Bumpedy Bump - Vape Mail!

My first Dicodes mod - thank you @Khabir Tayob

Also, the first tube mod I've handled in almost 10 years! Quite a nice change from boxes and boro's tbh.

Good reason to bring out the old Kayfun 22mm's

Vape Mail Baby! Diplomat RDL RTA from Centenary Mods! All the drip tips, all the airflow pins, and all the different domes!
Diplomat RDL 11.jpgDiplomat RDL 02.jpgDiplomat RDL 03.jpgDiplomat RDL 04.jpgDiplomat RDL 05.jpgDiplomat RDL 06.jpgDiplomat RDL 07.jpgDiplomat RDL 08.jpg
Vape Mail Baby! Here's a Caliburn Explorer with two flavours in one device and some new juices to test drive!
VM 240711 2.jpgVM 240711 3.jpg