Geekvape Athena BF Kit

daniel craig

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The Geekvape Athena Squonker Kit is a Full Mechanical Bottom Feeding Box Mod with a beautiful design and an attractive price tag. Please note that this is a mechanical squonker and knowledge of battery safety and ohms law is required to use this device. It is definitely not something for a new vaper to use.


Towards the middle of 2017, we have seen a lot of squonkers in the market and this is still a growing trend as everyone seems to be moving in this direction. It didn’t take long for the big manufacturers like Vandy Vape, Augvape, iJoy and Geekvape to jump into this and launch their own Bottom Feeding device.

When choosing which squonker I would like to go for from the brands above, I looked at a few things which are design, performance, build quality and the price. The Geekvape Athena definitely stood out from the crowd. With a price tag of $55 including an RDA, this was quite a bargain.

What you get in the box?
  • Athena Squonker
  • Athena RDA (with 810 Ultem Drip tip)
  • 2x Squonk Bottles (Soft silicone bottle, hard plastic bottle pre-installed)
  • 510 Drip Tip and 510 Adaptor
  • Allen Key
  • Spare Parts and User Manual
Device features:
  • Drip Tip Height: 7mm
  • Drip Tip Width: 18mm
  • Material: Aluminium and SS
  • Physical Dimensions: 73 x 46 x 25mm
  • Juice Bottle Capacity: 6.5ml
  • Battery Type: Single 18650
athena 1.jpg

The first thing that gets you excited when you see this device is its design. The mod is constructed primarily of stainless steel with the magnetized doors being aluminium. The nice thing about this device is that both panels can be removed which makes it so much easier to push out the battery from the back instead of removing the bottle and then hitting the device on your palm to remove the battery. Something to point out is that there is some play on both panels if you slide them up or down. To notice this play, you have to physically slide those panels. If you have fat fingers, you are going to find it difficult to squonk as the cut-out seems a bit too small for fat fingers. The mod has Silver coated connection for a higher power output and less maintenance compared to copper or brass connections. The battery contacts are silver plated so this mod does hit well compared to some of the other mech squonkers. With the right build, this kit is very impressive and probably the best value for money Squonking device.

This device comes with 2 bottles, 1 is a hard plastic and the other is soft silicone bottle. Both bottles hold 6.5ml of juice which is a fairly decent amount of juice. I have to say, both these bottles are crap IMO. The hard plastic bottle is a bit too hard and the soft silicone bottle is way too soft! I feel that the bottle should be somewhere in the middle of these 2 to be perfect. For this reason, I would advise you to look at getting aftermarket bottles to use instead of these ones.

The one feature many of the other squonking devices lacked was a locking switch and on the Athena, it’s done rather well. The locking switch is located just below the firing button and you just slide it down to lock the device. It works really well and when locked, I highly doubt it will fire. I have tried pressing it with force and it still didn’t fire so you won’t be having any accidental fires whilst the device is locked. I do feel that the slider should have a better grip to it to make it easier to lock and unlock.

The internal work on this device is just as good as its exterior. Everything is neatly done with no flaws visible.

Apart from the bottles, slight play on the panels and the cut-out for squonking being a tad bit too small, there isn’t much to complain about. If I was being extremely critical, I would say that Geekvape put quite a bit of branding on this device. You will find a logo at the front, Engraving along the other side and logos at the bottom of the device as well as a logo on the RDA and ‘Athena’ on the AFC.

The Athena BF RDA that comes with this kit looks very similar to the Dead Rabbit RDA and performs just as good as the Dead Rabbit. The Athena BF features a post-less design that is raised up a little from the base allowing plenty of room for your cotton and e-liquid. Being a top airflow RDA, you will not experience any leaking. On the side of the RDA cap, you will notice a protruding ‘clip’ which lines up with base and locks, much like how the OBS Engine works. I really love this feature as it allows you to remove the RDA from your mod with ease. I have had RDA’s getting stuck on mods many times and the Athena prevents this from happening due to the base being locked with the cap.

athena 2.jpg

There’s nothing I can fault about the RDA. It performs just like the Dead Rabbit RDA and the flavor is pretty good. I do feel that Geekvape should have made a single coil RDA for this device because when using dual coils, you can’t expect a good battery life.

I got mine from Urvapin and at $55, I'm pretty happy with it. At the $55 price range, I don't think there's a BF Kit that supersedes this.

The Geekvape Athena Kit still seems to be one of the best Mech Squonkers in its price range. This Kit was launched sometime back in November 2017 and I have been using mine since some time in December and it still seems to be a performer. The pros for this device far exceed the few minor flaws it has.
Love the pictures @daniel craig I see many reviewers hate those bottles. I'm not sure who tested out those bottles and told Geekvape it was a good idea to make them like that.