One On One Flavors (OOO) Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummers


The SteamCrave Guy

Thanks again @Bob_Bitchen

**Apple Granny Smith (OOO) 7% (2-11-18)** -- This was a good granny smith apple vape. Plenty of green apple, medium sweetness, and some tart thrown in for good measure. Inhale/exhale about the same, although it got somewhat thin on the exhale. Seemed to be rather one dimensional at times, but nothing off putting. Due to the lack of depth, would leave it at **6.5/10**.

**Apple Pie (Cinnamon) (OOO) 7% (2-23-18)** -- My favorites in the Apple Pie arena are FA Apple Pie, and FLV Apple Pie Filling for perspective. This one didn't really impart any pie to me, but quite a bit of apple. The cinnamon rather eluded me as well, although I swore it was in there. The apple(s) were quite bright, almost too bright for a pie, much like Fuji. I did keep getting some sort of another note, maybe a spice of some kind, but couldn't identify it. Because of the true lack of pie and crust, almost strange-ish apple(s), and missing cinnamon, really not a fan of this one. The mystery note on exhale is rather strange as well, almost wintergreen-ish maybe ?? I can't go higher than **2.5/10** on this one.

**Banana Cream Pie (OOO) 5% (8-27-17)** -- Over 2 weeks steeping to see if this could approach my fav. TPA Banana Creme. I don't think that this one does that. Not a bad banana, and creme, but not getting the pie crust, and when compared directly to TPA, it's lacking. Doesn't have the banana and creme PUNCH that the TPA does. With that said, not bad overall, very even, and sweetness is on point. Just seems like a weaker version of the TPA without any real KICK. **6/10**.

**Banana Milkshake (OOO) 5% (9-17-17)** -- I've not had ANY good luck with "Milkshake" SF's, and was HOPING this one, would do it. While this flavor was not off putting in any way, and delivered a kinda creamy, sweetish overall taste, I couldn't get any banana or milkshake from it. Vaping it while typing, reveals no hint of either. Had the wife try to make sure I wasn't flavor fatigued, she couldn't get either, as well. Smelling it, there is something that comes across, maybe a mix of something LIKE condensed milk with a hint of malted maybe ?? Could get used into a base mix of some sort, but just can't rate it higher than **3/10** for it's name.

**Banana Split (OOO) 7% (3-22-18)** -- I assumed this one would not be good, because of the amount of elements in a BS, but was very surprised. Not a very heavy flavor overall, but still pretty good. The banana, ice cream, whipped cream, and cherry actually all came through on this one. Didn't really get much chocolate from it, but that is almost expected, as it could/would probably run through the mix heavy. Very nice sweetness, and creaminess, with fairly dominant banana (but not overpowering) with a hint of cherry in there. Not really sure how they got this one, but they did a good job. I can almost get a little chocolate on the exhale, but if so, barely. This one actually surprised me. Could almost be a stand alone. Nothing off putting, not sickly sweet, actually, just plain good. Even though it could probably benefit from some boosting here and there, this one, as is, stands at a **9.5/10**.

**Beignets (OOO) 7% (3-10-18)** -- I have never HAD a beignet, but NOW, I wish I had. Didn't know what to expect, but at 7% this one REALLY hit it out of the park. VERY nice, even, full bakery with subtle, yet very present other notes. Some sweet creaminess, but a definite bakery note to this. Despite not being able to identify the supporting elements, I did have the overwhelming urge to add a splash of raspberry to this. When I remix I def. will do that, as it seems to scream for it. **10/10** with no hesitation.

**Blow Popsicle (OOO) 7% (3-18-18)** -- This one smelled great in the bottle, and had a hard time waiting for it to steep 2 weeks. Vaping it, it seemed to loose something. The blue (rasp) element seemed heavier than the others. Def. had a popsicle overall feel to it, but it seemed that it got somewhat lost in translation. In the ball park, but wouldn't call it great. **6/10**.

**Blueberry Cheesecake (OOO) 7% (2-28-28)** -- One of my ADV's is a BC so I know what's required. Much like OOO's SB Cheesecake, I didn't really get much if any cheesecake or graham crust. Lot's of blueberry with some maybe creamy middle tones, but the overwhelming profile was just blueberry. A good blueberry, but really missing out on the cheesecake part. Similarly rated to the SBCC, this one is a tad lower @ **6/10**.

**Bread Pudding (OOO) 5% (9-16-17)** – Having NOT had great luck with BP’s in general, didn’t have high expectations for this one. Smelled great in the bottle, and vaping it continued that trend, to a degree. At times, kept getting an almost metallic off putting note ?? Not sure, as it came and went during my 3ml tester. Overall, I wouldn’t call it a stand out, but more of a middle of the road flavor. Got most of the major notes right, but overall was too laid back for me, and the metallic note, didn’t improve it. For me, would leave it at a **5/10** mixer.

**Bubble Gum (OOO) 7% (3-22-18)** -- Another first for me, never tried a BG vape before. Smelled great in the bottle, and vaped fairly similarly. Good sweetness like you would expect, but def. not a sugar lips effect here, not overly complex, but a pretty straight forward BG. Seemed more like a Bubbalicious than a Bazooka Joe, maybe a hint of Bubble Yum. Wasn't overly strong at 7%, but it did convey the strong points. Wished it was stronger, and didn't get the sense that increasing the % would boost the flavor. For a first BG flavor, not too shabby. Only marking down for the perceived strength. **6/10**.

**Cake Batter (OOO) 7% (2-10-18)** -- Not having any CB in the arsenal I liked, was looking to finally get one. @7% this was very full, rich, some sweet, and grain. Yes grain. Almost like a hint of cheerios. Bad thing ? Not really, worked very well. It did have some CAP CB elements, but not as overpowering or heavy. CAP CB I can't even vape, but this one I can. Overall, very good, cake batter with a grain element. Solid @ **7/10**.

**Cake (Yellow) (OOO) 7% (2-28-18)** -- I think the reigning YC champ at this point is FW's so OOO has it's work cut out. Vaping @ 7% this was a very nice, full, somewhat sweet vape. It had the undertones of a yellow cake, but it felt like it was missing a lot of the body and cakey-ness. Not sure if this would be enough to add to a mix soley to bring YC to the table, but could def. be used in a base for it. Would def. need some help. Nice and rich, but just missing out on the key notes. Leaving this @ **7/10**.

**Chocolate Peanut Cup (OOO) 7% (3-18-18)** -- Anything chocolate is hard to get right, so wanted to see how OOO did it. Smelled great in the bottle, and vaping it, that continued. Chocolate notes were there without being overpowering, and the nut part of the peanut butter was there too. Almost more of a nuttyness than peanut butter, but there were hints of it. Very evenly blended, sweetness and smooth were on point. Realizing dik free flavors have their work cut out for them, and this one didn't prove to do it bad at all. Nicely done @ **8/10**.

**Cinnamon Roll (OOO) 7% (2-11-18)** -- WOW. Outta the gate WOW. 4 vapes and I can already write a review for this one. GREAT !!!! Talk about capturing a Cinnabon, this is it. And surprisingly NOT overly sweet. Might even benefit from a little sweetener. Smelling the bottle revealed an interesting choice of cinnamon. Very nice and full on the inhale, with the breadiness, and cinnamon sugar on the exhale. Might use a lil butter, but with no dik's not sure how they'd do that. If you like cinnabons you'll love this. **10/10**.

**Cornbread (OOO) 7% (2-23-18)** -- I don't do a ton of Corn mixes, and have occasionally went to heavy with AP and been abused with los fritos, so I was curious and reluctant to try this one. WOW, was I wrong. This one at 7% was not overpowering at all (might even try it at 10%), had a very nice "shade" of corn, with some sweet, buttery-ness, and a hint of creaminess. WOW. Not at all what I was fearful of. Very nice cornbread. Can't find anything wrong with this one, and am trying to to think up some good uses for this little gem. If you want a cornbread, this one will do it for you. **10/10**.

**Cream (Milky Undertones) PG (OOO) 5% (2-10-18)** -- Having read many great reviews for this, and having used it in mixes, was expecting a lot for a SF test. It was full and semi-rich at 5%, and somewhat sweet. What surprised me was the lack of overwhelming creaminess and/or mouthfeel. I mean it was good, but it didn't convey an obvious cream like TPA Sweet Cream, or CAP Sweet Cream. Again, wasn't bad, having only used it in mixes, and never as an SF, I would have expected it to be a bit creamier. I will continue to use it as a mixer, but surprisingly enough to me, as a SF, would have to go **6/10**.

**Cream Soda (OOO) 7% (3-22-18)** -- I'm NOT a huge fan of Cream Soda, but decided to give this a try anyway. Smelled great (very close) in the bottle, but upon the first vape, I knew it wasn't for me. Please try this yourself and decide, but for me, there was a powerful off note that threw it over the edge for me. Maybe champagne, or an attempt at carbonation/fizz, it overpowered the Cream Soda notes for me. You could detect them in the background, but were easily overpowered by the additional notes. Won't be finishing this tester. Can't go above **2/10**.

**Elephant Ears (OOO) 7% (3-18-18)**
-- Having tried a similar titled flavor from a competitor that didn't WOW me, didn't have high hopes here. It kind of surprised me, as the overall mix did convey EE. @ 7% it did seem somewhat lacking, maybe even thinner than expected. Because it had all the right elements, and nothing off putting, it's in the right direction. Seemed to be just more of a middle of the road sweetened bakery more than anything else. Maybe expecting too much @ 7%, but leaving this @ **6.5/10**.

**French Toast (OOO) 5% (8-20-17)** -- 2 weeks + of steeping waiting patiently to see if this could be the French Toast I was looking for, as I am a junkie, and have heard MUCH about OOO. Quite sadly this was NOT a good flavor for me. With all the 5 star reviews on OOO site, I was shocked. I had no idea what was in store for me, and this one just seemed a hodge podge of burnt mess. Very strange, and burnt tasting with little to no reference to any FT's I've had before. I actually _had such a **negative experience**, dumped the tank, and loaded up a 5 month old tester from RF SC and got my French Toast on._ **1/10**.

**Golden Sponge Cake (OOO) 5% (11-14-21)** -- Picked this one up on a whim as soon as the 60ml bottles were back in stock at [One On One Flavors]( In the bottle, it smelled really close. Tasting it continued that trend. Cakes most times, fall into TWO categories ...

What is the difference between a regular cake and a sponge cake?
Cakes are divided into two basic categories. The first group is called shortened cakes, butter cakes or high-fat cakes. These cakes use some type of fat: butter, margarine, shortening or oil. The second group is called foam, or low-fat cakes. [Sponge cakes]( belong to this category. Foam cakes have a high ratio of eggs to flour, and depending on the type of foam cake, may contain either no fat or a small amount of fat, generally in the form of egg yolk and oil.

Sponge cakes obviously fall into the "foam" cakes category, and this one was fairly accurate in that regard, as it was cakey, but not buttery or fatty. Smooth, accurate, and had some underlying bakery, almost grainy elements (almost), and that added to the overall effect. Fluffy was another descriptor that kept popping into my head during this test, and guessing that was due to the lack of a heavier, more buttery texture. It wasn't a yellow cake, or cupcake, but had similarities, yet maintaining a very close Sponge Cake profile. Could easily be used in numerous ways in almost anything bakery. Felt very good at 5%, and was about mid-level sweet, and I found it hard to fault with nothing off-putting. Probably one of the better Sponge Cakes I've tried. Felt pretty good @ **9/10**.

**Happy Rancher (Strawberry) (OOO) 7% (2-11-18)** -- Working through the SB pack, moved onto this one. It had the SB notes I've grown used to from OOO, and it had a nice candy base in the mix. The SB was more laid back than some of the OOO SB's but the candy base element picked up the slack. Perhaps a hint of sour, but overall a good, full mix. Perhaps not my personal fav. but for it's name, it was a good **8.5/10**.

**Honeydew Melon (OOO) 5% (9-17-17)** -- Having been hooked on a cucumber melon mix before was anxious to try this one out. This one did impart most of the honeydew you want in a flavor. Just sweet enough, lots of body, and fullness. Maybe not the BEST honeydew, but good none the less. No perfume, or off notes, and strength was great @ 5%. See no reason not to go **8.5/10** on this one.

**Key Lime Pie (OOO) 7% (3-11-18)** -- A big fan of KLP, so waited an extra week to steep then try this one. Overall, it had many of the elements of a KLP, but it seemed to fall short. Not bad, but not stellar. Not so great as a SF, but could be worked into a base/mix. Lime was present but not overpowering with a nice sharpness to it, some hints of meringue and crust, but only hints. Seemed like if you boosted the sweetness a hair, added some crust, it might start looking better. As it stands, **6.5/10**.

**Lemon Pound Cake (OOO) 7% (2-10-18)** -- Out of the gate WOW !!!!!! Talk about an all in one SF, this is one of them. Lemon, sweet, tart, and cake ALL there, no fuss no muss. This one was very good, full, and complete as is. Surprisingly close to Dinner Lady Lemon Tart minus some of the lemon tart, and more cake. Going to finish this tester for sure. **10/10** without hesitation.

**Pancake (OOO) 5% (8-25-17)** -- 2 weeks + steep to see if this could beat the hands down best Pancake from Real Flavors SC line. For me, it was almost as bad as the French Toast (OOO). Could be me, but didn't really get a lot of pancake from this, and it had the same off putting note I got from the French Toast on the exhale. The flavor wasn't as BAD as the FT, but not sure what that's saying. An even mix, sweetness was ok, but I struggled to get a pancake from it. The one note I did pick up was almost a condensed milk on the exhale. With this and the French Toast, I'm 0/2 for OOO at this point. Looking for better next. Have to put this at **2/10**.

**Rhubarb Crisp (OOO) 7% (2-24-18)** -- Not really sure what a Rhubarb Crisp is, but this one wasn't half bad. Even mix, slightly tart, some rhubarb, and some pastry notes finishing it off. @ 7% it seemed to leave me wanting more, perhaps 10%. Nothing off putting, nothing over the top great, but a decent, well balanced vape. **6.5/10**.

**Samoa (OOO) 7% (4-1-18)** -- Curiously when searching the OOO website this flavor is no longer available ?? With that said, it is a shame, because this one really nailed all the elements of the Samoa. Inhale is a nice, thick cookie, and on the exhale the chocolate and coconut step up their game. Everything is in it's place with nothing playing to heavy. For a Dik free flavor, they did a really good job. The coconut is really good, almost candy-like but not overly so, so much that it pairs perfectly with the chocolate. **9.5/10** on this one.

**Strawberry Candy Rocks (Fizz) (OOO) 7% (2-1-18)** -- This one I didn't know what to expect, and it turned out to be pretty good. The tried and true OOO SB with a much lighter finish. It's almost as if they threw in some champagne or white grape (it doesn't taste like either, but for an idea of how it tastes). Lighter, slightly sweeter SB. It did have a lingering taste in the mouth, probably from the addons to the SB. Overall, not bad, and placing it squarely at a **8/10**

**Strawberry (Fresh) (OOO) 7% (2-23-18)**
-- Having loved the OOO Strawberry (Ripe) was interested to see the difference in this one in comparison. As expected the SB was very good, full, sweet, and tasty. How it differed from the Ripe was subtle yet noticeable. This didn't quite have the sharp punch that the Ripe had, but it did indeed have more of a freshness to it. More of a full mid body to it with almost an organic feel to it. My personal preference would be the Ripe over this, but that's only a matter of preference. By combining the two, should prove to be a very interesting overall mix. This is even in overall taste to the Ripe, so it is solid at a **8.5/10**.

**Strawberry Jam (OOO) 5% (11-14-21)** -- I really started getting to SB Jams on the quest to clone, and improve a particular SB Jam and Toast. Now, that quest, led me to the [BEST SB Jams]( out there (and yes, it turned out to be the one IN that particular recipe). With [Flavor Labs]( setting the bar SKY HIGH in regards to any/all SB Jams, everyone else was fighting for second place. Where did One On One fall ?? Pretty high up on the scale. Now there's a BUT, but you'll have to keep reading. This strawberry was a nice, rich, almost dark SB, and it was smothered in jammy goodness. There is/was no way to mistaken that this WAS a SB Jam. No seeds, but there was almost a pectin-like punch to it, all the more leading you down Jammy McJam lane. Now the BUT. There was a VERY perceivable butter note to this one. At first I did a double take, "Wait, what the hell, ..... is that what I think it was" ? I started researching, and only ONE person picked up on it ....

> Flavor Facts: Very deep, full, strawberry jam, the strawberry is very red and dark. Mix @ 2 - 3%.
> Reddit Flavor Notes:
> I swear this is the GOAT strawberry jam. Not just a strawberry with some jammy body, but really seriously strawberry jam. It comes with a bit of baggage, though, it has a bit of a buttery flavor and richness. But pretty much anything I’m going to use a super authentic strawberry jam flavor for, a little bit of butter is going to be desirable or at the very least not unwelcome. But it is a little odd as a standalone flavor because of that butter and it’s surely something to be aware of.

YES, there was a generous helping of butter in this one. Now much like SPC said, I could see USING the built in butter, almost everywhere I would use a SB Jam, so it COULD be a plus for you. I suspect the punchy jam would be even punchier if it weren't tempered by the butter slightly. What's interesting about this SB Jam / Butter pairing is the SB Jam is on the front end, but the butter increases on the back end. Interesting. OK, how do I rate this ? It IS a great SB Jam, BUT, there's the butter. How about this. If you want a pure SB Jam, then it would be a **5/10**. If you don't mind some butter IN your SB Jam, then it would be a **9.3/10**. If you DON'T want the built in butter, check out [Flavor Labs SB Jam](

**Strawberry Kiwi (OOO) 7% (2-24-18)** -- Rounding out the last SB in my OOO SB Sampler, this one proved to again, be another great SB flavor. The Kiwi was in there, but not overpowering with hints of it on both the inhale and exhale. As expected the overall mix / taste was brighter with the kiwi added in. Nice, light, sweet, tart with a great blending of the two. Easily **8.5/10**.

**Strawberry Shortcake (OOO) 7% (2-23-18)** -- Yet another SB variant from OOO to test. This one deviated from many of my previous (OOO) SB's and had a much lighter, somewhat sweeter finish. I think they did a perfect job of capturing the strawberry glaze/drizzle that you find in many shortcakes. The shortcake was there, but lower in the mix. I could stand for it to be 25% stronger. There is almost a lower creamy note in there as well, which helps to tie it all together. If they'd boosted the shortcake note I'd have to go with a 10/10, but because it was lower in the mix, can only lower it to **9/10**

**Strawberry Cheesecake (OOO) 7% (2-10-18)**
– Although I mixed up the (OOO) Cheesecake, had been afraid to test it, some stinky cheese scents from that, so I was a little reluctant to try this one, but I did. This one DID have that smell when smelling the mix, but not so much when vaping it. SB is on point, sweet with a little tart, but this one does reveal a somewhat creamy body to it. Not getting any graham or crust from it, and no off putting cheesey notes, but just an overall semi creaminess to the body/exhale. It def. gets the point across, but with lower than expected cheesecake/crust. Overall, would leave this at **6.5/10**.

**Strawberry Cotton Candy (OOO) 7% (2-10-18)** – 1st tester of round 2 !!! Having ordered a SB sampler pack looking forward to seeing how OOO SB’s are different. At 7%, 2 week steep this one was a VERY fulfilling SB vape. Somewhat candy’ish, slightly artificial (not in a bad way), with a def. fullness to the back note. To me it seemed more of a SB Jam, than a cotton candy, but delicious it is. Great mouthfeel and very full @ 7%. Sweet, with some slight tartness on the exhale. The difficulty with this one, will be deciding on a rating. A GREAT SB vape, but does it convey Cotton Candy ?? As a strict SB Cotton Candy would go with a **6/10**, but as a SB Jam’ish/Shake’ish it would be a **10/10**. Def. a keeper.

**50/50 Strawberry Ice Cream Bar (OOO) 7% (2-10-18)** -- This one nailed it OUT of the gate @ 7%. The SB was on point, and the Ice Cream was right there in the mix too. 50/50 is about right. Even pairing of both of them with neither leading. Now I don't think the Ice Cream will come up to the level of LB VIC, but it's good none the less in this mix. With such an even pairing with nothing off-putting or overshadowing the two, will have to go with **9/10** easy on this one.

**Strawberry (Ripe) (OOO) 7% (2-18-18)** -- It's no secret that OOO has their SB's down pat. This seems to be their great, baseline SB. Somewhat sweet, a hint of tart, and loaded with a great SB. Does have a touch of ripe to it, and as with most of OOO's SB's it has a jam quality to it, so not a pure-ist's SB Ripe, but very good. As a "just strawberry" would easily go 10/10, but as a "ripe" would have to pull back to an **8.5/10** because of the jammy quality to it. WILL finish the tester on this one.

**Strawberry Souffle (OOO) 7% (2-11-18)** -- Clearly OOO has the SB down pat, and this one was no different. Great SB flavor, but the "souffle" just wasn't working for me. You're mileage will vary, so you should try but it had a rather off taste to it. You can tell where they were trying to go with it, but something just wasn't right with the souffle for me. Leaving it a **3/10**.

**Strawberry Sour Belts (OOO) 5% (8-27-17)** -- 2 weeks + of waiting, I mean who doesn't like SSB ?? Smelled great in the bottle, and as steeping. My initial thought was "Wow, this is about 50% of what I wanted". All the elements were present, SB, sweetness, sour, and a hint of gummy, but it just made me immediately want to Re-mix it @ 10%. I'm not sure if that will work or not, but re-mix I will. Great mix overall, and somehow OOO seemed to capture the granular sour sugar on the candies, THAT, they got 100% right. What to do, what to do... It really tastes good, BUT it screams for TWICE as much. I'll go **7/10** on this mix @ 5%, and re-test higher.

**Sugar Cone (OOO) 5% (9-17-17)** -- Having never had a sugar cone flavor before, didn't know what to expect. At 5% the overall mix was good and it did taste like it's name, but was somewhat light. Perhaps expecting TOO much from a SF, not sure. Nothing off putting, and didn't get an overloading cinnamon, but really a light, tasty version of a waffle cone. Could be a bit stronger IMO, but as tested, a good **8/10**.

**Sweet Tea (OOO) 7% (4-1-18)** -- Sometimes something is GREAT when you eat or drink it, but when you vape it, you left wondering, "Why ......". This tester revealed the fact that I don't think I like vaping "tea" flavors, BUT, and here's the BIG one, it tastes JUST like Sweat Tea !!!!! It is important (unless an opinion piece) to not color a review by personal tastes, so I will not. My personal preferences aside, this flavor was dead, spot on. Nicely sweet, with an even mix of maybe two tea elements. Neither overpowering, nothing chemically or artificial tasting, but a very natural tasting sweet tea. Smelling it literally smells like you've just brewed a big pot, while it cools off before pouring it over ice. I'd swear you can almost taste the tannin. I think if you're a sweet tea lover, this one will def. work for you. **10/10**.

**Tapioca Pudding (OOO) 5% (8-27-16)** -- 2 weeks + steep, fresh coils and cotton for this new round of OOO tests. I love tapioca pudding so OOO had their work cut out for them. Out of the gate, it's an evenly mixed vanilla-ish "something" flavor. Not too sweet, not heavy handed, and there IS a secondary note. Chain vaping (as of this writing) has me curious WHAT that note is. Maybe a pudding element, but I had to work to get it. Honestly after testing numerous vanilla's, not really sure what the "pudding" element is, but if it's here, it's barely here. Now that doesn't make it a bad flavor, maybe just not enough pudding for me. Creamy, little sweet, some vanilla on the inhale, and all of the same, plus the "element" on the exhale. I think it leans more towards an attempt at tapioca than a pudding element. Overall, not a bad taste, but just lacking the pudding PUNCH. Don't feel bad leaving this at **7/10**.

**Tiramisu (OOO) 7% (2-11-18)** -- Who vapes Tiramisu @ 7% as a SF ??? This guy. OK, as a SF this one was not a great vape, but dammit, it had EVERY single element you want in a Tiramisu. Cake, coffee, brandy, chocolate !!!!! It's all in there. I believe this is one of those times wherein just because you don't enjoy a flavor as a SF, doesn't mean it's not great. Wouldn't do it as a stand alone, but man, what you could do with this in a mixing setting is powerful. **9.5/10**.

**Vanilla Cupcake (OOO) 7% (2-10-18)** -- I love VCC so I am ready to see what this is after 2 weeks. Very nice and full vape @ 7%, and Vanilla is very present but not overpowering. As far as the cupcake portion, just not really getting any. What I am getting however is almost some sort of a tea note. Not a green tea, but almost a black tea note, with a hint of Nutmeg maybe ? Very strange and odd. Offputting ?? Not really, but it leaves it's presence on the exhale, where there should be a solid cupcake. Maybe as a sort of Vanilla Chai spiced flavor maybe ?? Quite interesting, and not really cupcake-ish for me. Loving the vanilla portion, but as a VCC would have to go low @ **2/10**.

**Whipped Cream (OOO) 7% (3-17-18)** -- Extra steep time on this one, and it turned into a deliciously light, whipped cream. Was evenly mixed, with not overly heavy cream elements or sweetness, but just enough of each. Somewhat light at 7%, but it didn't take away from it in as a SF. Don't think it would be a stand alone, but can see this mixing quite nicely in quite a few mixes. Stands nicely at **8.5/10**.