Monark, also known as Cykelfabriken Monark AB and Monark AB, is a Swedish bicycle, moped and motorcycle manufacturer, established in Varberg, Sweden 1908 by the industrialist Birger Svensson.
In the 1950s, Monark had a successful record in off-road motorcycle competitions. In 1954 they entered 8 bikes in the International Six Days Trial, a form of off-road motorcycle Olympics. All 8 Monark riders finished with Gold Medals. In 1959, Monark's Sten Lundin won the 500cc motocross world championship. When Monark stopped racing, Lundin re-badged his Monark motorcycle as a Lito and recaptured the world championship in 1961. He dropped to third place in the world championship in 1962, finished second to Rolf Tibblin in the 1963 world championship and, third in the 1964 world championship.
In 1961, Monark merged with Nymanbolagen, Uppsala, Sweden into Monark-Crescentbolagen or MCB. Monark is today part of Cycleurope, belonging to Grimaldi Industri AB. Monark is also a brand of Brazilian bicycles, related to the original Swedish Monark AB.
The Cykelfabriken should not be confused with the Monark-Silver King, Inc., Chicago, IL, a manufacturer of classic bicycles from 1934 to 1957, (formerly the Monark Battery Company). Nor should it be confused with the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company, 1892-1899, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, founded by John William Kiser.

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