Bumpedy Bump - Vape Mail!

coil mail from the master himself @charln

I love these RBAliens. Favourite coils by far!!

0.38 in the intake @ 20w. Yum.

New aio . I am deep down the rabbit hole


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Vape Mail Baby! Two disposables to try. The UPends Ice Cream Coconut tastes like vomit. The Chill Menthol from Instabar is vapable.
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So amped for this! Crown 1 RBA. HAPPY FRIDAYand thank you Vape Junction. Also got the tank on sale for 200 bucks!


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Some yummy new juice for my new RBA. Thank you to @Quintusson for creating this new mango lassi recipe and sending 3 testers.


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Vape Mail Baby! I never thought I would see the day I would buy MTL Juices. But, at the last VapeCon, I found a disposable that was really tasty, and I have had one around since then. Then I visited @BigGuy at his factory in Westmead, and one of his guys said I should taste the new range of juices called Bar Salts. He popped their newest juice, a minty juice that they should have available soon, into a sample OXBAR Pro refillable disposable. Bazinga! Awesome taste... I got back home and ordered two more of the range as well as an XLIM Pod from OXVA.
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