't lean heavily to the Vanilla, I think you might like this one. My palate is going to compel me to buy a bigger bottle. **Palate'd @ 9.8/10**.

**Glazed Donut (Delosi) 5% (1-9-21)** -- This one goes out to @Rocky02852, because I know it's in his cart !!! Let's start this off by saying this is the LEAST offensive Donut I have ever tried. Wait, what ?? Does that mean it's the best ?? Let's see. I have tested almost every possible donut, and one is PlayDoh, others were burnt, and some were just plain yeasty. Almost everyone's take on a perfect donut will vary, so again, no perfect one for everyone. This one immediately had me thinking of a Krispy Kreme but minus some of the yeasty-ness. I actually went through TWO tanks before writing this. What DOES make up a great donut. Yeast ? Dough (fried) ? Glazed ? I think yes to all. This one had about every positive aspect of a donut (for me) minus the yeasty-ness, and/or greasy/fried notes. I struggled to decide how important those two WERE for a donut. I'm now not sure, as Delosi's GD had very little yeasty notes, and no deep fried greasy notes, yet, it was still a great donut. Your tastes may vary, but for mine, this WAS the least offensive Donut I've ever tried. If you DID require more yeast and grease, you could easily add some, if not, you can roll right out of the gate. No real cinnamon notes (but you could add them) here, which placed it even more solidly in the blank canvas donut category. A tick above mid level sweet, but I attributed that to a fine glazed coating. Two tanks, and chain vaping couldn't force any off-notes. If you're like me, and don't need yeast or grease in your donuts, then you should pick this one up pronto. **9.9/10**.

**Graham Cracker (Delosi) 5% (1-8-21)** – Welcome to Series II !!! First on deck is the GC. This one was somewhat unique, and was more like FLV, and FW’s GC, than CAP’s or TPA’s. The good news is, it didn’t favor an Oatmeal Cookie like FLV’s, or wasn’t heavy on the coconut like FW’s. That is what made it somewhat unique. I didn’t get any cinnamon from it, and it leaned towards a dryer honey based graham without any overt honey-ness. Being a S’mores junkie, I might try to work this in to a few of my variants to see how it fares, and I’m guessing that TPA’s GCC (Graham Cracker Clear) would boost it quite nicely. If you don’t want a cinnamon based, or coconut heavy GC, this one, might work for you. Nicely present at 5%, below mid level sweet, and accurate to it’s name. Nothing off-putting, and it just worked really good. Solidly @ **9.5/10** .

**Malted Milk (Delosi) 5% (1-26-21)** -- Well this one was a strange one. I honestly didn't get much, if any, Malted Milk, but it presented as almost a Soda Base ?? !!! Checked the bottle, and sure enough, that was the flava flave. There were maybe some almost caramel notes in it, but once I tasted the soda base, I couldn't not taste it. No real creamy or dairy notes, and no malted notes that I could find. I don't think this is the MM you're looking for. **1.5/10**.

**Marshmallow Cereal (Delosi) 5% (1-21-21)** -- Back at it !!!! When I saw this one I had to have it, as my current champion was Purilum's Strawberry Marshmallow Cereal, hands down. VERY hard for any other to approach that level, but test on, we shall. Had to finish two tanks to get a firm nail down on this one. There were some cereal elements, but they were much lower in the mix. The MM was the leader here, and while pretty good, didn't have lots of mouthfeel to it. As a "cereal" marshmallow, it's actually really good, as it captured the little almost dusted tiny MM's found in cereals, and not a campfire, or sticky MM. Sweetness was obviously above mid level, but not cloying, no off-putting notes, and 2 tanks later, wasn't sick of it. As billed, I have to knock it down as the "cereal" was just too laid back. If you DO need mini cereal type marshmallows, this will work GREAT, just don't expect much cereal from it. Leaving it at a **7/10** as billed, but if it were just "Tiny Cereal type Marshmallows" I'd have to go 9.9/10.

**Peanut Butter (Delosi) 5% (1-9-21)** -- My vaping of Peanut Butters has fallen into TWO categories. Darker/Saltier or Sweeter/Creamier. Delosi seems to have almost bridged the gap with their Peanut Butter, because it appeared to be BOTH. Your PB needs will differ, so which one(s) you use, will differ as well. I've always liked CAP's PB for it's sweet, creamy, almost Jiff like qualities, but I always got an off/burned note on the tail end. This one, had both salty/dark and creamy/sweet qualities. Maybe split 50/50 but hard to say for sure. Sweetness was mid level, and with no off notes throwing it off track, I couldn't find fault with it. It was an interesting take on PB as it literally seemed to straddle both worlds. If you are looking for a only salty, or only sweet, this one might not be for you. For a natural tasting PB that covered almost the entire PB spectrum, this one might be for you. **9.5/10**.

**Pina Colada (Delosi) 5% (1-9-21)** -- Having not tested Delosi's Pineapple yet, I'm assuming this is a pairing of the two. My older review of their Coconut revealed a perfect score (IMO), so was curious to see how I liked this one. Most times Pinas are just a coconut/pineapple combo with MAYBE a cherry on top. I didn't get any cherry in this one, but (as expected) did get a great coco pineapple combo. My old coconut friend was back, and just as good, and paired with a pineapple. Because I love Delosi's coconut soo much it was hard to focus on the pineapple notes, but they paired the two nicely. Same creamy coconut was present, but not as full because it was cut with the pineapple. The pineapple was a nice, even one with not a lot of bright, high end sparkle, but that could be the fault of the rich and creamy coconut smothering any hehe. All in, a nice, mid level sweet, tropical drink in a gif. Nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just good. Throughout the tester, I did keep thinking, "Why'd you water down my creamy coconut" hehe. The coco did manage to rise above the pineapple in the mix, and that worked fine. Minor kickdowns for no sparkly, high end punch notes on the pineapple, but a great combo flavor none the less. Solidly a **8.5/10**.

**Pineapple (Delosi) 5% (1-26-21)**
-- The more Pineapples I test, the more obvious it becomes that it's NOT as easy to come up with a good one as you would think. My current mega-champion is:

VTA Sugarloaf Pineapple
**Sugarloaf Pineapple (VTA) 4% (6-9-20)** -- Having just tested VTA's Pineapple Juice, and having had a "so-so" reaction to it, AND, having used this one many times, was anxious to really solo it. My previous experience in mixes, mirror my SFT here. This one is a Pineapple Powerhouse. No other way to put it. It actually pushed my beloved INW Pineapple off it's perch as my number one. This "sugarloaf" pineapple should be re-named "sugarLOAD" pineapple. It's sweet, bright, punchy, and damned delicious. It leans on the sweet side, but not too sweet. Sugarloaf pineapple is a white pineapple, that I've never eaten, but I sure would LIKE to now. Very natural, multi-dimensional, and interesting to vape. Nothing artificial tasting to my tastes, and wherein VTA's Pineapple Juice presented to me as somewhat dull and/or lifeless, this one was the exact opposite. BPD (Bright, Punchy, Delicious), just is really all you need to know on this one. Typically I would think even as good as this is, it will probably be mixed with INW Pineapple, or maybe CAP Golden Pineapple just to round things out, but I've used it as the only Pineapple [and it worked out GREAT.]( So it's not required, but an option. This one leaned heavier in the mid and high notes, with less lower/darker notes, and it does it well. Hands down a GREAT flavor, and IMO, should be on your VTA Must Have List. **10/10**, zero hesitation.

I didn't think Delosi's would knock it off it's perch, and it didn't. This one smelled great at 5% in the bottle, and after a short steep and vape, it seemed to be a little lack-luster or hollow. There was a good Pineapple in there, but it was just very relaxed. Overall it was fairly natural and seemed to hover in the mid-region of the spectrum, with not as much going on in the darker, or brighter/punchier areas. It could be a very light Pineapple Juice. Continued vaping didn't reveal any florals, and possible pushing it higher would bolster it a bit, but not sure. Sweetness was a tick above mid level which was fine for a sweet pineapple. I just kept wishing it had more presence. All in, not terrible by any means, just not terribly present, at least at this testing weight. Fresh, fairly natural, with nothing off-putting, and would DEF. work out in bolstering a Pineapple slurry, just NOT the main star. **6.5/10**.

**Raspberry (Delosi) 5% (1-9-21)** -- Having not had great luck with Delosi's fruits thus far, was looking to see if this broke the trend, and it did. Took me over a tank to try and nail it down, but I did. It was an interestingly somewhat laid back Raspberry at 5%, but it defied analysis. It wasn't a darker berry, nor a brighter punchier one, but one smack dab in the middle of the spectrum. It's not Medicine Flower, Sobucky, or VSO, but it held it's own. Just imagine a Raspberry with some of the darker and punchy high end notes culled, and this is it. It actually was surprisingly a good Raspberry, as it centered in the mid spectrum. Just slightly tart, but not bright, and lower than mid level sweet, and it almost had a gritty-ness to it, which kept it interesting. I think the gritty-ness was similar to almost like the sandy grit from a fresh pear. Just in texture not in taste. Not jammy, not a candy, and it did favor more of a natural flavor. At first I wasn't sure it it was going to work, but with no off-putting florals, and an interesting smooth, mid-spectrum RB, it was a good vape. **8.4/10**.

**Sugar Cookie (Delosi) 5% (1-10-21)** -- Lotsa Sugar Cookie flavors out there, and most seem to center around a lighter Vanilla Cookie. This one was devoid of any V, which would open up it's usage to a wider mixing array, and it was somewhat darker than most others. Some butter, but not buttery rich, and the bakery notes were convincing, and you could almost taste some brown sugar. Sweetness was at about mid level, and it felt perfect @ 5%. No dough, cinnamon, vanilla, or choco chips here, but a really good, blank canvas Sugar Cookie. Finished two tester tanks trying to find faults/ off notes, but they weren't to be found. Because it was so full at this weight, and with no identifiable flavors you could really use this anywhere you need a cookie, and push/pull it from there. You could even ADV it, as is as well. :) For a great neutral sugar cookie, without any added flavors, this one could end up on your shelf. Nicely placed @ **9.2/10**.

**Sweet Cream (Delosi) 5% (1-21-21)** -- There only used to be a few SC's out there, but now, there's quite a few. Some keep to the traditional "sweet" cream, which is just an absence of a sour cream, others are actually sweet/sweetened. This one actually had some sweetness to it, and some relaxed creamery elements. Assuming dik/daap free it was missing a lot of the richness and mouthfeel that many have. Not terrible, no BA notes, no buttery-ness, just not as present as you'd probably want when using a "cream". Could be used as a base mixer, but probably not as a top cream element. Sweetness while present, was lower than mid level, and worked for this profile. Some kick downs for a slightly thinner, and less creamy cream. **6/10**.

**Sweet Vanillin (Delosi) 3% (1-10-21)** -- Having never tried Vanillin before, had to [science the shit out of it]( Apparently Vanilla has over 250 flavor compounds, whereas Vanillin has 1. With that said, I wasn't expecting a full spectrum here. My firstest first thoughts were, "Vanilla meets Cotton Candy". It's not that I was getting EM, but I can see why they call it Sweet Vanillin. It did taste like a simpler, cleaner Vanilla, that was fairly sweetened. @3% it seemed high enough, and was above mid level sweet. Because of it's lack of depth (missing compounds) I could see this as an additive/enhancer more than a main note. For what it was, it was a good, simple, sweetened Vanilla, that was fairly bright, without much of the darker/fuller undertones in regular vanillas. For a brighter, simpler, sweetened Vanilla, this one will fit your bill. **9/10**.

**Toasted Marshmallow (Delosi) 5% (1-9-21)** -- It can be hard often times to review Marshmallows. Everyone knows about the mouthfeel, sometimes sticky-ness, and also in mixes to smooth out some of the rough edges. When SFT you never know how the flavor will work in mixes. At 5% this one was a nice, almost velvety Marshmallow with moderate mouth feel. Not sticky, but nice and full at this testing weight, with all the fluff and characteristics you'd expect from a MM. I could pick up on some toasted elements riding on the top, and overall it was realistic. While maybe not the thickest MM out there, it held it's own throughout the tank. Above mid level sweetness (DUH, marshmallow), and no off-putting notes, it was an easy vape to keep vaping. Some vanilla notes, but not overly so, leaving this one usable wherever you needed a good toasted MM. It def. leaned towards a campfire marshmallow and not a cereal marshmallow. For a good marshmallow with some toasted notes, with good mouthfeel, and mid-level sweetness, this one works, and works well. **9.3/10**.

**Vanilla Cream (Delosi) 5% (1-10-20)** -- This one smelled almost TOO good when mixing it up, so was glad to finally get to test it. I can now see why, because it WAS that good when vaping it !! It was interesting they billed it as a V. Cream, not a V. Ice Cream, because it they could have. A deliciously light, vanilla cream, that wandered between a milk shake of sorts, then back to more of an ice cream. No malt, but just a perfectly clean, vanilla cream. At 5% it was lighter, and I couldn't tell if it would have been better at 4% or not, but even at 5%, had no signs of hitting the ceiling. Nicely sweet, and the creamy-ness added to the overall mouthfeel. Not heavy handed, or buttery rich like LB's, but just more of a "clean" vanilla cream. Maybe similar to Sobucky's offerings tested [here](, and just as clean, yet somewhat laid back. No off-notes, no pepper, at all, just an overwhelming sense of "clean vanilla cream". 2 tanks gone, still can't find fault with it, and mixing wise, I might think 2-4% would be good, and depending on what it's pared with it might need a boost, but might not. All in, this was an excellent clean, vanilla cream, that doesn't disappoint, and leaves you wanting more. Cleanly stable @ **9.9/10**.

**Vanilla Yogurt (Delosi) 5% (1-21-21)** -- I eat yogurt, but have never been a huge fan of vaping it, so this one was tested with pause. Smelling it in the bottle didn't reveal any sour / culture notes, so I figured I was safe. Vaping it revealed none of either, but what I noticed, was without them, it wasn't very yogurt-y. Hmmmm, interesting. At first I thought, maybe it's one of those sweetened non-yogurty yogurts, but even after 2 tanks, I became convinced, it just wasn't a yogurt. It was good, as I got through 2 tankfuls, but despite the almost creamy, somewhat vanilla-y nature, it never went to yogurt-ville. It almost reminded me of a vanilla meets a condensed milk more than anything else. Nothing off-putting, and seemed fine at 5%, with sweetness at about mid level. I've yet to test Delosi's Condensed Milk, but I'll be interested to see if there's some of THIS, in THERE. As billed, would have to go down to a **4.5/10** not because it was bad, just because of the not yogurt.