Flavor Express Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer


The SteamCrave Guy

Huge thanks out to @FlavorJungle for sending these out for review. All were mixed and tested at the percentages listed, and tested on a SteamCrave RDTA v.1 @ 65 watts on dual, vertical, Kanthal 24ga. 7 wrap coils. Fresh cotton and dry burned before every test, using KGD cotton.

**Lemon (Flavor Express) 3% (12-24-20)** -- Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard of FE Lemon. Lemons can be a fickle bunch, some favor natural, others candied, and many just fade out making them surprisingly harder to get right than you would think. Flavor Express did a GREAT job with this one. To say they nailed "Lemon Heads" is an understatement, as this is EXACTLY a Lemon Heads flavor. It was a nicely candied lemon flavor that felt and tasted somewhat more complex than a simple candy lemon. Nicely sweet and tart, but never too much of either. No lemon pledge was present, and surprisingly this COULD be vaped solo. Plenty of high end sparkle, with mid and a few lower notes kept it interesting throughout the tank. I'm guessing this one would favor cereals, and bakeries slightly more than pure fruit mixes, and it's fading or lack thereof will have to be determined later. For a candied, lemon head flavor this is about as good as it gets. If you are a purist natural lemon-er you might not rate it as high, but as this stands, it's solidly a **9.9/10**.

**Mango (Flavor Express) 5% (12-26-20)** -- Lasty last one on deck from the generous folks over at Flavor Jungle (Jungle Flavors), and it is proving to be a lil' Mango Powerhouse !!!! I took Christmas off (as we all should), and picked back up today on the last Flavor Express flavor from FJ. Is is RARELY the case when testing flavors, that you can load a tank up, and on the FIRST VAPE, want to drop the tank, and write the review, right there on the spot. I had that impulse with this one, and NOT in a BAD way LOL. For me great Mangos are a rare breed, and most times need to be propped up with other flavors to really shine. This one, just didn't seem to need much, if any help. Super rich and almost "creamy" on it's own, and very, very full. Nothing off-putting, or overtly artificial here, and it felt super refreshing at 5%. You could almost feel the juice running down your hands as you got mouthful after mouthful of this yellowish-orange treat. Not having any "skin" to report, the fullness of this one could not be overstated, as it really hit just the right amount of darker, mid level, and a few high notes here. Just a full spectrum Mango assault on your senses. I'm about 90% sure this is what JF based their Mango Mafia on, and if so, a wise choice. I don't fruit very often, but flavors like this, almost have me questioning that decision. ZERO issues vaping this one as a solo, and it left me wanting nothing. Man this is a good one (as the second tankful is being filled). For all you "fruiters" out there (and maybe some of you not YET fruiters out there), this one can fulfill your Mango needs for sure. What a roundhouse kick way to end off this series. Thanks again out to my friends at [Flavor Jungle (aka Jungle Flavors)](https://flavorjungle.com/) for making this happen. Without a fruity doubt, **10/10**.

**Sweet Rice (Flavor Express) 4% (12-24-20)** -- I have used this one countless times, but never got around to SFT it until now. Right out of the gate, this one was deliciously accurate, creamy, and almost had some elements of a rice pudding. NOT a pudding flavor, but the creamy sweetness of it just led to that profile assumption. At 4% it was really good, and could go higher or lower. Nothing off-putting, and, it had about every aspect that you could want, in a "rice" flavor. Surprisingly good, as a solo, and despite not being overly complex, it did keep you interested throughout the tank. This should not be confused with a "crispy" rice, as it was not, and was more of a sticky, sweet, thai rice almost. Although you may not create a lot of "rice" recipes, this could clearly be used in a multitude of mixes none the less. Having no other "rices" in my stash, this one will stay in there, and I will probably start using this quite a bit. Accurate, sweet and cream rice is exactly what this one is. **9.8/10**.