FLAVRZ Single Flavors, and One Shots Reviewed by SessionDrummer


The SteamCrave Guy
Guys, with this being the LARGEST flavor series run to date, I wanted to at least START getting these up here AS I am still actively testing.

Thanks out to Darren aka @Jetz from https://flavrz.com.au/ for sending all of these flavors, and one-shots for the purposes of this review.

As always, the flavors, and One-Shots will be tested at the listed percentages, and in a 70v/30p/3mg carrier base. ALL tests done on my beloved SteamCrave RDTA v.1 @ 65 watts. As always (also), I am running dual Kanthal 24 ga. 7 wrap coils, in the vertical configuration, with dry burned coils, and fresh cotton before every test. A big shout out to my "cotton sponsor" for 2023 @KC111, as I'm using her generously gifted Koh Gen Doh for these tests.

***Disclaimer ---*** Darren from Flavrz sent these flavors, and one-shots for the purposes of this review, but I will not receive any compensation, in any form. This is a NEW flavor house for me, so I'm excited to get into them, and I hope these reviews help you guys out.

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**FLAVRZ One-Shots / Flavor Shots:**

Blue Slushie Ice
Boysenberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Milk
Eat the Rainbow
Grape and Berries
Mulberry Mess
Pastel de Nata
Raspberry Jam Toast
Red Skins

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Single Flavors:

**Acai (FLAVRZ) 5% / 7.5% (4-6-23)**
-- Welcome to the FIRST flavor from FLVRZ, and a brand new flavor house for me. Let's get it on !!!!! Did you know that the Acai berries grow on a palm tree ?? I didn't. I've had acai juice a few times, and this flavor was pretty spot on for it. A darker berry flavor, with earthy undertones. And the earthy tones were good. Sweetness was authentically below mid-level sweet, and even when testing at two different levels, I got NO off-notes, florals, uglies. At 5% it was fairly full, but felt like it needed a little boost, so I upped it to 7.5% and it started to really come alive, with a much richer, darker, fuller profile. The berry notes were similar to a medley of a blueberry, with maybe some dark raspberry in there, but only similar, not identical, and it was a very unique fruit flavor. I don't typically use acai often, BUT, I think that might change. There was a really "smooth" tartness to this one, and it really added some great authenticity, and a really nice finish to this flavor. Many times when I test darker berries, I can sometimes detect "florals" JUST lurking around the corner, but not here, so you might even be able to go a little higher if needed. You could boost the sweetness if needed, but as it stood, the lower than average sweetness, just plain worked. For a very unique, fresh, darker berry, with below average sweetness, with a super tarty finish, you WILL like this one. GREAT way to start off this series, and with no nit-pickings here, leaving this one high @ **9.7/10**.

**Aniseed (FLAVRZ) 2% (4-7-23)** -- Throughout the ENTIRE test on this one, I kept thinking, "Man, this is RIGHT in the sweet spot". While I cannot claim to be a huge anise seed / black licorice user, this one presented as a really accurate flavor. I really did get the fennel-ish notes, as well as the black licorice, and it stayed very accurate to the end. After talking to @Jetz, I decided to test this one lower (relatively), and at 2% it was very good, AND, it felt like you could maybe push it a little higher if needed, to maybe 3.0% as a single. Even at 2% I had no issues, no off notes, and sweetness was about mid-level. What has turned me off from some similar flavors in the past, were dry, or bitter notes, especially on the finish, and they were NOT here with this one. At times I felt like I could almost taste the "kernel". If you are one of the ones who loves a great anise (fennel / black licorice) this one will do it for you, with no issues. Hard to nitpick and nothing to mark down on, leaving this one high @ **9/10**.

**Apple (FLAVRZ) 5% / 7.5% (4-7-23)** -- I'm always interested when I see an "Apple" flavor listed, but without any "Red", "Green", or "Fuji" included in the name. This one was on of those "Just Apple"'s. Out of the gate, I could tell it was not a strong flavor, and tested at both 5", and 7.5%, with only minor saturation increases at the higher rate. It was a VERY interesting mix OF apples, and to my tastes, I clearly got some red, and yellow apples, with MAYBE just a hint of Fuji in there. No sour green apple here. Because it was a lighter flavor, it wandered around, and sometimes favored one or another apple type, but it stayed very fresh, and almost juicy throughout. Sweetness was below mid level, and there was a nice little tarty finish at the end. Even while light(er) I didn't get any overt artificial notes, and that left it leaning heavily to the natural. Care would have to be used when mixing so as to not overpower this one. With that said, it was a nice red/yellow apple medley, that was just sweet enough, and a slightly tart finish. With no off-notes, the only take-offs would be for it's fairly relaxed nature. **7.5/10**.

**Apricot (FLAVRZ) 5% / 7.5% (4-7-23)** -- As SOON as I loaded this into the SteamCrave, the new PATTERN was becoming obvious, and after only a FEW of these New (to me) FLAVRZ flavors. Clean, clean, clean. Like a few of the previous flavors, I did test this one at 5% and 7.5% as it was not as saturated as I felt it could have been at 5%, and increasing it to 7.5% it did really seem to open up. "Clean and Accurate" were the two big immediate take-aways on this one. At both percentages it presented as a deliciously orange, almost CHEWY apricot. Clean, accurate, and just about spot on, and as close as I think I've ever tasted. It presented as VERY natural tasting with no artificial notes, and no OFF notes to speak of either. Real apricots, can have an almost slight funky-ness to them, and it was IN this one. NOW, I know funky-ness often times is a negative, but NOT here, as it just sealed the deal on it's authenticity. At the higher testing weight, it didn't really leave much out, and was a few ticks below mid-level sweet. Not dry, but not juicy, but just almost CHEWY if that makes sense. I clouded up the lab with the delicious Apricot Fog, TRYING to find something to nit-pick, and I couldn't. Clean, accurate, chewy, and delicious WERE the only things that needed to be said, with the only take-offs being somewhat relaxed at the lower weight, but is that even really a take-off ?? I don't apricot all the time, but when I do, this one will stay high up on the list. Easily a **9.5/10**.

**Banana (FLAVRZ) 5% / 7.5% (4-7-23)** -- The nana crowd can be a PICKY bunch, and I'm no different. Green, yellow, Runtz, mashed. Everyone seems to have their OWN wants when it comes to nanas. My tastes lean toward a more greener banana, as once they get mushy and brown, I just can't eat them anymore. I always review, geared towards my tastes, so yours may vary or differ. This one really HIT the nail on the head for me on the first taste ? Why ?? It seemed to be just the PERFECT mix of some yellow, and some green for me. NOW, just like some of the preceding flavors, it was NOT the strongest, and at 5% while good, I felt it needed a bump up to 7.5%, and it DID improve. For MY tastes, it really was the perfect ratio of green and yellow, which was almost evenly paired as far as I could tell. At both the lower and higher testing weights it was a great full bodied banana flavor with no off-notes, and almost mid-level sweet. I got NONE of the over-ripened, or mushy-ness that some nana flavors had, and just enough of the green to cater to my tastes. Not candied or Runtz profiled, nor creamed, just a simple, very natural tasting pairing of green and yellow bananas, with no dry notes, and an almost starchy finish. Even at the higher weight, it felt like it could even go stronger if needed, but at 7.5% it was fairly full and present. Depending on your nana needs, this green/yellow combo just might work out for you. About the only take-off (again), would be the slight lack of presence, but even that, was a nit-pick. Leaving it solidly at a **9.2/10**.

**Bavarian Cream (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-8-23)** -- After talking to Darren from FLAVRZ he explained that their flavors were not only DAAP free, but also free of other "Not Safe For Vaping" compounds as well. Most of my other Bavarian Creams can't say that, so let's see what's what. I tested this one at 5%, and it tasted like a smooth, clean (repeating here) Bavarian Cream, but it needed some more, so I increased it to 8%, and it did indeed take shape. I'm repeating here, but the further I get into these FLAVRZ, the "clean" trend just continues. It presented as a natural tasting BC, with good mouthfeel, creamy-ness, and and almost light graham undertone. There were also subtle caramel, and light bakery undertones as well, and they all just worked in concert to complex-ify the flavor to the good. Some of my BC's were similarly rich, but had an almost burnt aftertaste, and this one did not, lending to it's creamy and rich, but clean finish. At both weights I couldn't find any off-notes, and at the higher weight, there were no signs of bending, just a richer, fuller taste. All in, this one WOULD make a great addition to any Bav Cream heads stash, as it was pretty unique with it's subtle caramel, graham, bakery undertones, and noticeably clean finish. Not the strongest, but once you got it into it's "range", it was ON. Minor take-offs for a slightly dry finish, and leaving it solidly at a **9.3/10**.

**Blackcurrant (FLAVRZ) 5% / 7.5% (4-9-23)** -- I could tell this one was different than all of the other Blackcurrants I'd tested to date, and in an interesting way. This presented as a very complex darker berry-ish flavor, with multiple berries, and a nice, slightly boozy grape undertone. When I say berry-ish, it's for lack of better words, as it did have the very expected tart finish which screamed "currant". It ranged from modest darker notes, followed up by a very generous helping of mid notes, and some modest bright, and tarty notes on the finish. It centered around the mid notes, but had just enough of the low and highs to help it into complex-if-ication. After two full testers, it still wandered around with sometimes more berries, other times, more of the grape, but it was always finished by the tartness. At 5% it was good, but (repeating), felt like it needed a little push, and 7.5% did just that. It was about 2 ticks above mid level sweet, but the tart finish kept that in check, and there were not off-notes, OR florals to be found. After struggling to try and figure out what made it so unique, I had to settle on the mid-level notes, which were higher in the mix, and kept it fully centered. A very good darker berry-ish medley with grape-y undertones, and a nice tart finish that kept it squarely in the "currant" camp. VERY hard to nit-pick this one, and leaving it at **9.5/10.**

**Black Tea (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-9-23)**
-- Having never tested a straight black tea before, but only sweet teas, I was curious how this one would unfold. Smelled very black tea-like in the bottle, and vaping it, continued that, BUT, only about 70% of the way there. It smelled like a black tea, and had SOME aspects of it, and it even had the almost dryness that you got after actually drinking some, BUT, there was just something missing. It was actually far sweeter than I had expected, at just below mid-level sweet, and because it was not billed AS a sweet tea, that surprised me. The dryness on the finish was what really tried to push this one to authentic, and despite the nuances OF a black tea, it was almost more of a Black Tea Soda, with reduced sweetness from what sodas normally are. It wasn't sweet enough to be a sweet tea, and there WERE really good black tea notes coming from it, but two testers in, I just couldn't define it, as "All The Way There". No off notes, and nothing out of place, it just needed to get that LAST 30% of the way there. It was a hard one to define, judge, and articulate for sure, and it MAY just get you that little Black Tea push you were looking for. It felt fair @ **7/10**.

**Blueberry (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-9-23)**
-- This flavor presented me with a pair of profiles on the first taste, and it stayed with me throughout. I got a fairly natural Blueberry, tempered with equal parts, Sweet, and Tart. I noticed this on the first taste @ 5%, and after half a tank I decided to increase it to 8%, and the delicious, natural blueberry increased, BUT, so did the S&T. It was a few ticks above mid-level sweet, yet it still didn't taste "candied". At the higher percentage, I did get a nice increase OF the blueberry, and at times I could almost get some of the skin (tart), and the white fleshy part of the fruit. I got the desired slight funky-ness, and a slight fermented punch from the BB, and it was really good. At times however, I wished the S&T were less pronounced, so I could better enjoy the natural BB. For a test, I went even HIGHER, JUST to see if it would get floral, or squirrel-y, to about 12% and it did NOT. No soap, no perfume, just MORE of the same. No off-notes could be found, and about the only take-offs would be for the fairly present Sweet and Tart notes, that at times I felt overshadowed the really good BB. Scoring this was complex because I DO love a sweet and tart blueberry, but this felt solidly placed at **7.0/10**.

**Blue Raspberry (FLAVRZ) 3% / 6% / 7.5% (4-9-23)** -- Every time I review a Blue Raspberry, I always link to the same where did it come from story and it's STILL interesting. Darren from FLAVRZ warned me this one was a little stronger so I started out at 3%, and it had ALL of what you needed in a blue raspberry, but it felt like (you guessed it), it needed some BAMM. Pushed it up to 6% and it started to fill out nicely, and I only bumped to 7.5% just to see if it got squirrel-y, and it didn't. I spent most of the test on 6%, and it had the almost perfect (does anyone even REALLY know what it is ??) flavor. I never can tell if there is/was actually RB in there or not, but the flavor, when done right, is unmistakable. Full, tarty, and just sweet enough without being overpowering, and non-fatiguing. After 2 full testers, my opinion(s) hadn't changed, as this was a good BRB, and it just might bring you back to your Icee days. It was CLEAR in the bottle, JUST to be clear, hehe. The finish was more than just tart-y, it almost had a twang to it, and it really sealed the deal at the end. It tasted "blue" if that's really a thing, and it tasted good doing it. Even when pushed higher, it showed no signs of folding, no florals, soaps, perfumes, etc. All in, it was a great representation of a BRB. After I get through these 80 flavors AND 11 one-shots, I may mix this up with some fairy floss to see if it helps or hurts. As it stood at 6%, with no real nitpicks, it felt solid @ **9.0/10**.

**Boysenberry (FLAVRZ) 5% / 7.5% (4-9-23)** -- When you ask most people, many will think Boysenberries are interchangeable with Blackberries, but not exactly. This one from FLAVRZ continued the clean (and clear in the bottle) trend that is becoming obvious now. It presented as a VERY clean, and accurate Boysenberry with plenty of the darker berry tones, along with some bright notes, and slightly tart finish. I started out at 5%, and increased it to 7.5% to see how it improved, and it became fuller and tastier. It felt much better at the higher weight, and more engrossing as a solo. No florals, perfumes, or soapy notes were to be had, nor any off-notes. Sweetness was about mid-level, and it suited this one fine. Because Boysenberries are crossed from 3 different berries, exactly nailing down particular aspects can be hard, but needless to say, it was pretty spot on. I had to fight the urge to toss this one into a custard/pudding to see how it would fare, but I'll do that later. Fresh, clean, accurate, with just enough tart to finish it off. This one would def. handle your darker berry needs, and then some. Freshly placing this one high due to little to no take-offs @ **9.6/10**.

**Butterscotch (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-11-23)** -- Sans all of the dirty DAAP's, I was again interested to see how FLAVRZ pulled off a known "offender" for these. Interestingly enough, this was a different, and "clean" butterscotch. It took me two tanks to really understand what was happening. Although not saturated in dikatone laiden butter heavy-ness, it did impart some buttery mouthfeel. It was a lighter BS, and some of the darker, almost "burnt" notes that many others had, were absent from this one. It centered, squarely on the mid notes of a BS, with a few highs. When testing this at 5% (again), decided to boost it to 8% and it did become much fuller. Semi-rich, but without the heavy butter overtones. Again, it wasn't NOT buttery, just cleaner, and not as overtly. With most of the burnt notes (darker) it really changed what a BS could be, and depending on your needs/uses could work out perfectly. No off-notes at either testing weight, and it was about mid-level sweet at both as well. For a cleaner, not so heavily over-buttered BS, with no burnt notes, this one was a really interesting one to get into. It felt solid @ **8.5/10**.

**Caramel (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-11-23)** -- This one shared many of the same nuances as the Butterscotch before it, WITH one big difference. It almost tasted like more of a DDL (Dulce De Leche) than a Caramel. There was/were some nice caramel notes/tones in there, but there was something in there, almost like a non-descript bakery that added weight to it, and it almost did favor a DDL over a caramel. At 5% it felt a little thin, and boosting it to 8% cleared THAT right up, and it fattened up nicely. No overt buttery tones, but it had an rich mouthfeel throughout. Much like the Butterscotch, it was a cleaner flavor with no burnt notes, and it actually had more darker tones/notes than the BS did. No off-notes at either strength, and it was about mid-level sweet. It was caramel-y, but was it a caramel ?? To my tastes, it just really tasted like a melding OF a Carmel, AND a DDL. No cinnamon notes, and no overt dairy notes, just a good smooth caramel tempered with a DDL. Two tanks later, I had the same assessment. Scoring this will be tricky as it was very good, but some minor take-offs, as I couldn't classify it as a "pure" caramel. As a caramel-y DDL I would rate it high at a **9/10**, but as a pure caramel I would probably kick it down to a **7/10**. It was an INTERESTING flavor, and you probably DON'T have one like it on your shelves, and the only thing that stopped me, was when the tester bottle ran empty..

**Cheesecake (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-13-23)** -- Kuh Kuh Creamy was the word of the day with this one. This presented as a really good, and CREAMY cheesecake, with hints of sour cream and cream cheese to give it a LOT of authenticity. Some cheesecakes can be footy, or overpoweringly sour, and almost bitter, but this was had none of those, and centered around the creamy style, with JUST enough (hints) of the sourness to keep it authentic, but in no way in an overpowering way. I was through three full testers before I knew it, if that helps you. At times I could really almost pick out the cream cheese and sour cream notes, that were blanketed in a super smooth creamy body. Not sharp, or pungent in any way, but with just a pinch of sharpness as the end. NO graham or crust here, BUT, fear not, as I smelled the "Cheesecake 2", and hehe, it's coming. At 5% it was good but (you know the deal), felt like it needed a boost and 8% REALLY fattened this one up. VERY good mouthfeel and creamy-ness at the higher weight, and no off-notes. Just a really good creamy smooth cheesecake. Hard to fault, and even harder to put down. Rating this one high as it was VERY hard to put down @ **9.6/10**.

**Cheesecake 2 (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-15-23)**
-- Grahamy McGrahams was the take away on this one. A deliciously creamy cheesecake, WITH a rich graham crust. When I smelled it in the bottle I had thought it was JUST the crust, but NO, it was the cheesecake AND the crust. This one, I tested, and left at 5% as it was just fine where it was. The graham was authentic, with buttery notes, AND, some good bakery grains to boot. No dryness, bitterness, or burnt notes to be found or any other off-notes. It was just below mid-level sweet, and through 3 testers, I couldn't find many faults. The GC was higher in the mix, SO, it could easily be mixed with the previously tested Cheesecake, to push/pull the ratios of CC to GC. I think it would be a safe advisement if you were going to get the Cheesecake, you should also buy this one, and just get it on !!!!! All in, a slightly recessed creamy cheesecake with a somewhat dominant graham crust, that were paired very nicely. After the third tester I DID have to fight the urge to mix this, with the Cheesecake, and some Strawberries, BUT, I've got too many left to test. Easily a **9.1/10**.

**Cinnamon Swirl (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-15-23)** -- Realizing there are some PRETTY unsafe for vaping Cinnamon compounds, AND, the FLAVRZ doesn't use them, I had no idea what to expect from this one. I've received a LOT of questions if this was simply CAP CDS (Cinnamon Danish Swirl), and I can say for sure, it is NOT LOL. Similar overall profiles, but only similar. This presented as an interesting cinnamon, that had great smooth and creamy elements, and SOME bakery elements. I didn't get an overwhelming "Danish" or "Sticky Bun", so the bakery notes were lower in the mix, but DID work to fatten this one up, and give it more body. The cinnamon tasted rather unique and almost unlike any other I've tried, and was present without being overbearing or harsh. The swirling swirl was kind of hard to nail down. Somewhat sweet (just above mid-level), rich and almost creamy, and at TIMES, I did almost get a light Cream Cheese Icing note. Not all the time, but it did peek out form time to time. Trying to nail down the "bakery" proved equally difficult, at least for an exact definition, but it seemed centered around a dough element, which was NOT greasy, or fried, but more baked, which actually worked really well. Maybe some touches of a light vanilla in there, but the "swirl" stayed fairly elusive. Overall it was a pretty complex flavor with a lot swirling around (no pun intended), with a good not harsh cinnamon, some vanilla and / cream cheese icing notes, and some bakery thrown in for good measure. 3 testers later, I struggled to think what I would add, if anything, and I settled on a smidge more bakery, but even that was a small nit-pick. No off notes, and this one tasted fine and I kept it at 5%. Deliciously placing this one @ **9.3/10**.

**Coffee (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-16-23)** -- I have tried some really BAD coffee flavors over the years, many of which were bitter, acidic, and just plain bad, but the first thing that came to mind with THIS one was, "Yeah, they got this right". RIGHT out of the gate, and "I shoulda mixed up more", hehe. At 5% this one was damned near it's own one-shot, and didn't need any boosting, OR any real help EITHER. A nice natural semi-bold tasting coffee that was so accurate, you could almost taste the bean like it was JUST roasted. Punchy and bold without being overly acidic or artificial, and was tempered by a light(er) cream, and sweetener. Now tempered might not even be close as it was not even close enough as the mid to dark bean roasted coffee NEVER quit, so let's say "tempered" with a light cream and sweetener, not "buried". The super delicious roasted coffee bean(s) never stopped taking the limelight. Sweetness was just below mid-level, and the cream was just light enough to smooth it out a bit. A very impressive flavor, that allowed the roasted bean to be the showcase. Quite natural, and might have even tasted BETTER than the coffee I was drinking during this test LOL. All in, a VERY good representation of a mid to darker roasted coffee, with JUST enough sweetener and creamery notes to round it out, and nothing more. No off-notes, no take-offs, and didn't even have to boost it, so this one is going to push up high @ **9.8/10**.

**Coffee Espresso (FLAVRZ) 4% (4-16-23)** -- Testing this one RIGHT on the heels of the FLAVRZ Coffee, I can say they are VERY similar. So much so, that I was having to double check the "differences". This one had some darker bean tones, and MAYBE some lighter cream elements, but that could simply be relative given the darker beans/roast. Very accurate, tasty, just slightly darker than the FLAVRZ Coffee. I found it JUST about as good, accurate, and satisfying, so if you've read my Coffee review, you're already about 90% of the way there, here. Clearly the team at FLAVRZ knows how to do coffees. Not dry or bitter, which can sometimes happen with dark/darker roasts, and it had JUST enough acidity to keep it real. Another good one, just slightly darker than the coffee, and just as great. No off-notes no nit-picks, and leaving this just as high AS the Coffee @ **9.8/10**, so your shade of roasts will decide which is closer to what you want.

Cookies and Cream (FLAVRZ) 8% -- *(Down sampling, for re-test) ......*

**Creaming Soda (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-16-23)**
-- Cream Soda aka. Creaming Soda has quite a history, and the best I've tasted were always creamy, vanilla-y, and almost ice-cream-like, AND, FLAVRZ did JUST that with this one. I could tell it was about spot on as soon as I started the test. It was great @ 5% with no need to increase the strength, and just above mid-level sweet. The super smooth vanilla notes hit you right on the front end, and a creamy, almost ice cream like body took it from the middle to the end. Surprisingly there was just enough "Soda" in there, to be convincing. Not effervescence, and not carbonation, BUT, it was in there, and was convincing. The creamy, vanilla was rich, smooth, and just damned delicious, and was similar (not exact), to an orange-sicle MINUS the orange. Yeah, THAT kind of deliciously smooth, and creamy-ness. I should talk to @Jetz and see if this profile could be married to a Custard, because WOW. I was soo good, that I didn't want to temp fate by increasing the strength, to see if it would get even FULLER. As it stood at 5%, it didn't need anything, or left you wanting, which is always good. Smooth, creamy vanilla soda, with an almost ice cream like undertone is what this was, and with about NO off-notes or nit-picks, I think it's time to release the Kraken. **10/10**.

**Dairy Milk (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-17-23)** -- Having used "another" Dairy/Milk for years, and having found a FEW good Creams I rely on, I am always on the prowl for new(er) Dairies, Creams, Milks, etc. There are a few "creams" that I use almost daily, that really don't taste like much solo'd but their "effect" CAN be tasted in finished recipes, so needless to say, testing all of the above can be a challenge for me AND you guys, hehe. This one surprised me, with a very clean, accurate milk (with dairy notes) flavor. Yup, that's how they chose the name. It wasn't 100% spot on for say a "Whole Milk" but it had a LOT of those nuances, mouthfeel, and creamy-ness to it. There were some other notes that I could only classify as "Dairy" which added to the richness, and depth of it. There were also some subtle notes that almost resembled powdered milk, but only on the finish, and lower in the mix. Wow, lots to try and unpack on this one, AND, try to explain. It was def. NOT a cream, with the associated heavy creamy notes, BUT, it still had some creamy undertones with great mouthfeel. It was actually fairly complex, and that was a surprise. After 3 testers @ 5% I in no way needed to boost this up, as it was great at this weight. No off-notes, and it was a couple ot ticks below mid-level sweet, which I think actually helped it stand out a little bit better without being "sweet". All in, a damned fine Whole Milk flavor, with great mouthfeel, and some creamy-ness, with some subtle powdered milk notes on the finish is what this was. About the only nit-pick would be a slight dry-ness on the end of the finish, but that was it. If you want/need a great milk that will probably not get washed out in the mix, this one will get it done. **9.2/10.**

**Double Chocolate (FLAVRZ) 2.5% / 5% (4-19-23)**
-- Having tested many of the available chocolates out there, I always look out the typical off-notes such as dryness, bitterness, band aids, etc. Luckily for me (and you guys) NONE were present here. I started out testing this one at 5%, and shortly into it, I decided to reduce it to 2.5% and it felt much better. Even at the higher rate, this flavor never got squirrel-y or strange, BUT, it took on a darker chocolate with fairly high liquor notes. Now, if you want or need more of a chocolate liquor then 5% is your starting point. Reducing to 2.5% it took on a fairly different choco profile, which lightened up a bit, into a mid to mid-dark chocolate, with almost completely eliminated liquor notes. It was not a milk chocolate, nor a dark, but right in the middle. No overt dryness or bitterness, no band aids, and a flavor that tasted pretty accurate, with no detectable off-notes. The shift from 2.5% to 5% was interesting, and a plus as you could "temper" your chocolate as needed. As far as the "double", it wasn't a flat, linear chocolate, and fairly complex, which kept it interesting. Sweetness was a little lower than mid-level, and even AT 2.5% you could still reduce more if needed, but it felt and tasted very good at this weight. I'll experiment with it later, and test it with the Dairy Milk, and Bavarian Cream to see how it shifts, but for the purposes of this review, I had a hard time faulting it. I'm sure you could range this one even further, and push it into yet ANOTHER type of chocolate. At 2.5% you got a good mid to mid-dark chocolate that wasn't candy bar-ish, nor a baking chocolate, but just right in the middle. The only minor take-off would be for just a pinch of dryness on the finish, but just a touch. **9.0/10**.

**Dragonfruit (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-22-23)** -- This presented as a lighter flavor, so I tested at 5, and 8%. At both weights, it was fairly spot on, with the typical bright, and punchy high end notes, but this one was more centered on the CENTER of the fruit notes. The mid-body notes carried the main freight here, and the bright, top, high-end punchy notes were on the top. At the lower weight, it was good, but recessed, and increasing it, it did increase somewhat, but not linearly. It's hard to directly profile Dragonfruit, as there are always comparisons to Watermelon, and Pear, or Pear, and Kiwi, but suffice it to say, this was an accurate one. There was an almost bright Kiwi-like finish at the end, which kept it bright. No off-notes at either of the two testing weights, and while not "syrupy" it was about mid-level sweet. I'm curious to hear @Jetz's thoughts on this, because he had mentioned (I think) using this with custards, which was very interesting. As it stood, a good, mid-body centered Dragonfruit, with a nice shot of bright notes on the finish. **8.75/10**.

**Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy) (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-22-23)** -- Biff, Bamm, Boom. This one was an ASSAULT on your senses, BUT, in a good way. :) From the VERY first taste test, this one, smacked you RIGHT in the face, with a super delicious, light and airy, cotton candy. It was soo realistic, that you could almost taste the cotton spun sugar. What was nice about it, was it was actually ONLY about mid-level sweet, so it was not overblown, or overbearing. As odd as it sounds, it actually had some BODY to it, and actually carried some weight, and had some fullness, which was unexpected. There was an almost underlying "pink" hue to this one, that I couldn't really explain as a note or profile, but needless to say it was there, and it really DID give the impression of a pink-ish, spun sugar. At 5% it was full on, in your face full, BUT, (repeating) without being overbearing or fatiguing, as I burned through 2 testers before I realized it. Can you solo a cotton candy ??? Yes. As for the whole, "Yeah, but isn't it JUST EM" ?? I can't answer that, BUT, even after two full testers, I didn't get any muting, and the coils were pretty clean afterwards, so I'll leave you with that. Fresh, clean, and a great cotton candy flavor, that was spot on full at 5% with no off-notes, aftertaste, or muting. Because of the added "body" to it, it was very enjoyable, AS a solo. Had to knock a flavor down that does what it claims, and does it perfectly. Need a great cotton candy, you might want to pick this one up. Easily a **9.5/10**.

**Fuji Apple (FLAVRZ) 4% (4-22-23)** -- This flavor turned out to be a surprise. I've been using "one" Fuji for quite some time, and while good, can be rather "sharp" at times. This one however presented as an almost "smooth" Fuji. This isn't to say it didn't have the expected tartness because it did, but there was something about this flavor, that just had a certain smoothness to it. This was def. a Fuji with sweet undertones that were almost Pear like with a dash of honey. Very crisp and natural tasting with JUST enough sweetness, and tartness, but not too much of either. Sweetness was just about mid-level, and there were no off-notes to be found. Continued testing revealed more and more of a truly natural taste, that stayed complex from beginning to end. The more I tested, the more I became convinced that the "smoothness" I was getting was from the pear and honey undertones. Wow, just a deliciously crisp, complex, natural tasting Fuji, with JUST enough bite (tart) on the finish. If you love a great Fuji, you WILL love this flavor. Another stellar fruit offering from FLAVRZ, and I struggled to nit-pick it. At first I thought maybe a dash more of tartness would have worked, but by the time I finished, I was convinced it was exactly where it needed to be. Placing it squarely at a **9.8/10**.

**Glazed Doughnut (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-22-23)** -- How many doughnuts have I tested over the years ?? Too many LOL. Seldom to they work out, so we'll see what happens with THIS one. Smelling it in the bottle, I THOUGHT I might have gotten a whiff of "Play Doh", BUT, when testing it, this was NOT the case. This WAS like NO doughnut I've tried thus far. It had a VERY unique approach, and it almost tasted like a slightly fried, white cake-y doughnut. At the lower 5% weight, I THOUGHT I could tell where FLAVRZ was going with this one, but it was kind of murky, and not as "full throttled", but stepping it up to 8%, proved that the slightly fried, very slightly doughy, white cake-y method WAS what they were after. The glazed aspect came through loud and clear at both testing weights, but the main body seemed to work better at 8%. Now, this approach may or may not appeal to you, but it's an interestingly different approach to a doughnut, at least as in comparison to those I've tested thus far. At the higher weight, there were no off-notes, no flavor bending, and the light, white cakey-ness came through in spades. No darker, deep fried, greasy, or cinnamon-y notes here, but a fairly mid weight doughnut that was centered around a white cake element. I think the closest comparison I could find would be a [Little Debbie Powdered Donut](https://www.target.com/p/little-debbie-mini-powdered-donuts-10oz/-/A-14774310), BUT, with most (not all) of the powdered sugar removed, and a glazed topping in. Hard to rate donuts for EVERY user, as everyone seems to have a different want/need. I think with the lightly fried, white cake-d main notes, and no yeasty-ness, it will appeal to many who were/are turned off by higher levels of yeast, and or greasy fried notes. With that said, I think that **8.0/10** fits the bill here.

**Golden Pineapple (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-23-23)** -- Fresh, Juicy, and Yellow were the three big take-aways with this one. I started testing at 5%, and it was good, but I wanted to push it a bit, and 8% did the trick. Nice, full, and juicy pineapple in SPADES. It was very natural tasting with loads of mid-level, and bright high end notes. It was damned near just like eating a juicy pineapple, without the mess. Nothing baked, or darker caramelized notes in this one, just fresh picked only. At both testing weights there were no off notes, and no florals, and it stayed just as accurate throughout both, with the higher percentage yielding a much fuller experience. FLAVRZ did a great job of really FULLY representing a fresh pineapple, without falling into a "juice", or "canned / candied" category. Sweetness was about two ticks above mid level, and that just plain worked here. 3 testers later, I was still looking for something to nitpick. All in,, especially at the higher rate, a fresh, natural, and juicy pineapple was exactly what this one was. Easily a **9.5/10.**

**Golden Syrup (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-23-23)**
-- This was an INTERESTING one to test. Much like many of the other FLAVRZ I started testing this one at 5%, and it was so-so, and felt a little thin. It also had a somewhat dry, abrupt (yes abrupt) finish. Smelling it, I knew it needed more, and 8% WAS the ticket. Talk about IMPROVING a flavor, as this one REALLY opened up at 8%. It became a full on, in your face Golden Syrup. Because it's not as common in the US, all of my UK friends tell me there is only one. Having only tasted Golden Syrup once, AND, quite a while ago, this was a great one to test. At the higher weight it was a deliciously sweet, almost dark-sweet flavor, with definite caramel, and almost buttery undertones. NOW, 8% may (or may not) have been pushing it, but I didn't detect any flavor bending, BUT, it started to take on an almost boozey like finish. Now that's on me, as it wasn't there at the lower weight, and quite frankly, it actually worked LOL. What was interesting was the complexity, and how it revealed itself during tasting. The mid to dark sweetness started from the beginning, with the caramel, and buttery undertones coming in near the middle until the end. A sweet ride with an interesting finish. Sweetness as expected was a few ticks above mid level, BUT, no sickeningly sweet, as I was able to burn through 3 testers of it without fatigue. Rich, darkly sweet, and buttery caramelly !!!!! About the only off-note(s) were the slight dry-ness on the finish at the lower weight, and the slight boozey finish at the higher weight, which I caused by ramping up the %. Beyond that, just a dark sweet bunch of deliciousness. I'll lower my solo rec. to 7.5%, and leave it squarely at a **9.2/10**.

**Graham Cracker 2 (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-24-23)** -- Any of you who've followed me over the years, KNOWS I've got a S'mores obsession, and therefore, I also have a Graham Cracker obsession. Having never really fallen in love with FW, and FLV's GC's, and using TPA's Cheesecake (Graham Crust) for different things, it left RFSC as my go to GC. As with many others, I started testing this at 5%, and then moved to 8%. For comparison it was more like RFSC's GC than any other. A very good, not coconutty, authentic GC. I had some subtle undertones that added TO the authenticity, that we lost to some degree when increasing the percentage, which was interesting. Slightly dry on the finish, but not astringent at all. A rich, almost textured GC with lots of notes that could easily have been graham flour, brown sugar, etc. Very realistic, and if you smelled the bottle you might think you'd find a crushed up GC in the bottle. No overt cinnamon, but it felt like it was in there somewhere, because it was just too damned graham-y. No off-notes at either strength, and about the only take-off would be the slight dry-ness on the finish. Accurate, tasty, with an almost grainy texture is what this was, and it was damned tasty too boot. I haven't even gotten INTO the Marshmallows yet, and I feel compelled to mix up a S'mores or two now, BUT, I cannot get distracted. Very authentic, accurate, with a slightly dry finish. I'm leaning towards 7% for a final solo weight, and leaving it very high up, @ **9.6/10**.

**Grape (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-25-23)** -- The Power of Purple !!!! You will notice, I again dual tested this one at 5%, and 8%. At the lower weight, it was lacking some punch, and 8% served exactly that up. A great grape, that was centered around the high and mid notes, with some lower notes mixed in on the bottom. Fairly well rounded, and complex, and seemed to cover almost the entire grape. No bitter skin notes, but a fairly sweet purple grape, that was 70% natural 30% artificial. It was a few ticks above mid level sweet at 8%, and even with that, it wasn't fatiguing, nor a true "candied", nor a soda. Even though it hit all the low, mid, and high notes, it lacked some of the lowest low notes, which kept it a mid, to mid-dark purple grape. No off-notes, no florals, and nothing out of place, even at the higher weight. All in, it was a great mid / mid-dark grape, that married a natural with an artificial, and did so nicely, that was sweet on the lips. While the sweetness levels were above mid level, I'm fairly certain that it added to the "pop". Below the sweetness was some slight tart-ed-ness that helped add to the complexity a bit. Because it straddled both the natural and artificial, you could use it in a wider array of mixes. It felt purple-y @ **9/10**.

**Green Apple (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-25-23)** -- This one took a little bit to open up. Upon first filling, I didn't really get much flavor, and then shortly thereafter it started to reveal itself. I felt it was light(er) at 5%, and increased to 8%, and once it finally started to produce some flavor, it was pretty good. Even still at the higher weight, it was not an overpowering flavor, which is NOT what I can say for some Green Apples, which can rapidly overpower a mix, and go completely sideways when used too high. This one never got squrielly and played nice regardless of the percentage. It presented much like the Grape in that it tasted like a mixture of natural and artificial combined. The tart/sweet ratio felt evenly paired 50/50, so it had some tartness, and some sweetness. Sweetness was a little below mid-level, so no candy, or candied here, and the tart/sour was JUST high enough to add to the "green"-ness. No off-notes, and I did prefer it at 8%, but it still felt a little underwhelming. The flavor was good, but I couldn't get the exact saturation levels maybe needed. Crisp, green, tart and sour, with a mix of roughly 50/50 natural/artificial is what this presented. Minor take-offs for saturation and that was about the only nit picks. It was interesting that it took a little bit to get going in my testing setup. It felt fairly placed @ **7.0/10**.

**Guava (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-27-23)** -- I spent some extra time with this one, as I was not 100% sold ON the Guava. I many times seem to prefer the more "fermented" punchy Guava flavors, and this one was sweeter, and very smooth. It did present as a Guava, but at times, not 100%. It had many aspects of a Sweet Guava, but at times I almost got apricot, and peach notes, albeit lighter in the mix. Sweetness was just below mid level, with no off-notes at either 5% or 8% with my preference being the higher weight, which produced a fuller experience. 3 testers in, I was still not 100% sold on it, as a pure Guava. It felt like it was 70% of the way there. Tasty, but just felt like it needed a little more focus. It was delicious enough to motivate me through 3 full testers, and other than a little lack of focus, I had no complaints. A good Guava, but just not the top of the pack. It felt fairly placed @ **7.0/10**.

**Honeycomb (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-29-23)** -- Back on track with the Honeycomb, and deliciously so. Clean, buttery, a smidge of bakery, and a touch of honey is what this one brought to the table. When starting at 5%, I knew it needed a bump to 8%, and then it came alive. "Very clean" was the first take away, and much like many of the other FLAVRZ, it worked here. At about mid-level sweet, this one really captured all of the aspects of a good HC. At times I almost thought I could taste the Baking Soda !!!! 3 testers later, nothing changed, and with nothing out of place to nit-pick, it was a solid one. At 8% it was very rich, and full, and was actually kind of hard to put down, and that's NEVER a bad thing when testing. Smooth, rich, and tasty. The butter/honey/sweet elements were perfectly balanced, with just enough "bakery" in to give it some weight. It was hard to NOT have a good time taste testing this one. Easily a **9.5/10.**

**Honeydew (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-29-23)**
-- Nice, nice, and MORE nice. Get a napkin because you'll think you're eating a fresh Honeydew with this one. As with some others, 5% was good, but 8% was much better. Full, juicy, and delicious were the take-aways with this one. Very natural tasting, with no: Soaps, Perfumes, Florals, or off-notes at either of the two testing weights. Very clean, accurate, and just at or above mid-level sweet. It had all the right notes, and in JUST the right balance, to pull this off like they did, and it was just simply, very "melon-y". More smooth than crisp, and when increasing it, it just got better, and more full. A few lower end notes, and TONS of mid notes, with a few high end notes, left this one juicy, and fresh from beginning to end. It really seemed to capture the darker "green" and slightly "white-r" parts of the melon. Everything but the seeds, and skin people. I looked hard for some nit-picks, but couldn't find any. If you are in the market for a very natural, fresh, and juicy Honeydew, this one will get it done for you. Juice-ily placing this one high @ **9.8/10**.

**Lemonade (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-29-23)** -- Many times, TRYING to nail a Lemonade can be hard, as it is too easy to fall into a Lemon Head, or Candied Lemon, or even a Sweet Lemon. FLAVRZ successfully kept this one RIGHT in the Lemonade camp. At 5% it felt like it needed a little push, and I upped it to 8%, and it didn't increase much, so it would seem that 5-6% would be the top usable top end. At the higher weight there were no signs of hitting the saturation point, or flavor curling. It presented as a slightly relaxed Lemonade that tasted roughly like a 50/50 split between Natural, and Artificial. What was interesting WAS the ratio of natural to artificial, as it could EASILY be pushed/pulled into EITHER direction, if needed. The lemon notes were fairly complex, and tasted almost like a Country Time Lemonade dry mix, with real lemons on top. It wasn't that both layers were clearly distinct, but they could each be tasted none the less. Sweetness was surprisingly lower than expected, at about mid level, and when increasing to 8%, the sweetness didn't really increase, so clear over-sweetening restraint was used. The overall lemon(s) had a nice level of tart, and sweet, but not too much of either. No off-notes, nor bitterness, just a clean lemon medley with JUST enough tart/sour punch to keep it interesting but without being fatiguing. About the only take-off would be for the slightly relaxed presentation, and none for the actual profiles. All in, this was a nicely sweet 50/50 natural/artificial lemonade with just enough tart and sour on the finish. Nicely placing it at **9.0/10**.

**Lemon Tart (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (4-30-23)** -- Following on the heels of the FLAVRZ Lemonade, I was wondering IF this was/were the same Lemon profile(s) in this one as well. Possibly. If not, then they were very similar. As with many others, I started out at 5%, and felt it would be better at 8%, and it was. The Lemon was bright, and punchy with some sweet and tart which allowed it to punch through. There was a carrier that the lemon was riding on, but it wasn't 100% clear what is was, maybe a pudding-like element, maybe a lighter custard, or even a light curd, but unsure. There was a light crust element, and I couldn't detect any graham, but I did detect a lighter biscuit, so it tasted like a flour based crust. I couldn't detect any meringue, which left if much more in the "tart" region than a LMP, As a whole, it really worked, and it was pretty (not completely) unique in the tart realm. There was an almost Lemon Zest sprinkled on the top that gave it just a little more ZING. Sweetness was just above mid level, and even at the higher weight, there were no off-notes, and no real nit-picks. At first, I was unsure was the crust was very light, and I felt like it needed more, BUT, 3 testers later, it actually felt great the way it was, WITH the ability to crust boost if needed, or not. All in, a very fresh, Lemon Tart with a nice smooth pudding/curd center, topped with a bright, punchy Lemon Zest. Too good, to NOT mark this one high, and it felt tight at **9.5/10**.

**Lychee (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-30-23)** -- Every time I've eaten Lychee, it's always tasted like a combination of Rose Milk, and Citrus. Guess what ?? That's EXACTLY what THIS tasted like. It even actually had the same light florals as the actual fruit, so if you like the fruit, you'll love this flavor. Because of the inherent florals I did choose to start, and leave this one at 5%, and it worked fine at that level without being TOO floral. At the 5% weight, it was plenty full, and sweet, with slightly above mid-level sweetness. Even after 3 testers, I still couldn't find a better description then that of a almost creamy Rose Milk, paired with a light citrus. Because of the authentic florals, it is possible if used to strong it could get squirrel-y, but at 5%, it just felt, and tasted right where it needed to be. With nothing out of place, nor off-notes, it was a solid flavor with no real take-offs. Granted I don't find myself using Lychee as often as other flavors, but when I do, this one, will be one of the first ones. Easily a **9.3/10**.

**Maccas Coffee (FLAVRZ) 5% (4-30-23)** -- Be advised the bottle I received was labeled "Macca", but the website shows "Maccas". After REALLY liking both FLAVRZ's Coffee, and Espresso Coffee, I was ready to try a THIRD Coffee from them. This one was PERFECT at 5% and didn't need any boosting. It actually had a FULL SPECTRUM of notes that seemed to cover coffee AND espresso. Now there seemed to be something ELSE, lurking just under the surface, that almost gave it a "cake-y" undertone. Well below the much more pronounced coffee and espresso, yet it was still there. 3 testers later, I still couldn't identify the cakey undertones, but a close comparison would be a coffee cake-ish, without any cinnamon. VERY interesting, and complex vape. Sweetness was just above mid level, and there were no off-notes to be found. Because it was more full spectrum than either their coffee or espresso, I almost preferred this one. The cake-y undertones whether intentional or not, just added to the mystery. Dark, medium, and light roasted notes just swirled around with this one. Since I nailed both FLAVRZ Coffee and Espresso @ 9.8, I truly feel this one out complex-ified them, and have no choice but to **10/10** this one. If you want a very unique, and interesting Coffee vape, you might want to get a big bottle of this one, and experiment.

**Mango (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (5-3-23)** -- When testing this one @ 5%, and 8%, the latter yielded a much fuller Mango experience. It was still a little relaxed at the higher weight, but still very good. When increasing to 8% it seemed to "thicken" up a bit, and increased the orange-y yellow texture(s). Like many other of the FLAVRZ flavors, it was very clean, and seemed most centered on the mid notes, with some bright notes, but not many in the lower region. While bright and somewhat punchy, it was clean and natural tasting with no artificial notes, or off-notes. Sweetness was below mid level, and there were no real take-offs except for the slightly relaxed presentation, even at the higher weight. All in this stayed clean, natural and punchy through all of the testers, and felt good at **8.0/10**.

**Mango Jam (FLAVRZ) 5% / 8% (5-4-23)** -- Oh YES, it IS Jammy !!!! This is the LAST FLAVOR from the first 40 flavor series and I appreciate you guys hanging in there, for the ride. This one was similar to the previously tested FLAVRZ Mango, BUT, it felt like it had a lot more sticky yellow body to it. At 5% it was good, but (you know the drill), it needed a boost, and 8% did it. This flavor exchanged some of the fresh mango nuances for some sticky, and jammy ones. At 8% it was very full, and still had some fresh/juicy aspects to it, but the thick and jammy-ness was front and center without being too much. It was a little sweeter than the Mango, but only at about mid-level sweet. The sticky/jammy could not be overstated, as it rode through from beginning to end. No off-notes, and no "green"-ness, just a juicy, sticky, yellow mango with great jammy notes was what it delivered. At the higher weight, it tasted less relaxed, and more forward than the Mango, and that worked out nicely for my tastes, so rating it a bit higher @ **9.3/10.**. Having paired both this and the Mango in Darren's Mango recipe, I can attest to how WELL they pair together.

Continue on with the [Part II here](https://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/t/flavrz-flavors-reviewed-by-sessiondrummer-testing-now/268226/283?u=sessiondrummer)

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**Part II:**

In case you haven't been following the first series, @Jetz was kind enough to send a MASSIVE shipment out of their FLAVRZ flavors, One-Shots, and Flavor Shots for the purposes of this review. He sent SOO many I had to break them down into Series. This is (duh), the Second Series, with MORE to follow.

As always, the flavors are/were tested at the listed percentages, in a 70v/30p/3mg carrier base. All tested on my very trusted SteamCrave RDTA v.1 running dual vertical Kanthal 24ga. coils, which were dry burned in between every test, with fresh KGD cotton. They were all tested at 65 watts.

On the FIRST series, I started testing at 5% for the most part, and stepped many up to 8% and by a wide margin, they all seemed to fit better there. Unless specifically stated in each review to the contrary, I ran this second series at 8%.

In case you missed it up top, [jump to series I here.](https://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/t/flavrz-flavors-reviewed-by-sessiondrummer-testing-now/268226?u=sessiondrummer)

Flavors 5.jpg

Flavors 6.jpg

Flavors 7.jpg

Flavors 8.jpg

**Marshmallow (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-6-23)** -- Starting off with this, the FIRST flavor in the second series from FLAVRZ, with a BANG !!!!! I had to make REALLY sure before I made any "official" statements, and ran through THREE testers just to make sure. I think this may be the NEW, Best Marshmallow I have ever tried. Any of you who know my S'mores obsession, know that I know the mallows. I regularly use FA, and TPA's for different purposes, but this one, hehe, is damned good. As mentioned, I shifted my testing weights (unless otherwise specified), at 8%, and this one was BANG ON at that weight. My first impression was, "Wow, this is an ACCURATE marshmallow", and three testers later, that hasn't changed. Most others are good, and have their pro's and con's, and I use each MFG's for different purposes. I literally tasted JUST like I had stuffed a real marshmallow into the SteamCrave. Mouthfeel was def. above average, and although I can't speak to any "softening", or "tempering" in mixes yet, solo'd, this was now the Marshmallow to get. Accurate, accurate, and MORE accurate was all you need to know about this one. Nice smell, taste, mouthfeel, it just had it all. Some flavors can start to mute, or sour after a few tankfuls, but this one finished JUST like it started. A beautifully fluffy, accurate, spot on marshmallow. Despite looking VERY hard for any nit-picks I could not find even a HINT of one with this flavor. Sweetness was a few ticks above mid-level, and there were no off-notes to be had. 8% solo, suited this flavor just fine, and I can't WAIT to get it into a S'mores. Not burnt, browned, campfired in anyway, just a super authentic tasting marshmallow. With only slight hints of vanilla, it stayed completely true to a neutral marshmallow. If you love S'mores, Marshmallows, or are in need, just ADD it to the cart now. **10/10** without hesitation.

**Marshmallow Custard (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-7-23)** -- This one proved to be an INTERESTING flavor to say the least. Having NOT tested FLAVRZ's Vanilla Custard yet, BUT having tested the Marshmallow, I felt I did get some of the MM I'd previously tested in there. It was tempered, or rather, blanketed in a somewhat creamy Custard, which did taste like a Vanilla Custard. It was not very eggy, and seemed to be more of a Custard/Pudding pairing. Exactly nailing it down was tricky due to the MM pairing. At 8% it was solid, and didn't feel the need for more, and there were no off-notes but for a slight astringent finish. I'll know more when I solo the VC as to whether or not that was the culprit or not. Just below mid-level sweet, and fairly rich. Rich enough to make you wonder how FLAVRZ did it, sans all of the DAAP. Rich, somewhat creamy, and mallowed up, really sums this one up. 3 testers later, I still couldn't tell if the VC had a slight eggy-ness or not, and if so, it was covered up by the delicious mallow form the Marshmallow. The pairing of the two, was really interesting, and seemed to play off of the two main element's strengths, without conflicting. All in, this was an interesting, and unique pairing of a pudding-like Vanilla Custard, with possibly just a smidge of eggy-ness, melded into a realistic marshmallow. Minor take-offs for the slight astringent finish, but that, was about all there was to nit-pick on this one. Tastily done, and leaving it hgih @ **9.0/10**.

**Marshmallow Natural (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-7-23)** -- Having had GREAT results with the previously tested Marshmallow, was indeed wondering how different the "natural" would be in comparison. My immediate reaction was not natural, but more of a smaller, dusted, candied Marshmallow. It even had the almost wintergreen-ish powdered finish note. Sweetness was just above mid-level, and it felt pretty good at 8%. While the previously tested Marshmallow tasted exactly like a fresh marshmallow, this one continued to taste like a smaller dusted marshmallow, almost like you would get in some breakfast cereals. No overt malty notes, and because of the "candied" and "powdered"-ness, it tasted less like a real,fresh marshmallow. It was def. different than the MM, and that would allow for different uses between the two of them. My preference would easily be the Marshmallow. This one did have a distinct, very slight metallic undertone that I couldn't shake, and while not off-putting, was still there. All in, it was fairly accurate for a smaller powdered marshmallow, but not sure if "natural" was the selling point. It felt good at **8.0/10**.

**Menthol (FLAVRZ) 1% (5-7-23)** -- As a general rule, I do NOT use cooling agents of ANY kind. Even small amounts of cooling can completely ruin a juice for me. SO, with THAT said, Menthol. I tested this SUPER low due to my complete dislike, and distrust for cooling agents. This didn't let me down, as I hated it, just as much as any OTHER. Granted Menthol may not be as extreme as some of the others, and it did impart a taste. That taste was [Vicks VapoRub](https://www.ebay.com/itm/133613979673). There was minor cooling at 1%, and, well, it tasted menthol-y. Despite really not liking menthol, I did complete the test, but JUST for you guys. Having little to no other menthols tested to compare, let's just say, it tastes like Menthol, and it seemed to have more taste than cooling at this weight. It tasted like it was named, so for that, I'll leave it fairly high @ **9.5/10**.

**Mixed Berry (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-7-23)** -- Right out of the gate, I liked this medley. It was non-descript in so much that I couldn't clearly identify any specific berries, and that is a testament to it's ratios OF the different berries. It actually kind of reminded me of RFSC's Yumberry. At 8% it was full but also slightly relaxed. Sweetness was about mid level, and there was some nice tarty-ness on the finish that helped it pop. There were no off-notes, and the more I tested this one, the more it seemed I might be getting a delicious Red Currant in this one. At times it felt like something was holding this one back from popping a little more, hence my aforementioned "slightly relaxed". It felt like it was about 80-85% of the way there. No overt darker berries, but a great Red Currant with some others flirting around it in the mix. It was a little below mid-level sweet, and there was nothing out of place, and about the only take-off would be the slight recessive-ness. Rating on flavor only I would have rated it higher, but with the slight relaxed nature, it still felt really good @ **8.75/10**.

**Mixed Berry Natural (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-9-23)** -- Testing this one directly after the Mixed Berry, I could better compare/contrast the two of them. This one presented almost exactly at the Mixed Berry regular, BUT, it was better, and more intense, and that was a good thing. I got the same nondescript berry medley that seemed centered around a red currant and some other mid dark berries. I wasn't sure exactly what changes were made in this, the "natural" version, but it worked. About mid level sweet as the regular, and no off-notes, and it was damned good at 8%. Noticeably more present than the regular version, and with about the same tarty finish as the regular. All in, a mirror image of the regular Mixed Berry, but better, and with increased saturation Easily a 1 point increase, and leaving it at **9.75/10**.

**Mulberry (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-10-23)** -- I think Darren had mentioned this one, and he was waiting to hear what I thought about it, and NOW I see why. It was great. It tasted like a lot MORE than "just a mulberry". It had the common similarities to a raspberry, but seemed to have more punch and tart than expected. Almost like what a blue raspberry is to a raspberry. It felt taken to the NEXT level Sweetness just above mid-level, and no off-notes, or florals at 8%, which was a great weight for this. The main notes tasted more complex, and richer than a simple berry. Not a medley per se, but def. far more complex than just a single berry. It had some really nice lower/darker tones, mids, and a nice high end tart finish. Although it wasn't overt, it had a nice darker, almost earthy undertone, BUT, in a good way, that seemed to tie it all together. A really good Mulberry, with raspberry notes, along with some darker berry notes, and a really good tart finish it was this did, all day long. A very good berry to add to your collection, and I couldn't go lower than **9.8/10** on this one.

**Orange (FLAVRZ) 6% (5-12-23)** -- I spent a little extra time with this one, to better try and explain it. It was very good at 6%, and really seemed to be a mix of natural and artificial combined. It was a neat one as it never really seemed to be either, but both. At times I thought it was almost orange soda-y, but not completely. At times I got an almost tangerine undertone, mixed with a nice juicy orange. On the finish, there was always a nice citrus oil effect, that really closed the deal. Fairly fresh, somewhat juicy, and it really did straddle both the natural and artifical both, which would allow it to be used much more than if it were one OR the other. Not candied, nor a soda, and sweetness was at about mid level, with no off-notes to be had. It was a really good orange that straddled more than one type, and with some interesting trangerine (almost) undertones with a really impressive citrus oil (almost) finish. Too good to nit-pick, and it would really work for most, if not all of my orange needs, including a GREAT orange-sicle. Placing this little juicer high at **9.6/10**.

**Peach (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-13-23)** -- "Golden Yellow and Delicious" were my immediate take-aways on this flavor. WOW, because FLAVRZ got this one right too. After a short break in, and 3 testers later, this one stayed impressive. It didn't present like a fresh picked peach, BUT, it did taste more like peaches in syrup, sans the syrup. What I really liked was it had plenty of rich yellow almost canned peaches nuances, with some nice ripe aspects on the top if that makes sense. Typically peaches for me are one or the other, meaning ripe OR (fill in the blank), but here we had BOTH. Sweetness was about mid level, and despite really leaning towards peaches in syrup, it was in no way syrupy, or sickly sweet. Just a hint or tart, and just surrounded in juicy yellow peach is the best way I can explain this flavor. It was nicely full at 8% with no off-notes, and it was also very hard to nit-pick. I think your needs for a peach will decide better than I can, but for an (almost) peaches in syrup, with great ripe notes, and a touch of apricot, you can't go wrong with this one. Most of my uses will favor a peach like this, and therefore will rate it fairly high, with no real issues or nitpicks. **9.6/10**.

**Peacharine (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-14-23)** -- One of the MOST interesting things for me when testing flavors, is when two (or more) known, easily identifiable flavors are mashed up, and they take on a completely NEW light. This one, WAS one of those flavors. I went into this one thinking I would simply identify what ratio each of the main notes were, and move on. That DID however, prove to be complicated, hehe. A Peach, and a Nectarine meet in a bar and ..................... You get the idea. Now what was most interesting, was I had JUST tested FLAVRZ's Peach with great results, and had expected that to show up here as well. If it WAS, it was ingeniously concealed. If I looked REALLY hard, (at times) I could almost pick out a Peach, and Nectarine, but overall, the two were soo well blended / ratio'd, that I couldn't detect either. The melding of the two, REALLY did present as a NEW flavor of sorts. Juicy, fresh, and with nuances OF Peaches and Nectarines, but fully neither. No overt tartness, sour, or sharp notes overall, and no off-notes either. At 8% it was actually really good. If you want a UNIQUE fruity mashup that probably tastes like NOTHING on your racks right now, this one WILL fill that spot. Because it rode the lightning, and was just perfectly split between the two main flavors, you could get a lot of use out of this one, and in a myriad of recipes. I like to be surprised with flavors, and it doesn't happen as often any more, but this one, DID, just that. A really unique pairing from FLAVRZ, that really did seem to create a NEW flavor from the mashup. Hard to mark down just because of the lack of identifiable fruits, and marking UP, for the execution on it. Handily a **9.3/10**.

**Peanut (FLAVRZ) 6% (5-14-23)** -- "Sometimes, you feel like a nut .....". And this IS one of those times my friends. Matter of fact, if you're allergic to nuts you may NOT want to try this one, as it was damned peanut-y. At 6% it was about perfectly situated, and didn't feel over, or under-powered. No off-notes, or overt artificial notes either. It presented as a slightly salty, slightly sweet Peanut. It had JUST that right amount of earthy-ness to sell itself, but without being overpowering. After 3 testers, nothing changed, and I liked it just as much as I did on the first tankful. Crisp, peanut-y with some earthy tones, and just enough salty and sweet to sell it. To be accurate, it was more sweet than salty, by maybe a 2:1 ratio, and that still left it just below mid-level sweet. It was strong enough without being overpowering, and lingered on the tongue which was actually very much LIKE eating fresh peanuts. About the only take-off would be for the slightly higher than expected sweetness, which just ever so slightly pushed it out of 100% authentic, BUT, that didn't stop me from powering through 3 testers before I knew it. Solidly a mostly realistic Peanut, with barely any take-offs, I had no choice but to leave this hgih @ **9.0/10**.

**Peanut Butter (FLAVRZ) 6% (5-14-23)** -- Having JUST tested FLAVRZ's Peanut, I had expected this to be THAT, with some creameries added, and what I actually got, was something else. Not really the Peanut Butter I had expected, but it was almost a melding of a Peanut, and a Honeycomb almost. VERY interesting, and NOT what I expected. It's not what I would call a traditional Peanut Butter. I was def. getting SOME Peanut in it, but there WAS an almost distinct Honeycomb note in there, throughout the entire vape. I wouldn't call it off-putting, but it didn't push it into the "traditional" peanut butter. It had some mouthfeel, and richness, but creamy wasn't what came to mind when trying to describe it. It was very full but not ceiling smashing @ 6%, and didn't feel like it was bending. It did share some of the slight earthy tones as the Peanut, but even less with this flavor, and despite trying to re-evaluate the main center note I was getting, I kept just going right back to a Honeycomb. It actually was a VERY good flavor, and I think a lot of you will love it, BUT, maybe not as a Peanut Butter. I'll have to down rate it a bit, as it just never fully made it to the creamy butter part of the peanut butter, BUT, don't let that stop you from picking this one up, as it was actually QUITE good, and I could think of some new(er), and unique uses for it. Down rating for named profile to **6.5/10**, BUT, if I had to rate it on TASTE alone, I would probably boost it up 2.5 points to a 9.0/10.

**Pear (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-14-23)** -- Getting the "sugar sand" effect from any flavor can be almost impossible, including Pear flavors. Sadly I did not get it from this one, BUT, I seldom do with any Pear flavor. This one started out really good, but kind of fizzled out near the end. It had SOME Pear nuances, and a very distinct "green-ness" that was SIMILAR to a Green Apple, BUT, without the tart or sharp notes, so similar was just for lack of better terms. Even at 8% it was a lighter flavor, and you COULD indeed get some Pear FROM it, but it wasn't overtly a Pear. Perhaps going even higher might have worked, but it just seemed like a lighter flavor. No off-notes, and nothing out of place, but it just needed a bit MORE of the Pear that was in there. What I did get was a fresh, green pear, lightly sweet, and it had a really nice "crisp" finish. Not tarty like a green apple, but "crisp" was the best way to describe it. All in, a good START for a Pear, but it would need a little boosting to help it. All in a good, but fairly light/recessed fresh pear. The ONLY take-offs were for the fairly recessed nature OF the flavor not the flavor itself. It felt good at **6.5/10**.

**Plum (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-20-23)** -- Finishing out the P's with the Plum from FLAVRZ. I honestly didn't get a ton of Plum FROM this one, but more of a grape-ish, with maybe a hint of Port Wine mixed in. I mean, it wasn't a full on grape, but that was the closest comparison I could think of. Maybe some plum skin perhaps, but the full Plum never really revealed itself. The funny thing was, it WAS a good flavor, and had some darker purple undertones, some grape notes, and some almost grape/plum skin notes. Very interesting. Sweetness was below mid level, and there was a slightly sour, almost fermented undertone to it, which is why I think a grape-ish flavor is the best comparison. It was nicely purple and full at 8%, and there was nothing off-putting, JUST not putting out a lot of Plum for me. For a Plum, I will have to down-rate it a bit, but don't let that scare you off, as for a almost grape (purple) flavor, with a hint of wine, it was actually very good. Trying to place it fairly purley for it's namesake @ **5.0/10**.

**Popcorn (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-16-23)** -- Wow, I had a great time testing this one, and it was hard to put down. I HAD expected maybe a heavy/heavier AP note, or Los Fritos, BUT, neither were present. Score !!!! What I did get, was a very nice, slightly light freshly popped popcorn, that had some pretty good butter notes. Sweetness was almost at mid-level, which was unexpected, as it was not a "Kettle Corn" flavor, BUT, it wasn't that distracting. It was freshly popped through and through, but was not a heavy overall flavor. No face-smashing AP, no drooling butter, but a more refined, almost more "pleasant" popcorn. Before I knew it, the 3 testers were done, which is testament to how good it was. Because it was somewhat sweeter, it would be HELLA easy to push into a Caramel Corn, or a Kettle Corn. The corn notes were fairly natural, and accurate, and stayed fresh tasting to the last tank, with zero bitterness or burnt notes. Strangely enough, I had the urge to mix up a Popcorn Custard while testing this one !!!!! All in, it was a very good, freshly popped popcorn, with good butter notes, and mid level sweetness, that didn't get overly "corny". About the only nitpick would be the slight relaxed nature of it, and not the profile(s). Minor take-offs for that, and at 8% it was pretty good as a solo. Easily a **9.1/10**.

**Portello (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-20-23)** -- BACK to the P's we go, with the Portello from Flavrz. Thankfully (as I'd never heard of it before), @Jetz was kind enough to drop [some intel on the Portello](https://www.bearnaiserestaurant.com/blog/what-is-portello-drink-made-from/). This one, WAS another interesting one. This one had a distinct berry mix/medley, BUT, they weren't always completely identifiable. At times I did get some darker berries, and maybe even a hint of grape, but most of the time, it was just more of a mid to darker berry medley. Now the interesting thing was it tasted like it was riding on a soda carrier. Now it wasn't billed as a "soda", but it sure tasted like it had soda undertones. No fizz, no carbonation, but it tasted like MORE than just berries. At 8% it was actually very good, and there was nothing off-putting. At times I almost wondered if this was berries riding on top of some of FLAVRZ Creaming Soda. At about mid level sweetness, and having some nice tarty-ness on the finish, this one was good and unique. It wasn't as sharp as a berry only flavor, and I kept trying to identify what it was paired with. A really hard one to fully identify, but I'll leave it as a very good mid to mid-darker berry medley that tasted like it was riding on top of a creaming soda. Not straight berries, but in many ways, better. Solidly placing this one at **9.3/10**.

**Rainbow Drops (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-21-23)** -- If you're old enough, you remember the Original Skittles. You know, with the Lime instead of the newer version with Green Apple. Yes, that's RIGHT, they did the "Green Switch-a-roo" on ya. Needless to say, old OR new, this flavor, Rainbow Drops is about as SPOT ON for a Skittles flavors, that I've ever tested. Sure sure, there are a lot of them out there, and many end up going down "Sweet Tart" road, but this one stayed very true and accurate for, Skittles. Much like just eating a handful of them, I couldn't always pick out the individual flavors, except for sometimes getting the Grape, and maybe the Orange, and most times, it was just a handful of Skittles. It was about perfect at 8%, and did NOT leave you wanting, with the candied fruit medley you've probably grown up with, with just the right balance of fruit flavors, sweet, and tart. No sweet tarts here, just skittles. Sweetness was a few ticks above mid-level, which was expected, and was not cloyingly sweet. The slight citrus kick at the end, worked well to finish it off, and the entire front and middle of it was just (you guessed it), like hammering away a handful. Very authentic, and absolutely nothing out of place, missing, or askew here. If you love the Skittles, you WILL love this flavor, and if you don't, well, hehe, move along, because that is what you get with this one. A few testers into it, it was still bright, and zingy with no muting, or fatigue. All in, if you love the Skittles, just get a bottle of this now. Easily a **9.9/10**.

**Raspberry (FLAVRZ) 6% / 3% (5-21)** -- In case you're wondering why I have 6%, then 3% for the testing weights, was because I initially started at 6%, and it felt and tasted a little TOO high, with some florals, and maybe some bending. The good news was, reducing in half to 3% things became MUCH more manageable. At the lower weight, things calmed RIGHT down, and I could better assess the Raspberry. It presented as a mostly natural RB, that covered almost the entire spectrum of a RB. Low, mid, and high notes, with no real emphasis on any one of the three. It tasted very red, with some darker hints swirling around, and I would compare this to a Malina from INW. Similar but different, but that will get you in the ballpark. Just below mid level sweet, and with a good helping of tart/sour which helped to liven it up, and help it pop more. Because of the lower than mid level sweetness, it was def. NOT a candied, or candy RB. Fresh, not overly juicy, but not dry, and with no florals, perfumes, or any off-notes at the lower testing weight. Probably the most consistent aspect to this one would be it's "crispness". A very crisp Raspberry, without being sharp, or harsh. All in, as long as you stay in the "zone" this one performed and tasted very good. No off-notes, but there was a very certain tart-ness that carried through from beginning to end, and I feel that really helped this one, and was not a negative. When finishing the 3rd tester, I had considered a possible red currant undertone in this one that I did not notice as the higher rate. I would strongly suggest starting to solo this one at 3%. It felt very crisply placed @ **9.0/10**.

**Rum and Raisin (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-23-23)**
-- I've never had a R&R before, and I wanted to get INTO this one. Smelled VERY good, and just like it was billed. Now, some of it seemed to get lost in translation, but not all of it. It felt like it tasted about 70% of the way there, when comparing to how it smelled. The raisin notes were just spot on DELICIOUS, and the Rum was less present when tasting than it was when smelling, but was fairly below the raisin. The raisin itself presented as maybe both golden and brown together, and it (IMO) was the star of the show. It was a completely unique flavor, like none other on my racks, and I have a LOT of flavors on my racks. If time permits later I will add this to the re-test list, and test it up higher to see if it better mimic'd the smell. At 8% it was present, and full, and it was honestly hard to put down. I had guzzled through 3 testers before I knew it, and thought, "Uh oh, who's doing the review" ?? What was surprising about this one, was it didn't present as a pure raisin, but it was still very present. It tasted richer than a simple plain raisin, and with the Rum lower in the mix, I couldn't decipher exactly what it was paired with, maybe a fig undertone for just a guess, and needless to say it was damned good. It was one of the harder flavors to fully isolate and explain, but if you're even some what remotely raisin curious, it would be worth a pickup. About the only take-off would be the shift from how it smelled and then tasted. Didn't taste bad in ANY way, it just didn't 100% translate. Possibly fixed by upping the percentage. As it stood, a very good raisin-ish flavor, with subtle Rum undertones, that had NO off-notes, and stayed a few ticks below mid-level sweet. Minor take-offs for the translation. **8/0/10**.

**Sherbet (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-24-23)** -- Oh yes peeps, we're up to the S's now !!!!!! I actually didn't realize that [Sherbet most times, uses Dairy](https://www.thespruceeats.com/what-is-sherbet-995745) elements. Never knew that. With that little discovery out of the way, WOW, let's call this one, the "Lil' Zinger". Sharp, punchy, and bright were the big take-aways with this one. None of the aforementioned were bad, and they just work, work, worked. Super punchy, and relatively "clean" throughout. It presented as a "white" sherbet, not orange, or green, etc. It centered around a bright white citrus center, and while not exactly favoring overt Lemon or Lime, it tasted like they were in there, and tempered with a "smoother" middle note. A few ticks above mid-level sweet, and although I didn't get any "fizz" or carbonation, it was quite zingy, and poppy. Zero off-notes, and it was damn near a One-Shot by itself @ 8%. IMO, slating this as a "white" sherbet, would allow you to EASILY push/pull it, if you wanted to, BUT, you might just think it was too good on it's own. Either way, a super Sherbet with no take-offs that I could muster. Sparkling-ly placing this one high at **9.7/10**.

**Shortbread (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-25-23)** -- Man, all I've got to say is, now that I'm up to the S's, and I'm testing this Shortbread, I'm wishing I had started AT the S's. This one was good. My initial thought was, "How in the HELL is this DAAP free" ?? Yes, my friends, rich, buttery goodness flowing from this one, along with vanilla and almond undertones, with a GREAT almost grainy bakery. Yes, it was the FULL monty. What IS in your favorite Shortbread ?? The one I bake has butter, flour, vanilla, and almond extracts, and sugar. Nothing fancy, just simply delicious, and THIS my friends, tastes almost exactly like what I bake. I really was surprised how how rich and buttery it was, especially considering the DAAP free-ness of it. The bakery notes had some very nice grainy texture to it, which added to the experience. The vanilla and almond notes while not explicitly identifiable WERE in there. Tasty, and almost crunchy. At 8% it was as strong as you would ever need, and I could find not off-notes, or anything out of place. To my tastes it was everything you would need or want in a shortbread, and nothing you didn't. While it was fairly butter dominant, it was not greasy, or over powering. Nicely done. Sweetness was just below mid-level, and this one was very hard to nit-pick. If you are in the mood for a great buttery, rich shortbread, just add this to your cart. **9.9/10**.

**Spearmint (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-27-23)** -- Back in the saddle, and running the Spearmint. This one was a nice surprise as I had expected an overly cool, maybe bitter mint, but what I got was more of a double mint gum, missing most of the gum, wrapped around a cotton candy-ish center. 3 testers in, I still didn't feel this was an all natural Spearmint, but much more. It did really remind me of a Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, BUT, without most (not all), of the gum. The spearmint was pretty accurate, and you could almost taste the oil if that makes sense. The center of this one however, was much richer than expected, and the best way I could describe it, would be almost cotton candy-ish. It worked to liven up, what could have been a linear, 2 dimensional Spearmint, into something much better (IMO), and bigger. Now, if you are, or were looking for a simple, natural spearmint, this may or not not be what you want. If you want a really good Spearmint with some slight gum undertones, with a nice rich, cotton candy paired in, this WILL work out for you. At 8% it was very present, but with no off-notes, bitterness, and only a slight dryness that I typically get from mints. I was happy that I didn't get any overt cooling from this one, as it had the typical "mint effect" that was LIKE cooling, but NOT a cooling agent. I'm a hater of all cooling agents, and this one did not "trigger" me at all in that regard. The mint was sweetened, and at just above mid-level, and tasted mostly natural with maybe a 80% natural / 20% artificial ratio. All in, this was an enjoyable one to test, and that's coming from the "Not a big mint guy", at that. About the only nit-pick would be the slight dryness, that again, I get from most mints, and that was minor, and just barely there on the finish. Beyond that, a really enjoyable one, and entertaining, even as a solo. It felt very good at **9.0/10**.

**Sponge Cake (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-28-23)** -- Yum was the word of the day with this one. Who doesn't love a good spongy sponge cake ? This one presented as a very good sponge cake, BUT, with some yellow cake notes as well. Realizing there are multiple [Sponge Cakes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sponge_cake) out there, the ones I bake always have egg whites, and Baking Soda. This one had many of those characteristics, and was pretty accurate in doing so. I did seem to get some other almost "yellow cake" notes in there as well, and it seemed to rich-en it up a bit, and gave it more body. Many times I thought I could almost TASTE the Baking Soda. At 8% it was very full, and did NOT leave you wanting, and was unmistakably cakey. Sweetness was a few ticks above mid-level, and there were no off-notes, and smelling it, was JUST like tasting it. What you smelled was what you got. In keeping with a traditional SC, it was lighter, without heavy egg yolk or butter notes, but was in no way thin. I was surprised by how rich it was, and that's where I think I was detecting some yellow cake notes. Not many, but it tasted like it had a little more "weight" than just a light SC. It was an impressive flavor, and I had blown through all 3 testers before I knew it. Light, cakey, with some heavier YC (Yellow Cake) notes thrown in on top. If you love the cake, and need/want one of the Sponge variety, you might as well sign up for this one. Not sure if it's a take-off or not, because the YC notes that I felt I got, seemed to fatten it up JUST enough, without being overbearing, and because it worked so well, not sure if I could take-off for them. Going to leave this at a **9.2/10**, because it was too good not to, and it's cakey-ness could not be ignored.

**Strawberry (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-28-23)** -- "More Cowbell", errrrr, "More Strawberry". I got into this one RIGHT as we were opening the pool up, so I had some good one on one time with it. What I liked most about this one, was the complete, and utter ONRUSH of Strawberry. Juicy, Red, and Look Out !!!!! It presented as a 50/50 mix of natural / artificial, but didn't really lean one way or another. The majority of the flavor seemed centered around a juicy red SB, with some green/white (Alpine) notes sprinkled on the top. With the inclusion of the latter, it really was a full spectrum SB. It did taste fairly fresh, and with good juicy-ness too boot. At 8% it was very red, and full, and nothing tasted out of place. The only complaint was, there was a little "translation" issue, wherein it tasted just a bit fuller on the finger, than it did vaping. It wasn't muted, but it tasted constrained a bit, and I couldn't figure out why. It was probably more obvious, because of the massive onrush in the beginning, that the finish felt a little lack luster. Sweetness was about mid-level, and there was a certain "tart" that hit you on the finish that was a nice send off. All in, a good wide spectrum 50/50 natural/artificial SB, that was fresh, and juicy with a nice little tart sparkle on the finish. As mentioned, the only take-off would be for the somewhat lack luster finish. It felt freshly placed at **7.5/10.** If I get some time (LOL), and can play around with this more I WILL update this review.

**Strawberry Biscuit (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-28-23)** -- Butter, Biscuit, Strawberry, what ELSE could you need ?? Hopefully not much, because THAT is what this one way. Now, the good thing was, none of the three was overpowering, no salty bisquik biscuit, no greasy over butter, and no out of place candied SB here. The SB almost fell behind the other two, but only just. Because the SB was a little lighter, I couldn't be 100% sure if it was a jam or not (Spoiler, FLAVRZ SB Jam is up next), but it played nice with the other two. The biscuit was present enough to know it was there, and the butter, while clean, accented it nicely. At 8% it was full, but not screaming in your face loud. Sweetness was a little below mid level, and there were no clear off-notes. The SB could maybe have used just a bit more, and maybe a bit more tarty jammy-ness to help it break through more clearly on the finish, but that was about the list of my "shoulda, coulda, woulda"-s. If it wouldn't have slowed me down, I would have added a touch OF the SB Jam, JUST to see, BUT, gotta stay ON mission. Beyond wanting to tweak the SB just a bit, I got a minor muddled dark(er) note on the finish, and couldn't fully identify it, but it was only minor. Not quite a one-shot, but still pretty good. Minor take-offs for the slight lack of SB pizazz on the finish, and the darker end note, and that was it. Tasty, just not completely jammy. It felt fairly placed at **8.9/10**.

**Strawberry Jam (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-28-23)** -- OK, now we're cooking with some Jammy Jam Jams. Right away the jammy-ness was very present, and as a whole, it seemed more present than the regular Strawberry. What was interesting, was that it was below mid-level sweet, which you could easily do, if you needed to. It's nice it wasn't sickly sweet out of the gate. The strawberry notes were fresh, and rich, but with a fairly jammy slant. It ranged full range from low, mid, and high notes, and had a slightly sweeter finish, than a tarty one. Like the previously tested FLAVRZ Strawberry, it felt like it was missing a little pizazz on the finish, and this time, I'll take @Jetz's advice, and see if adding a drop or two of Super Sweet improves that. There was an underlying richness, that was almost buttery, and I've gotten this from another SB Jam before, and it works. Very subtle, not overpowering, but it added some richness to the jam notes. At 8% it was strong but not overbearing, and no off-notes to be found. After adding two drops of SS to the tester bottle and re-filling, the SB pizazz did increase, and as expected, it got stickier, and jammier, so it was easy to push into that. All in, a good Jammy SB, and from the MFG it lacked a little punch on the finish, but a dash of sweetener picked it right up. Jamming this one at **9.0/10**.

**Sugar Cookie (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-29-23)** -- This one presented as a delicious Sugar Cookie, with an outstanding Vanilla accent. A little butter, a little bakery, and just overflowing with the Vanilla. The bakery wasn't overly grainy, so there was no "grit" to it, more of a light bakery note, and the butter was fairly obscured by the vanilla, but still just barely present. Sweetness was at about mid level, and there were no off-notes, and, it felt pretty damned tasty at 8%. It was hard to fully define just the vanilla because it was so expertly crafted in with the bakery and butter, but it seemed to favor a mid to brighter vanilla. No spicy-ness, or darker tones, so it was a brighter, cleaner sugar cookie if that makes sense. It also had an almost "creamy-ness" to it, but that could have been the butter/bakery in disguise. All in, there was NO mistaking it WAS a sugar cookie, and a bright, clean one at that. About the only take-off would be a very slight almost sourness on the finish, but even that wavered in and out of perception, so it was minor at best. About the only want, might have been to have a little more "bakery" or "grain" to bolster the cookie part JUST a smidge more, and to give it some weight. All in however, it was a crisp, clean one, and it felt very good at **9.4/10**.

**Toast Coconut (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-29-23)**
-- This one turned into a mystery of sorts, as I was having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what it was trying to be. Def. a coconut, but I wasn't getting dry, flaky, or toasted from it, but more of a juicy coconut in coconut milk perhaps. At 8% it was actually quite good, with no oily-ness, suntan lotion, etc, and it was about mid level sweet. Sweetened coconut in a can perhaps, but the "toast" or "toasted" completely evaded my tastes. It leaned more artificial than natural at maybe a 80% artificial / 20% natural ratio. When I think of a toasted coconut, I think of a dry, flaky, coconut with darker toasted notes, but that was not what I got. Not bad, not bad at all, but not really a toasted coconut. No off-notes, which can be hard to do with coconuts, but kind of off base as far as the name, so despite liking it as a sweetened coconut in milk, will have to down rate a little. Leaving this one at **6.5/10**.

**Tobacco # 37 (FLAVRZ) 6% (5-29-23)** -- For the record, I am NOT the Tobacco Guy. Hell, I barely even vape them, so no deep NET diving here. With THAT said, and being a non-bacco vaper, this one, I enjoyed. The tobacco had some nice "leafy" qualities, and there was a definite caramel undertone, BUT, not to be confused with an RY4, as this one was MO bacco, and less caramel. There was this other note that kicked in, just on the very end, and it was intriguing. FLAVRZ calls it a burnt brown sugar, and you know what, I think that's it. Deep and somewhat earthy, the bacco was the star of the show on the front end, then the slightly lighter, rich caramel kicked in for the middle, and then the burnt brown sugar on the finish. Wham, Bamm, Boom. Triple threat. I know RY4's are often criticized for being too candy like, and although this one was just above mid-level sweet, it didn't scream candied to me. The mid to dark tobacco WAS the star, with the caramel and brown sugar playing supporting roles. Well, well, well, FLAVRZ has gone and done it now, as previously stated, I am NOT the tobacco guy, but I liked this one. Nothing out of place, and the three main players, fit like a glove, and were plenty strong at 6%.. Maybe one of you "bacco-heads" can delve deeper into this one, but for my tastes, it was full, rich, somewhat earthy, and complex enough to satisfy, and keep on doing so. Very good, and nicely placing this one very high @ **9.8/10**.

**Unicorn Vomit (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-30-23)** -- I've never Unicorn'd before, so breaking NEW ground, again. At 8% this one was still fairly weak, with fairly unidentifiable individual flavors, but my first impressions were "Skilttles meets Sweettarts". While somewhat relaxed, it really did present as a mixture of both of the aforementioned candies. I tried adding a drop of SS to see if it would "boost" it, and it did, albeit slightly. After about the third tester, it seemed as if the Sweet Tarts were a bit higher than the Skittles, if that helps. Having never unicorn'd before, I could still see a use for this flavor, as it's bright, candied tart/sweet/sour notes could be easily used in numerous recipes, but as a solo, it felt a little lacking. Not that it was 2 dimensional, but it just felt like it needed something. No off-notes, and at the testing weight it was just below mid-level sweet. After finishing the last tester, my original assessment stood, and that was (you guessed it), a bright, punchy pairing of Sweet Tarts, and Skittles. The somewhat relaxed nature of this one would be about the only take-off, and it felt fairly placed @ **7.1/10**.

**Vanilla Custard (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-17-23)** -- After a little (LOT) of peer pressure, I decided to break my own rules, and push a FEW of the flavors at the END of the list, .... to NOW. Wow, wow, WOW. Could THIS be THE Custard ?? Maybe so. Smelling it in the bottle there was promise, but you NEVER know how things will translate, from SMELLING, to TASTING. Needless to say, this one was G-R-E-A-T. Now, let's get the "ugly-ness" out of the way, regarding Custards. Everyone seems to have DIFFERENT wants/needs with, and from them. Heavy eggy-ness, more pudding-like, a combination of the two, maybe even thicker, like a Flan. It is VERY hard to tell anyone what the BEST Custard, or Vanilla Custard is for them, BUT, this one worked for me. In the past, I've never really "loved" C's, or VC's that were TOO eggy. I love eggs, but I take mine scrambled LOL. As time wore on, I started to like a little MO egg in my C/VC's, and THAT is this one delivered.

At 8%, it was a dumptruck load !!!!! This presented as a super rich, almost velvety (but not quite), custard, with JUST enough eggy-ness, but without being TOO much. It felt/tasted like it was tempered with an equally smooth vanilla pudding. I think the Custard/Pudding ratio was spot on, and it really WILL appeal to a WIDE audience, as it gives you just enough of both, without either of the two being overpowering. This obviously would allow for easy push/pulling to whatever you needed, if required. Honestly, I don't know how FLAVRZ did it, being sans DAAP (and other not safe for vaping substances), it was just below HELLA RICH, and thick, with a great mouthfeel. Did I get slammed by greasy, buttery notes ?? No. Did it leave me wanting ?? No. TBH, when I first tasted it after a whopping THREE day steep (yes, 3 days only), I thought, "Wait, this is DAAP free "?? Yes it is, and yes it molecule-ized in just THREE days. I think that Darren went into some details on how many of their flavors require FAR less steeping time, and/or being designed TO be atomized, and that sure seems to be the case here.

Rich, thick, great mouthfeel, just enough eggy-ness, with a super good vanilla pudding on the finish. Luckily for YOU guys, I gotta roll for work, and we'll stop this love fest here. At just below mid-level sweet, and with no off-notes, this one wowed as a VC with some VERY impressive richness and thickness from a DAAP free flavor. Not dripping in butter, so if you want that, move along, BUT, hehe, you still may want to pick up a big bottle of this, JUST in case. Very impressed, and am still wrapping my head around the very short steep time needed. In closing, the more I vape this, the BETTER it gets. I hate to say it guys/gals, but I think I have to release the Kraken again here, because I've not been able to remotely pull any nit-picks out on this one. **10/10**. Get a BIG bottle.

**Vanilla Ice Cream (FLAVRZ) 5% (5-20-23)** -- Can a Vanilla Ice Cream be clean and crisp ?? Yes it can, and this is one of them. C and C (crisp and clean) were the two main immediate take-aways on this one out of the gate. If there WAS egg in there, I didn't get much, but more of a clean vanilla with a great creamery finish. Being DAAP free, I wasn't expecting, nor did I get any heavy, rich buttery notes, but honestly, they weren't missed. I'd rate the mouthfeel about a 7/10 on this one, and it was plenty strong at 5%, and was about mid level sweet. No off-notes, nothing out of place could be found. I've tested other VIC's, some of which I compared to Chic Fila ice cream, and this one was similar to that, but not completely. The vanilla bean in here was very good, and paired almost perfectly with the cream/creameries. Clean finish, that lingered on the tongue, BUT, never overly heavy. For a "clean" VIC, this was one of the better ones, and being DAAP free, it tasted a lot richer than I expected. The final take-aways for this one were Clean, Crisp, Vanilla Bean, and Creameries. I couldn't go lower than **9.5/10** on this one.

**Vienna Cream (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-19-23)** -- Diving BACK into it with this, the Vienna Cream turned out to be interesting. Some VC's (Vienna Creams) have an almost "sharpness" to them, but this one was much smoother than expected. It did have the typical top note that defined a VC, but below that, it was actually an almost pairing of a meringue and a light butter cream frosting. Yum. Despite being just below mid-level sweet, it had aspect of a great confectioner's sugar on the finish. Even at 8% it wasn't a "screamer" so it could be overpowered in a mix, but it was very tasty at that weight. Smooth but not velvety, somewhat butter cream-ery without being butter heavy, and tied together with a meringue-like center. No off-notes, and none of the "sharpness" that some other VC's had, and a good, even, lighter cream flavor. Because of it's relaxed nature, not sure if it could carry the main note, but in a mix, I could see this working out great. It felt good at **8.0/10**.

**Virginia Tobacco (Premium) (FLAVRZ) 6% (5-31-23)** -- As mentioned previously, I am NOT a tobacco-head, and don't travel in the NET circles, so if you want a REAL in depth tobacco break down, I'm not the guy, hehe. BUT, let's talk about this ANY way. To my tastes, AND, as a non-tobacco flavor kind of guy, this was a good one. It presented as a brighter tobacco, POSSIBLY flue cured, and with some really good earthy tones that kept it grounded. It was a brighter tobacco throughout, with just a pinch of the lower/earthy notes on the finish for clarification. It had an almost "leafy" quality to it, and seemed mostly absent of most of the darker tones, and/or burnt aspects. It was sweetened, but I would NOT call it sweet, and it was a bit lower than mid-level sweet. Throughout the entire 3 testers, I did get an almost "green" note, which is/was hard to explain, but it translated into more a a cured tobacco accent, without the darker, more smoky notes. At 6% it was full, and didn't feel like it needed to be increased at all. In closing, this one was a crisp, clean, light tobacco leaf, possibly flue cured, with an almost "green" undertone, with some light earthy tones, but sans the darker smokey notes. You guys know I'm reluctant to review baccos, and scoring them is even harder, but this one seemed to be really on target for a Virginia Tobacco, and I'm scoring it high @ **9.75/10**. Not candied like an RY4, and maybe the perfect tobacco for other not tobacco-ers like me.

**Watermelon (FLAVRZ) 8% (6-1-23)** -- I could tell the moment I tasted this one, something was up. It didn't smell like a full on watermelon, and it didn't taste like one either. What it DID taste like, was more of a Watermelon crossed with one or more other melons. At 8% it was middling strong, and not in your face in any way. At first I thought maybe I was getting some rind from it, and further testing seemed to prove that to be true. Now while it wasn't a bad flavor, it never really took off as a juicy red watermelon, but stayed more in the medley camp. It was fairly fresh, and had good juicy notes, and nothing off-putting, or floral I personally would have preferred a much more juicy red focused approach to it. Not every one can be a winner, right ? All in, for a "Some watermelon, and some of these other melons" not too shabby, but as a solo watermelon, it left things a little lacking. It was an interesting vape, and I had polished off two testers before I knew it. It felt fairly placed a little lower, and at a **6.0/10**

**Watermelon OZ (FLAVRZ) 8% (6-2-23)**
-- Aussies HELP me out here !!!! I got into this one RIGHT on the heels of the Watermelon, and again, I wasn't getting a huge, full on watermelon. It was almost like I was getting a lot of the white fleshy part, and some rind, but none of the red. I'm wondering if this is an Australian thing, or maybe this/these particular compounds just aren't translating for me. With THAT outta the way, this tasted much better, and fuller than the regular Watermelon, and despite not knocking it out of the park for my needs for the "red" part of the WM, it was good. I believe it is one of FLAVRZ best sellers, so it COULD be me, hehe. I did continue to get a very good "melon" and "rind" from it throughout all of the testers, and by melon, I don't mean anything like a honeydew, but still very melon-like. To my tastes, it was actually a fair amount fresher than the regular WM, and juicier. Sweetness was just below mid-level, and there were no off-notes, florals, or perfumes. I feel the need to repeat this, but even without the red sticky WM that I am/was used to not really showing up to the party, it was a damned good, and addictive flavor. I'll def. have to rate this above the regular WM. In closing, a VERY good melon which presented as fresh, and juicy, with plenty of rind notes, and about the only take-offs (for my tastes) would be the fairly lacking "red" watermelon notes. Judging by my scale and criteria, **8.0/10** felt pretty good. Aussies SOUND OFF on this one if you've got experiences with Australian Watermelons !!!!

**Whipped Cream (FLAVRZ) 8% (6-3-23)** -- With this, the second to the LAST, in this massive second series, let's get into the Whipped Cream. My experience with WC's seems to always fall into two categories, very light, slight vanilla, and darker, richer, less vanilla. This one fell into the second category, and had far more substance than the airy light, thinner vanilla others. It had some mouthfeel, and good creamy-ness, and was very good at 8%. It shared something with ANOTHER WC I've tested, and that was an almost chocolate note. Of course, as SOON as I stop typing this review, I WILL be adding this to some Graham Cracker, and Marshmallow, JUST to see HOW the light chocolate notes fare in a mix. Solo'ing it, they were unobtrusive, but always present. I guess the best, closest comparison might be a heavy whipping cream, with chocolate undertones. Many other of the WC's I've tested were soo light and airy, it was hard NOT to over run them in mixes, whereas this one would hold it's ground much better. Three testers later, my opinion(s) hadn't changed on this one, and I was unable to detect any squirrel-y notes. In closing, this one was a heavy whipping cream, with chocolate undertones, and a good mouthfeel, at just below mid-level sweet, that would hold it's own in a mix, and not be run over in most mixes. I don't feel that the choco undertones were a negative, nor distraction, and will leave this one fairly high @ **9.1/10**.

**White Chocolate (FLAVRZ) 8% (6-2-23)** -- Out of the gate, I could tell this was one of the weaker flavors. It was almost stronger when tasting, than vaping. While light, it proved to be a very clean, accurate white chocolate. What I was glad I DIDN"T GET was some of the funkyness, or chalky dryness that I've gotten from a few of the other WC's. Smooth, somewhat (but not entirely) creamy, with a light mouthfeel. I think that because it WAS lighter, and not overly heavy handed, some of the more subtle notes were visible (to the palate that is). Sweet, buttery, and just a hint of vanilla, with NO cocoa, just like a good WC should be. Nothing sour, dry, or out of place, and it was just at about mid level sweet. As I've stated regarding a few other of the flavors, about the only real take off would be the light presence. Granted solo'ing put's it ENTIRELY under the spotlight, and cannot even BEGIN to assume/predict how it will pair in recipes, but some caution should be used so as not to overpower it. All in, a good, clean, fairly relaxed WC, with none of the sourness or dryness that can plague many of them. As mentioned, taking off, but only due to the relaxed presentation. Subtly placing this one at **7.0/10**.

**Wild Cherry (FLAVRZ) 6% (6-3-23)** -- I believe this is the EIGHTIETH FLAVOR in the FLAVRZ (two series) so far. By my count, that is just a few day short of two months, for ME, and YOU GUYS on these, and it's been a BIG HAUL. I figured I'd leave the "Scary" one till last (just kidding, alphabetically loaded). BUT, cherries, CAN INDEED be scary. I have been burned, and burned hard in the past, and some no matter HOW FAR you reduce them, are floral, soapy, or worse yet, medicinal. I'm happy to say that NONE of the aforementioned were present here. I DID test this one fairly high (as far as cherries go), and it was very good, AND, unique. Unique to me, just means, I don't think I have one like it on my racks. It did present as a red cherry, but not fully a maraschino. It was not dark, or a "black" cherry, but stayed fairly red, and juicy throughout the entire test. ZERO off-notes (more on this later), aftertastes, or anything out of place. It leaned heavily to the natural at maybe a 75% natural / 25% artificial, and was a tick or two below mid level sweet. The uniqueness came from what I am terming the "Wild" part of it, THAT'S the nuance/overtone I do not have on my racks. It is VERY hard to classify, or explain, but maybe "ripe" COULD be a close second, but even that feels not right. Needless to say, the combination of IT, and the red cherry WAS a great combination. NOW, just for you guys, I decided to try an experiment, and boost it up a little more JUST to see if I could BREAK it, and I couldn't. I had it up to 10%, and it didn't go sideways on me, but just deepened, and got bolder. Impressive. Think not, try that with most of your existing cherries and see. All in, this was a great juicy, red cherry, that had hints of a mara, but only hints, and it had a very unique "wildness" to it. If you have been scared OFF of the cherries, come BACK into the Cherry fold. With no real take-offs, I'll be rating this, the 80th flavor in this run high, @ **9.4/10**.

**Part III:**

As mentioned above in Part I, and Part II, thanks a lot out to Darren from FLAVRZ for sending this out for the purposes of this/these review(s). All of the flavors were mixed and tested at the percentages listed, and in a 70v/30p/3mg carrier. All steeped at least 1 week, and (as always), were tested on THE trusty and accurate SteamCrave RDTA v.1, running dual Kanthal 24ga. vertical coils with fresh cotton and dry burned coils before every test. Typically tested at 65 watts.

FLAVRZ part III 3.jpeg

FLAVRZ part III 2.jpeg

FLAVRZ part III 1.jpeg

**Blood Orange (FLAVRZ) 8% (6-30-23)** -- Alright people, breaking into the THIRD series from FLAVRZ flavors with this, the Blood Orange. Now admittedly I don't use BO's very often, but when the need arises, it's got to be authentic. This one smelled REALLY close in the bottle, and got even closer in the tank. Like a [traditional Blood Orange](https://www.thespruceeats.com/all-about-blood-oranges-2216770) it wasn't as bright and punchy as a navel orange, but it had more of the darker, almost raspberry-ish notes. Now I didn't actually get raspberry from it, but it was the closest comparison I could think of. Darker, and almost rich if you could believe it. It presented as very natural, and had a subtle yet very good almost citrus oil note (in a good way) on the finish, that really helped seal the deal for me on it's authenticity. Now the last thing of note is/will be hard to explain BUT, it was almost like a little bit of an effervescence on the finish, which again, added some "sparkle" to the finish, and kept it interesting. It was actually fairly complex, and one of the FIRST things I thought of when testing it, was how I NEEDED to add this to my orange creamsicle recipe. At 8% it was very full, without being over, or underpowered, and didn't leave you wanting. No off-notes and just below mid level sweet. All in, a very fresh, realistic Blood Orange, with a nice citrusy oil note on the finish, along with some effervescence. With nothing to nitpick, and/or complain about, I had to leave this one high @ **9.5/10**. If YOU are working on an orange creamsicle, you may want to ADD this one, because I think it would work out GREAT.

**Blueberry Ripe (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-1=23)**
-- I think a lot of times when I'm testing things like "Ripe", or "Fresh", or "Wild", I never know how each MFG will decide/define those terms. In the case of this one, I think "ripe" actually worked, as it mainly focused around a ripe, juicy blueberry. I almost thought of a "Royal Blueberry" when testing it. While having some nice "ripe"-ness, there was a slight jammy-ness to it, with just a pinch of fermented-ness on the finish. No overt florals, or soaps, and it did taste pretty natural with a 70% natural / 30% artificial split. At 8% it was very present, but not in a heavy handed way. No off-notes, or any easy to find take-offs for this one. At times I did remind me of TPA's Blueberry Extra, paired with a natual ripened BB for comparison. It was an interesting one to test, as it did present as fairly complex, with ripened, juicy, and slightly jammy/fermented notes swirling around. All in, it was fairly unique, and to build something like it I would have to pair two or more from my racks to do it. Going to leave this "royal" blueberry fairly high, and it felt good at **9.1/10**.

**Blueberry Wild (FLAVRZ) 4% / 8% (7-1-23)** -- WHEW, this one WAS Wild. I started this one out at 8%, and it tasted like it was indeed going sideways. I did get some fairly present florals at 8%, but they weren't TOTALLY off-putting, as it DID (kind of) work towards the "Wild". Now, interestingly enough it tasted a little heavier than JUST a fruit, and I got an almost FW Graham Cracker out of it. YES, you read that right. I changed the cotton and reduced to half @ 4.0%, and most of the florals abated, BUT, the underlying (I know it sounds crazy) Flavor West graham cracker-ish undertones persisted. The blueberry itself shared some of the jammy-ness of the previously tested BB Ripe, and seemed to be more of a 50/50 natural/artificial split here. About mid-level sweet, and it was still pretty present at the halved weight of 4.0 %. What I couldn't shake was the FW GC undertones, and they were fairly distracting from the BB. It's possible that further reductions MIGHT have reduced them further, and if time persists after finishing this series, I may re-visit this one @ 2.0% to see. As it stood at 4% and 8%, I'd have to push it down a bit for the bakery-ish, almost FW GC notes that were present from start to finish, and leave this one at about a **5.0/10**.

**Butterscotch Ripple (FLAVRZ) 4% / 8% (7-1-23)** -- I know, I know. "But, but, but there's ANOTHER Butterscotch Ripple already". Yes, hehe, there is, BUT, this ain't that. I've used the "other" one frequently, and no, this ain't that. This one was a real surprise for me, and it turned out to be a Spot On representation of .....

What was most interesting about this, was it didn't taste like a Butterscotch Ice Cream, but MORE of a Vanilla Ice Cream WITH (you guessed it), Butterscotch Rippled in. At 8% it was very full, but without smashing the ceiling, nor going sideways. The VIC was rich, and creamy, and the "ripple" was expertly paired to it, in such a way that it didn't cover the ice cream up, but merely accented it. As I worked through 3 testers of this, there was an interesting side effect I'll call it, of the VIC and BS pairing, as it did create an almost cinnamon undertone, that DID work. It didn't fully present AS a cinnamon , but let's just call it an "olfactory mirage" of sorts. VERY interesting to say the least. I reduced to 4% to see if anything changed, and it stayed about the same, with reduced intensity. This one was almost a one-shot by itself, and it was VERY interesting to see it shift from a vanilla ice cream with butterscotch, to one with an almost deliberate cinnamon undertone. VERY interesting. No off-notes to be found at either testing weight, and sweetness was at about mid-level. The cinnamon-ish note(s) that crept in after about the second tank were QUITE the mystery, and because they didn't distract, but supported the VIC and BS, I didn't take-off as an off-note. For it's accuracy, and complexity alone, I will have to leave this one very high, and it felt good at **9.4/10**.

**Caramel Candy (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-1-23)** -- At 8% this one was a ONE, TWO, Caramel punch. No other way to put it. It was SOO rich and delicious, I considered cutting it in half, JUST to see, BUT, it was too good as it was. Nothing out of place, and it was a FULL caramel experience. It was actually one of the better caramels I've tried. Now the whole "candy" thing, I never know for sure what that's supposed to be, BUT, it was a somewhat sweet caramel, so that will have to do. I didn't get any "hard candy" accents/notes, but it didn't feel like it was missing. Sweet and creamy from beginning to end, it just did what it did, and it did it VERY well. I was immediately struck by the urge to toss in some coconut just to see where it would go, maybe even some chocolate, but I'll get into that later. Needless to say, it was a smoking good caramel, and I'm fairly sure it would still excel at 4%-6% as well. With no off-notes, and nothing NOT caramel-ly, I had a very hard time marking it down. How much or what "candy" you may need may dictate more than this review, but I'm going to leave it high, as the rich almost dark caramel notes just wouldn't quit. Easily **9.5/10**.

**Citrus Mix (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-2-23)** -- This one couldn't have come at a better time, as I needed to cleanse the palate after the heavier BS Ripple, and Caramel tests. This one did JUST that, with a bright, and sparkly citrusy punch. The main players were Lemon and Lime, BUT, they were tempered by an Orange, which presented slightly lower in the mix, BUT, it's effects could be tasted, as it was NOT just a L and L. Nicely sweet, which was actually about two ticks below mid-level, which kept it out of the "-ade" realm. Clean, bright, punchy, and VERY evenly mixed, so none of the three main players stole the show. No off-notes, and at 8% it played very well, with a very natural taste. If you like a citrus medley that didn't favor one fruit over the others, and was JUST sweet enough, this one should work out nicely for you. I tasted mostly the fleshy fruit, and very little, to none of the peels or citrus oils, and there was no bitterness to be found. Hard to nitpick, and/or markdown, as it did exactly what it claimed, so leaving this fairly high at **9.1/10**.

**Cola (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-2-23)** -- Alight, ANYONE who knows me, KNOWS that ANY Cola will have a HARD road to travel after I tested [Sobucky's Cola](https://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/t/sobucky-super-aromas-ssa-single-flavor-tests-by-sessiondrummer/247616/441?u=sessiondrummer) which has been the Reigning Cola Champion. This flavor presented very similar to it, but with some differences, albeit minor. The overall "cola" experience was pretty spot on, and also seemed to favor a Pepsi/RC Cola mashup. The exact split however was hard for me to gauge, but if I were forced to, I'd put it at a 50% Pepsi / 50% RC Cola. Sweetness leaned a little higher, at maybe a tick or two above mid-level, BUT, was there FIZZ ?? !!!! Yes, my friends, there WAS some fizz. Not quite as fizzy as SSA's, but still fizzy none the less. It did feel like it could use a little more fizz, and a pinch less sweetener, but even that would be subjective, as Colas by their nature ARE sweet LOL. Needless to say, this almost perfectly portrayed a Cola, of the non-diet persuasion. Sticky, accurate, with just a little bit of fizz on the finish. No off-notes, and nothing prickly at the testing weight of 8%, and it tasted pretty full at that weight. No cooling (thank God), because I can't use any cooling agents. Very nicely done by FLAVRZ, and it won't let you down for your cola needs. It felt like if the fizz was kicked up JUST a bit, and maybe the sweetener dropped just a bit as well, this could be improved. It felt truly like it was about 90% of the way there. That leaves this one perfectly placed at **9.0/10**.

**Creme De Menthe (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-2-23)** -- It's NO secret that I can't and don't use cooling agents, so this one was going to be a ride for me. I actually don't drink or use CDM, so again, a ride was coming my way. Because there's [ no cream in creme de menthe](https://www.mashed.com/637473/what-is-creme-de-menthe-and-what-is-it-used-for/), it makes you wonder what IS in it. I was surprised to actually like this one, as it was not in my typical wheelhouse. It started out with a delicious almost cotton candy like carrier paired with a mint and hint of peppermint, and finished with the peppermint. There was a slight cooling effect, that could have been the mint, and was not objectionable, even to me. Again, having not used CDM IRL, I cannot directly compare the two, but it presented as fairly natural mints with that great carrier of sweetness. What I think I liked the most, was it wasn't TOO minty. Just enough, and done very nicely. Scoring can be hard, especially if you (I) have not tried the flavor IRL, but, this one was good, with no off-notes, and plenty of smooth mint, riding on that (for lack of better term), cotton candy carrier. After much debate, I decided to leave it high at a **9.5/10**, with no real take-offs.

**French Vanilla Custard (FLAVRZ) 4%/8% (7-3-23)** -- I will admit to really looking forward to this one in this series. Being a French Vanilla and Custard lover, it was hard not to. This one did indeed impart a great French Vanilla paired with a Vanilla Custard that was fairly pudding-like. At 8% it was plenty heavy with no real issues EXCEPT FOR a rather odd off-note. It was an almost metalic/soap ??? on the finish ?? !!!! I assumed the issue was on my end, and purged the tank, and tester bottle, and re-mixed, with new cotton, etc., but it still persisted. Reduced to half at 4% and it did reduce, but was still present. VERY discouraging, because the custard/french vanilla pairing was outstanding. I further reduced to 2% and it reduced as well, and the flavor was actually still fairly strong. I'm hoping that some others get into this one to better verify what I was getting. All in, a VERY good Custard, with a punchy French Vanilla undertone, with a rather odd off-note. I believe because it was minor, and on the finish that this could easily be tamed, BUT, it existed, none the less. I taste it, you guys hear about it. As it stood, I had to down-rate this one a bit for that, but overall the flavor was a winner. It felt fairly placed at **6.5/10**.

**Golden Butter (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-4-23)** -- As Darren from FLAVRZ has mentioned the FLAVRZ flavors are DAAP free (as well as some other not so safe compounds), so what DID this Golden Butter have in store ? Smelled great in the bottle, and pretty buttery. When testing it, it did kind of fall off a bit, and didn't translate exactly to how it smelled. It had much of the richness, and creamy-ness of a creamery butter, but missed out on some of the (probably DAAP) buttery top end and salted notes. Sweetness was higher than expected, and it was about mid-level sweet. At 8% it felt like it was as strong as it could be, and was fairly full. No off-notes, or anything out of place to be had here. A good showing from a "free" and "safe" butter, just not all of the way there. I think it could easily be used in "safe" recipes if required, but as a whole, it felt like it was about 70% of the way there, and leaving it squarely at **7.0/10**.

**Grape Candy (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-4-23)** -- Whew, Grapey MrGrape. Right out of the gate, this one presented as almost TWO flavors in one. There was a slightly dull, purple onrush on the inhale, and then a juicy, candy-like, almost grape juicy-like mid and finish notes. VERY interesting. Although nowhere near a "soda" it did have some good Grape Nehi notes in there as well. Because it clearly tasted like more than just ONE grape, I'm pushing it up on the complexity scale. Maybe you could call it a great grape candy, IN grape juice perhaps. It was plenty strong at 8%, and was not overbearing, or fatiguing, and sweetness was just above mid-level sweet. The almost grape juicy finish was what really made it different than most other of my grapes. No green grapes here people, just purple grapes, and lots of them. It leaned mostly to the artificial side, JUST up until the finish, where the very natural grape juice note(s) took over. Quite an interesting one. All in, it was a very convincing purple grape candy, with a natural grape juice finish. I will mark it up a bit, as the natural juicy finish, to an initial grape candy was very interesting indeed. NO markdowns for the missing seeds, skin, and stems. Leaving it @ a solid **9.3/10**.

**Grape GC (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-4-23)** -- Well it turns out the GC stands for Gulf Coast, and FLAVRZ billed this one as being dark grapes with hints of Blackberry and Blueberry. It did taste like a purple grape and dark berry medley. The grape was similar to the just tested GC, BUT, without the candy. The dark berries however were hard to pick out, but they're effect on the overall flavor was easily noticeable. I think "hints" of dark berries was right, and the ratio was close to 70% purple grape, and 30% dark berries. Sweetness was actually lower than expected at a few ticks below mid-level sweet. It was full at 8%, but still somewhat relaxed, but not weak. It felt that is was missing a little pop, and with the reduced sweetness, it's possible sweetener could have been the ticket. The darker berries did provide a nice mysterious tart finish. No off-notes, and only some missing poppy-ness to nitpick on, this one was turned out to be a nice dark grape, dark berry mashup, that worked, and it created a relatively new experience. It felt smartly placed @ **9.0/10**..

**Grape Illawara (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-6-23)** -- To be fair, I'd never heard of Illawara before, but proved to be a [Coastal region of New South Wales](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illawarra). No description was provided on FLAVRZ's product page, BUT, a possibly revealing image, did show a mix of green, and purple grapes, and guess what ?? Yeah, that's what it tasted like. :). My main take away from this one, was how smooth it tasted, and I think the smartly paired green and purple grapes were to thank for that. Not too much of either, but just enough. Neither drove the mix, but but were present. It/they presented as actually fairly natural tasting with little to no artificial undertones. Sweetness was just at about mid-level, and at 8% it was plenty full, with no off-notes. Burning through the testers, I kept trying to decide if the green or purple was in the lead over the other, and I finally gave up, as they were just to evenly paired. there was SOME tartness, but only just some, as the smoothness seemed to really be part of the show here. Somewhat complex, and unmistakably grapey, this one really bridged the gap, convincingly between the green and purple. Fairly juicy, but never overbearing. It was a smooth grape experience to say the least. Finishing out this triplet of grapes from FLAVRZ, this one was smooth, and tasty with no real take-offs. If you're in the mood for some grapes, but can't decide on green or purple, sign yourself up for this one. Placing it higher, at a **9.3/10**.

**Lemon (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-6-23)** -- Out of the gate, I could tell this wasn't really just a Lemon. At first I started to feel it was more of a Lemonade-ish flavor, then at times, almost a Lemon Candy. Not fully either, but it leaned both those directions. It also tasted far more artificial than natural, and sweetness was at about mid-level sweet. It was actually fairly complex, and tasty, BUT, despite having some Lemon-ness in it, I wouldn't call it a full on Lemon. No off-notes, and it was very full at 8%. At times I thought I got hints of some nice zest, and possibly some citrus oil, but only hints. Very crisp, and refreshing, but again, I felt it's artificial-ness, and sweetness helped it into heading towards a lemonade, or a lemon candy. Not bad at all, and after 2 tanks it was still crisp, and refreshing. It might not carry the main freight for a natural Lemon, but I could see many uses for it beyond that. For a "Lemon", I'd have to rate it down a just a bit for the "ade" and "candy-ness", and leave it at a **7.5/10**.

**Lemon Sicily (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-8-23)** -- Now we were getting into MO Lemonz. This one immediately reminded much more of a [Limoncello](https://bespokeunit.com/spirits/limoncello/). Not exactly, but heading that direction. A fair bit LESS sweet than the previously tested Lemon, and there were some very nice citrus oil notes, and almost some of the peel. NO bitterness, and to my tastes, was much more natural tasting than the Lemon. No off-notes, and this one was pretty full @ 8%. I think the main take aways from this one would be the citrus oil notes, and the bright, sparkly notes on the finish. Sweetness was still present, but at a much lower level than the Lemon, and that helped to lean it heavily towards the natural as opposed to artificial. No lemonade, or candy here, but much more of natural lemon. The flavor was just slightly relaxed at this testing weight, but I could find no off-notes to complain about. All in, rating this one a bit higher than the Lemon, and it was good enough to pull a **8.9/10**.

**Lemon Sponge (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-10-23)** -- Back into it, with this, the Lemon Sponge (cake). I did want to get into this one, as it smelled hella-licious in the bottle. Testing it, continued that trend, and I was greeted by a pretty accurate Lemon Cake. Now, missing was some or most of the almost baking powder-ish undertones that I often associate with a "sponge" cake. Needless to say, even devoid of those, the yellow-ish cake notes were spot on, and accurate. It was baked, but no brown, or burnt edge notes, and it didn't feel lacking because of that. The lemon was still tarty and punched through the cake with no issues, which isn't always easy to do, especially when pairing it with cakes/bakeries. It presented as a natual/artificlal mix, of maybe a 70% natural / 30% artificial ratio. Tarty, with some sweetness, and a touch of sour (tart). As a whole it worked really well as a lemon cake, but I wasn't 100% sold on the "sponge". Call it a nit-pick at best, as people's definition of "sponge" will vary. It was very good at 8%, and overall sweetness was just below mid-level, and I will admit to getting lost in it, and nearing the finishing of the third tester, I had almost forgotten to get NOTES lol. For a "sponge" cake, it was just need a bit more, and only minor take-offs for that, and it felt super solid @ a **9.0/10**, as it presented as much more of a lemon cake. Still QUITE good. Don't let the lack-o-sponge stop ya.

**Malaysian Mango (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-11-23)** -- Now I'm not sure exactly [which Malaysian Mango](https://hello.tourplus.my/travel/travel-malaysia/mangoes-in-malaysia/) this one was, BUT, it was good. It wasn't as bright and sparkly as some Mangos I've had, but it did taste like more of a orange/yellow/green mango mashup. The majority of it centered around a yellow/orange tone, but I kept getting little hints of some fresh and green undertones. Sweetness was below mid-level, and strength/saturation levels felt like an 8/10 at 8%. Could stand to maybe be a bit stronger, but not much. It had an overall fresh, and natural taste and wasn't sickly sweet and fatiguing, or boring. Somewhat complex, and it felt like it could just almost carry the full freight in a Mango mix, but it might need just a pinch of help. Very good, fresh, and tasty. The only take-off was a minor dryness from the middle to the end of the vape. Rating it higher due to the perceived orange/yellow/green-ness, with only the slight dryness as a markdown. It felt fairly placed at **8.5/10**.

**Maple Syrup (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-12-23)**
-- Maple-y goodness WAS the word of the day with this one. In the bottle, in the tank, it was about identical. In the past I have tested some MS's that were very heavy handed, and some, left a heavy aftertaste, but thankfully this one had neither of those issues. It tasted JUST maple-y enough, but without being overbearing, or saturated at 8%. Very realistic, tasty, and just sweet enough, without any cloying sweetness. It was surprisingly rich, and full, which were unexpected, AND, a huge plus. The maple center was actually somewhat complex, and at times, there were some light coffee and/or mocha undertones, which kept it very interesting. Because of those, I could actually see this working in some unexpectedly great ways IN some coffee mixes. Natural, full, and rich were the main take-aways on this one. It could easily work on pancakes/waffles just as well in coffee mixes. A very true to form Maple Syrup that tasted very rich, and with just enough sweetness. No butter notes, just the maple, and it was solidly in the "syrup" region, but (repeating), without the heavy, cloying sweetness. No off-notes, or take-offs that I could find, and leaving it high @ a **9.5/10**.

**Meringue (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-23-23)** -- Meringue is probably one of the more used flavors on my racks, so I know it well. Believe it or not, [there are 3 main types of meringues](https://pastryandbeyond.com/types-of-meringues/). To my tastes, they are similar but with varying levels of sweetness. I prefer a less sweet meringue as it's easier to work with and can be sweetened if needed. This Meringue from FLAVRZ fit right into my "sweet spot" (pun intended) for meringues. It tasted almost identical to FA's Meringue, but with just a little more body. Very accurate meringue-ness, with a very controlled level of sweetness. Perfect for my style of mixing, as I could sweeten IF I wanted to. It was actually a little below mid level sweet, and it was very full at 8%. It also avoided one of the pitfalls of some meringues wherein vanilla is added, which actually pulls it OFF profile. I didn't detect any here, and that really let the egg whites shine through. It had a generous amount of fluffy-ness, and mouthfeel, and 3 testers later I was still trying to find any take-offs, and I couldn't. Fluffy, full, just sweet enough, and VERY accurate were the main take-aways on this one. All in, this one will work for all of your meringue needs, and rating it very high @ **9.9/10**, for being just almost perfect.

**Noosa Blue (Blue Raspberry 2) (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-14-23)** -- After having [tested FLAVR's Blue Raspberry](https://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/t/flavrz-flavors-reviewed-by-sessiondrummer-testing-now/268226/62?u=sessiondrummer) previously, I was curious what the #2 would bring to the party. They were very similar, and I'd have to do a side by side to give you a true comparison. This one turned out to be much more than I thought, and YOU will have to decide if it/that works for you. For me, it DID work very nicely. It presented as fairly mainstream Blue Raspberry that was about mid-level sweet, and just a touch of tart. BUT, what it seemed to have in addition to that were some very nice red raspberry undertones, with an almost hint of a purple grape. Now these were UNDER-tones, and hints, so they were not main profile notes, but they seemed to really accent, and pull what would have been a typical Blue Raspberry. Tartness/sour levels were somewhat lower than expected, and the (what I'm calling) red raspberry, and grape notes helped to keep it more interesting. Fairly complex, and the nuances and notes kept jumping out at different times, which kept you guessing. Nothing off-putting, and at 8% it felt like as strong as you would want. Now while I didn't know anything about [Noosa](https://www.australia.com/en/places/brisbane-and-surrounds/guide-to-noosa.html) before this review, nor if they grow Blue Raspberries there (LOL), this one did turn out to be much more than I had expected, and IMO, the dark/er RB/Grape notes just plain worked. They supported the existing Blue Raspberry main notes, and did not overshadow, so there was no de-railing going on. As always, YOU guys/gals have to decide what makes or breaks a Blue Raspberry for YOUR tastes. For mine, this was going to fill an empty spot on my racks, as it could almost be run solo, with MAYBE a pinch of sweetness, and sour, but maybe. All in, it tasted very good, and different than all other of my BRB's. No real take-offs, except for minor nit picks, like possibly a little sweetener, and sour punch. I finally settled on a high scoring of **9.4/10** on this one.

**Passionfruit (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-14-23)** -- Wow. I'm not even really a Passion Fruit kinda guy, and I was STILL wowed by this one. A very refreshingly tart Passion Fruit, that had some very nice undertones that were best described as grapefruit, melon, and kiwi. Sweet, tart, and complex were the main take-aways here. It did have a fairly honest, and persistent citrus undertone that stayed present throughout. I've not eaten PF very often, and probably used it in mixes even less, so I cannot directly compare/contrast for you guys, but at 8%, I could see this standing ALL on it's own, as it was that good. Very fresh, somewhat juicy, and this was one of the hardest flavors in these 3 series, to try and nit-pick. No off-notes, and nothing to even remotely complain about. While somewhat sweet, it was just below mid-level, and the almost smooth tart-ed-ness really helped seal the deal on the finish. Sweet, tart, citrus, and complexity is what this one brought to the party. Too hard to down rate a flavor that just seems to do it soo right. Leaving this one very high @ **9.7/10**.

**Pineapple (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-15-23)** -- As soon as I tasted this one, I KNEW something was different about it. Good or Bad ?? You'll have to decide. Out of the gate, it did not present like a "fresh" pineapple, but more of a "cooked" one. Not baked, not canned, not candied, but almost like a baked. It had an interesting undertone throughout, that I was really struggling trying to decide what it was. It kind of reminded me of Real Flavor's Yumberry, but I finally settled on an almost Red Currant. It did not overshadow the Pineapple, BUT, it stayed present the entire time. Sweetness was a few ticks above mid-level, and it did have a somewhat juicy quality about it. There was a smidge of tartness, but overall it was sweet. Very yellow to be sure, and actually very good tasting, and it felt pretty good at 8%. No off-notes, BUT, keep in mind, I was NOT tallying up the Red Currant undertone as an off-note. Even though it was quite a bit different, I did keep thinking of RFSC's Yumberry for some reason. A very good Pineapple, BUT, not a pure one, and not authentically natural. To my tastes the "medley" worked, and it helped to create a VERY unique flavor. NOW, with that said, would that appeal to you or not ?? You'll have to decide. I will have to rate it as a "pure" pineapple, and because of that I'll have to kick it down a bit, for the underlying undertones, that WERE damned delicious. Purely as a Pineapple, I'll leave it at **7.0/10**. NOW, I cannot stress enough, how GOOD this flavor was, just NOT a pure Pineapple.

**Pomegranate (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-16-23 )** -- Believe it or not, this one turned out a LOT like the previously tested FLAVRZ Pineapple. Please note, this was a DAMNED good flavor, and I think I need a bigger bottle of it, BUT, (ain't there always a but ?), it was really MUCH more of a red fruit medley, than a Pom. Yes, there WAS some Pom in there, and it was fresh, and natural, BUT, it was literally fighting to take the lead with a DAMNED good red berry pairing. As close as I could come, would be almost a pairing of a cherry, and a red currant. Now THAT, is EXACTLY in my profile, BUT, it was fighting for the lead here with the Pom. At 8% it was damned good, and dare I say, almost One-Shot-ish, meaning, bottle it up, maybe a spritz of sweetener, and call it a day.

Literally I KNOW I'm going to have to down-rate this one, but I'm torn, as it was good enough for me to almost load up a cart at FLAVRZ specifically FOR this flavor, as I could see a LOT of uses for it, AND, it was damned good. The Pom portion was very accurate, and tasted natural as opposed to artificial, and the main carrier, and finish were indeed (as close as I could describe), a mashup of a non-tart, red cherry and red currant, nicely sweetened. Sweetness was at about mid-level, and it suited this flavor, and I had NO off notes (discounting the cherry and red currant notes, as off-notes). No florals, nothing out of place, BUT, it WAS a Pom/Cherry/Red Currant mashup, to my tastes. It could have maybe used a bit of sour/tart to kick it up a nothc, but even that would be a matter of preference. All in, not a great solo Pom, BUT, a "How much is a bigger bottle ?" flavor none the less. As a Pom I will have to down-rate this down to a 5.5/10, but soley because of the other notes which were actually fighting for the lead. As a Pom, don't get it. As a REALLY good Pom/Cherry/Red Currant DO pick this one up. In closing, leaving this one at about a **6.0/10**

**Snickerdoodle (FLAVRZ) 8% (BONUS FLAVOR !!!!) (7-16-23)**
-- Now maybe @Jetz can chime in on this little "bonus" flavor a little. He did tell me it was rather a "One Off", and I asked if I could publicly review it, and he agreed. Now, whenever I've tried, or eaten a [Snickerdoodle](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snickerdoodle), they've always been more of a simple sugar cookie, rolled in cinnamon sugar. This flavor however, had no cinnamon, and had a very present coconut. Much lower in the mix, there MAY have been some milk chocolate, and possibly caramel, but it was hard to exactly decipher as the coconut stole the show. The coconut did have a very "Mounds" bar direction, with some sweetness, some creamy-ness, and was slightly astringent. At times, I almost got a graham cracker note, but it waxed and waned, and most times was below the main note(s). If the chocolate was higher in the mix, it would def. have leaned more heavily towards a Mounds Bar. Nothing off-putting except for the somewhat astringency from the coconut, and it was pretty full at 8%. All in, not a Snickerdoodle, or at least not one from the US, and more of a Mounds Bar, with a fairly relaxed chocolate. For an American Snickerdoodle, I'd have to rate it very low at a **2/10**, but as a Mounds Bar, I would rate it much higher, at an **8.5/10**.

**Strawberry Kiwi (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-18-23)** -- This one took a little to settle in, in the tank for a better look at it. The SB and Kiwi were both present, and seemed to center more on the mid notes, and was missing a lot of the higher end, bright notes. There was a somewhat smoothness to it, and it didn't present as creamy, but it was def. there. The SB And Kiwi tasted 50% natural and 50% artificial, and were fairly evenly blended. At 8% it was full but still somewhat of a lighter flavor. Sweetness was below mid-level, and except for the unexpected smoothness, there were no off-notes. I would have preferred more of the brighter notes that would have helped it punch through more. It was a surprisingly smooth mid-bodied SB and Kiwi. After 3 tanks, I still couldn't fully identify the "smooth" underlying tones, and I'm not 100% sure that it helped the overall profile. Some take-offs for it, and the lacking bright, high-end punchy notes, and leaving it at a **6.5/10**.

**Strawberry Ripe (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-20-23)** -- Trying to get the average user to define what "type" of Strawberry one is, can be hard, and often times it's just as hard for reviewers. Having just tested FLAVRZ's Sweet SB, I was able to directly compare this one to it. This one tasted much less like a "Ripe" Strawberry, and much MORE like a Red, Juicy SB. Now are hairs being split here ?? Perhaps. In comparison, this one tasted FAR more juicy, red, and sweet than the aforementioned. It tasted like a 75% natural / 25% artificial split. I don't know how to exactly explain "ripe-ness" but I didn't get a lot of it here. BUT, the juicy red-ness was there in great quantity. Although it was sweet, it wasn't candied, or jammed. Fairly fresh, and was very tasty. Not much tart in this one, which MAY be why it didn't lean towards the ripe, but that's a matter of tastes. Fresh, juicy, and red were the take-aways with this one. It was good at 8%, but felt like it could use a little more. No off-notes, no soaps, no florals, and no real take-offs BUT for the lacking "ripe". At times I almost thought it was a pairing of sliced strawberries, and strawberries in a light syrup. Very tasty, just not a lot of tarty punch. Clean and accurate, and I'll rate it up a bit, with only the lacking ripe notes as take-offs. It felt great at a **8.75/10**.

**Sweet Strawberry (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-19-23)** -- It seems like every flavor house (and then some) has their own take on Strawberries, this one included. Some people are SB mute, and can't even taste it, and about everyone has their OWN type they like or want, so trying to make one for the "masses" is complicated. This one was very unique as I've never tasted one like it, BUT, hehe, there were some "buts". First thing was, it felt a little distracted, and the "red currant" flavor I had gotten previously has returned TO the party, and this one tasted more like a somewhat sweet strawberry mashed up with a red currant. Def. not a pure strawberry. At times, I even got a rather nice almost "bubble gum" undertone from it. The SB tasted about 50/50 natural/artificial, and it was somewhat sweet, but perhaps not quite enough to be a "sweet" strawberry. It tasted a few ticks below mid level sweet. NOW, just like in a previous fruit review, the red currant-ish notes DID really work here, and the bubble gum undertones did as well, and it actually tasted very good, BUT, it was billed as a Sweet SB. I am again, torn between fighting the urge to rank it up, because it tasted great, AND the realization, that it needed to be ranked/rated AS a Sweet SB. At 8% it was fairly full but felt it could use a little more. There were no off-notes, but for the aforementioned notes. Because it was a 50/50 natural/artificial mix, and it wasn't overly bright, or sharp, and didn't have much tart to speak of, it was smoother than expected. All in, a damned tasty flavor, BUT, really more of a Strawberry, Red Currant mashup, with Bubblegum undertones. Would work very well as a mixer, but not enough to pound home the Sweet Strawberry by itself. Because of that, marking it down a bit, and it felt fairly placed at **6.0/10**, about even with the previously tested Pom.

**Thai Apple (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-21-23)** -- Having never eaten a Thai Apple solo, but have had it in a spicy salad, I did want to see what FLAVRZ did with it. Crisp, and Juicy were the two big take-aways with this one. Very crisp tasting, with some tartness, and a very unique finish. It didn't really taste like any other apple flavor I have, with only some similarities to a Fuji, BUT, it wasn't a Fuji. No Red Delicious here folks. At 8% it was plenty full, and sweetness was just at, or just below mid-level sweet. Because the main apple notes were kind of a mystery, it kept things interested, and before I knew it, the tank needed to be refilled. It remained very natural tasting throughout the 3 testers, and was just as sparkly till the end. For a truly interesting apple flavor, that defied being fully categorized, with some similarities to a Fuji, that one got it done. The actual crisp-ness, couldn't be overstated. Crisp, fresh, and juicy till the end. No off-notes or nit-picks, and leaving this one fairly high @ a **9.8/10**.

**Vanilla Ice Cream 2 (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-21-23)** -- After having tested [FLAVRZ's Vanilla Ice Cream](https://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/t/flavrz-flavors-reviewed-by-sessiondrummer-testing-now/268226/417?u=sessiondrummer) I was interested to see what they came up with for the "2" and "3". This one, the "2", I think was billed as a CAP replacement, and while similar, it was still quite different. Somewhat creamy, with a modest mouthfeel, and a good creamery overtone. It was very clean, maybe even cleaner than the v.1, and if there was a vanilla, it was far more recessed, and lower in the mix. On the finish, at times, I almost got a slight wintergreen push. Just sometimes, and only RIGHT on the finish. Clean, and crisp just like the v.1, but with a recessed vanilla. It was somewhat light at 8%, and possibly could be pushed further. Sweetness was just below mid level, and no off-notes except for the slight wintergreen on the finish at times. Thus far, I prefer v.1 over this one, the v.2, and we'll see what v.3 has in store for us. As it stood, this one felt good in the **7.75/10** range.

**Vanilla Ice Cream 3 (FLAVRZ) 8% (7-22-23)** -- Finishing up this 111 massive flavor series with this, the VIC v.3 from FLAVRZ. Having liked both the v.1, and v.2, and noting the slight differences between the two, I can safely say the v.3 would be my favorite out of the three. This one continued on with the clean and crisp (yes, crisp) profile, and with some increased vanilla (might have been a French Vanilla, not sure), increased mouthfeel, and creamy-ness. Out of the 3, this one was the most dense, and creamy-est, and it almost tasted like it included some egg in the ice cream. Now I don't mean "eggy", but because of the increased richness, and thickness, it was a natural assumption. The vanilla while still somewhat recessed, was more present, and at 8%, this one was quite full. It is still a surprise that flavors like this can be made DAAP free (and other not safe for vaping). Not as buttery rich as LB's VIC, but still it held it's own in the creamery department. Sweetness was just below mid level, and I couldn't detect anything out of place. Still a very clean VIC, and it was a great natural tasting flavor. All in, the v.3 was my favorite of the 3, and mostly due to it's increased mouthfeel, creamy-ness, and richness. Rating this one higher @ **9.65/10**.