SarelD Buyers review


All these flavours and you choose to be salty
Cape Town
Not too impressed.

Asked for a battery to be included in the deal. I was sent a completely dangerous shredded battery that was incredibly old. Doesnt hold charge.

I saw a previous sale post where my product was advertosed as 8/10. But the tank I recieved was scuffed quite a bit. I resold it and rated it a 6.5/7 and told the buyer that he has the option of returning it if unhappy with condition.

The tank I was sent had a dirty coil in it. Was made out to be a generous offer / favour but wasnt even burnt clean. The tank was so badly covered in juice and dirty that I could tell the flavour of juice that was used in the tank. I had to wash it before reselling. I didnt even try use it.

The mod I bought was perfect and as advertised.

This was just my personal experience. I know others have had good experiences with him but I was annoyed that I was

Promised a battery and recieved a dangerous old one.

Recieved a filthy tank that at best had a tap run over it.

Recieved a scuffed up tank that was not advertised as damaged .

This is my first ever purchase that I genuinely felt like the seller just didnt care. Raised my concerns and was ignored.
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