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  • Hey gizmo, can you advise me on how you get upgraded so to speak on the forum and earn badges and such
    More accessories are on developing...
    Glad to share our catalogues to you and hope to build a long-term business relationship and make progress gother.
    skype: vivismoke02
    whatsapp: 008613670291275
    By the way, I added your facebook and skype, hope we could talk about business soon.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Hello, Warren Pleass
    This is Will from Vivismoke, E cigarette accessories one-stop solution wholesaler in China.
    Competive price and stable supply on all kinds of accessories.
    1. Demon Killer, 2. All kind of Replacement Pyrex glass 3. All kind of silicone case/leather case 4. all kinds drip tips(resin included.) 5. Vape Tools & Vape bags.
    welcome your reply at, skype: vivismoke02
    Hi Gizmo, hope you are well.We are a new ejuice supplier and would like to get some info on how to register as a vendor on the forum and prices for advertising and so forth.Our website and services will only start running and the end of FEB. Could you also forward me some info on the vendor registration for the Vape meet on March?Much appreciated!
    Hi,Gizmo. I am Martin from Ehpro in Shenzhen ,China. We are a professional and innovative ecig manufacturer. this is our company website. and Whatsapp ID: +86 13168094661 Skype ID: ehprosales17 Is it possible that Ehpro becomes one of your supplier?
    morning gizmo I have asked one of your agents to please hold a dna 200 for me I hope this Is fine as I will take it from you all tomorrow.
    Hi there
    Its Leigh here I would like to become a vendor on your forum. Company name is The Vape Life Vaporium, email is, my cell is 0762712510
    and we are based in Mossel Bay. We are online and opening a small B&M.
    Let me know if you need any other info.
    Hello, admin. I am Justin from AVE40, who is a eCig supplier with good reputation in China. I want to get a vendor profile.
    This is my site, , you can check it. I think you and your audiences will love my site, I will share not only the cheaping vape gears, but also the useful tips or someting interesting. If only you have ads areas
    Hi Admin, this Miller,i am a representative of
    we are a a leading online electronic cigarette brand authorized store ! Is that possible for us to become a retailer on your forum?

    We are a A-level agent of top-ranking electronic cigarette brand! all of the items are original! It is dedicated to offering genuine products! hopefully you can consider our request.
    Kindest regards,
    Hi Gizmo!
    I am a new eliquid brand that started about two months ago and am keen on becoming a registered retailer. How do I go about this? I am from Cloud Nine Vapes and this is my website: Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi there!

    My name is Joana and i´m working with the store

    We want to open a thread in your forum where we can promote our products and make some promotions and giveaways.

    Hope you can help me !

    Please can you advise how we go about having a vendor forum. Our company is if you wish to check us out.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Good afternoon, Gizmo.
    I have been advised by Alex to contact you with regards to becoming a vendor on your site. I mistakenly offered products and prices in an inappropriate area. My apologies for this. This is the first time that I have used a forum. I offer e-juice products; glycerine, propylene glycol and flavours and would like to advertise these through you site. Please advise.
    Hi gizmo I was informed after posting a thread that I did it incorrectly I do apologize and was informed I'd have to contact you in order to become a vendor on the forum I'd really appreciate the help on doing so ,many thanks
    Good day, how do we become a vendor member we have been importing and supplying retailers since 2008 and could provide useful information on all electronic cigarette issues and supplies. Stephen from the electronic cigarette store
    Hey Gizmo just wondering when your order of Vape Elixir will be arriving?
    Hi again. Sorry to be such a pest, but I'm still new to navigating around this forum (and helluva busy) to boot. I'm looking for the JHB Meet album with the 27 photos that I first saw yesterday, as it also has some lekker b & w images... The more recent link only has 12 pics. Thanks very much. M
    Greetings. Nice JHB vape meet pics. I can probably send two or three to Cape Times, but need at 300/350kb size. How do I indicate which ones I like? Best, Mags
    Vaper Rising
    Vaper Rising
    Cool. I'll figure it out, hopefully. And you do have them in the right size? I'd like to credit you. Do you want your real name used?

    If you go to that above link and you can press next through them . Click on it for full size. All I need is that url above if you need a bigger size I can send to you no problem. I would love to be credited :D Let me know if you need anything. My real name is Warren Pleass if you want to use it
    Vaper Rising
    Vaper Rising
    Thanks skat. Lekker. I'll check it out tomorrow. Very cool of you. All for the greater good!
    Hi Gizmo, hope you are well? I have submitted a few contact forms to the forum asking how do new users register to become registered retailers? I haven't received any response. Please can you help me register as a certified retailer on this forum. Thank you
    Hi Please private message me your shop name and details and I will set you up a forum
    Hi, I hope you are well. I would like to become a retailer on this forum,
    I've been selling e cigs, e liquid and accories since July 2013. Keeping the faith lol, business has been down my side due to lack of exposure hence the reason for contacting you. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards
    Hi Please private message me your shop name and details and I will set you up a forum
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