1. fbb1964

    Cheerleader Harassed with ”Deepfake” Vaping Video March 26, 2021 Cheerleader Harassed with ”Deepfake” Vaping Video Jim McDonald 1 A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with creating “deepfake” videos and photos of at least three teenage girls—including a...
  2. KZOR

    Video removed. Youtube mistake ?

    I uploaded the Symba RDA earlier but 2 hours later i see it was removed and received the message below via email. I watched the video again but cannot identify possible infringements regarding community guidelines. Thinking it might be the name that could attract young Lion King fans I checked...
  3. Puff the Magic Dragon

    Jai Haze Video : "Proof that Rutgers (University) Vape Testing is Corrupt

    This is well worth a watch. :facepalm: If you want to see an example of the standard of vape related research at Rutgers University take a look at this from their own website : "Rutgers University‒Camden researchers are leading an effort to find out what may be causing young people to...
  4. Clouds4Days

    MOTI Pod System review (Video)

    Hi Everyone Here is my take on the Moti pod system. Thanks for watching. Cheers
  5. Silver

    NB VapeCon 2019 - Official Video

    Hi all We are super excited to publish the official VapeCon South Africa 2019 video! VapeCon 2019 Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria, South Africa 31 August & 1 September 2019 Event Sponsors: h2vape, Hashtag Vapes, Vape King Brought to you by ECIGSSA A big thank you to everyone that was involved in...
  6. Sharty

    Vapecon 2019 Video Highlights

    Reminisce to an Epic Weekend.. VapeCon 2019! Please click on the link in our bio to watch our VapeCon 2019 highlights.. • • • @VapeCon • • • • • • ENJOY!

    Unboxing video of Drag Nano Pod! Drag in pocket, Flavor on the go!!!

    VOOPOO DRAG NANO UNBOXING!! Intelligent Cold Boot Pattern with Gene.Pod chip inside⠀ Precise output power control system⠀ All ensures you the original flavor at the first puff until the last one⠀

    Check the video for more details about Maat tank.

    Check the video for more details about Maat tank. Simple and fast to reload the coil No leaking Eliquid saving Comment with your thoughts.
  9. Chukin'Vape

    How to DIY - Complete Video Series

    Hi All, Cant believe we have finished off one of our first series on TFV, it feels so bizarre typing this. However here it is, a complete video series with everything surrounding Mixing. This series will answer so many questions you have, and quickly get you up to speed. What we have learned...
  10. geekvape

    A teaching video about how to replace the screen for your Aegis legend mod

    Hi , Good day.:baloon::baloon: I received lots of feedback that most of our customers replace the screen for their Aegis legend mod mistakenly :(:( ,so I am going to share you guys a video about it: Hope it will be useful for you . Geekvape offical store :
  11. yobbo

    Effects of vaping a full month vs a pack a day for 30 days

    So I found this video on the YouTube, which I found pretty interesting. Effects of smoking a pack a day Effects of vaping for a month All credit goes to original YouTube poster.
  12. Silver

    NB VapeCon 2018 - Official Video

    Hi all We are very excited to publish the official VapeCon 2018 video ! VapeCon 2018 Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria, South Africa 25 & 26 August 2018 DOUBLE MEGA EPIC! Once again, thank you to the venue and their staff, the ECIGSSA Admin & Mod Team and to all the forumites that attended. And a...
  13. Chukin'Vape

    BLCK Store Launch Video - First Rule Podcast

    Encase you missed it, here is some footage from a very successful and cheerful store launch. Best of luck with the new retail store.
  14. E

    [Battery Test] EBAT 18P25 Test Video

  15. Alex

    Amazing Video Compilation

  16. P

    What goes into making an e-liquid worthy of the "premium" label?

    The question of what defines a "premium" e-liquid has been circulating in the South African vaping industry for years, so we decided to show you! We decided to go into a bit more detail on what we think defines a "premium" e-liquid, so have a look at this video in collaboration with ZefTech and...
  17. DJ Maddog

    How to upload a video

    Hey guys I wanted to upload a video but I get an error message will try and post a screenshot afterwards just wanted to know how. Thanks in advance
  18. Silver

    VapeCon 2017 - Official Video

    Hi all We are extremely excited and immensely proud to publish the official video for VapeCon 2017! VapeCon 2017 Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria, South Africa 26th August 2017 MEGA EPIC! A big thank you to the venue and their staff, the ECIGSSA Admin & Mod Team, all the forumites that attended...

    Interesting Video

  20. T

    DIY coil jigs

    Checkout my youtube video on DIY coil jigs, what do you guys think, any new suggestions