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The 69 mech mod is so called because uniquely, the fire button can be situated at the top of the mod, OR at the bottom of the mod. It is a creating of Atmomixani, and the older brother of the Nemesis, so certain design features of the Nemesis originated on the 69 mod.

My example came from Fasttech, item number 1561100 for $22.

Not ever having watched any reviews of this mod, or even reading up about it, there's a few things which caught me out and needed a bit of thinking time.
As best as I can tell, in function the clone is identical to the original. Parts interchange etc. I do feel though that the lower tube, the telescoping part, is made of a lesser grade material on the clone (its a bit chinese shiny metal, if you know what I mean) but works perfectly.

Top cap: adjusts for atty positive pin depth, as well as adjust for battery rattle.. Its like the chi-you with a pin inside a pin type arrangement. It also has the same airflow arrangment as the Nemesis (well, the 69 had it first) with a rotating outer ring

Bottom cap: also has adjustment pin.

Both of these adjustments may be quite tight when you get your mod, and the top cap pin adjustment is reverse threaded so throws you off a bit, but it works, and works well.

(assume the switch is at the top for this description)
Switch: weird. Its sort of like a two pole crossbar arrangement. One upright pole is on the bottom, connecting to the battery.
The other part of the upright pole is the topcap
When you press the switch, another pole slides in from the side, and simultaneously makes contact with the top and bottom poles.
It is spring loaded, and is an absolute delight to use. Twisting the switch 90 degrees means it can still be pushed, but the poles all miss each other so no firing takes place. Effectively, your mod is disarmed:)

In use, once setup, this is a lovely little mod. It works well, fires reliably and the switch is a lovely touch, not weighty. I use mine with the switch at the top, and thumb press it, or index finger...whichever strikes me as the easiest at the time. Admittedly, I dont change attys often on this mod, so the "pin set up arrangement counter rotating anti-clockwise how much do I turn" topcap doesnt become an issue. It IS something you will need to spend some time on, else you will get no-fires/mis-fires, and does need tailoring for each atty. In this respect, Nemesis is an improvement, much quicker and much simpler to adjust

My side-button journey has only this device and a kts/kts+/kts-storm, but without a doubt this is the one I prefer using. Better built, more high-end features, and the kts just had a poor button which got hot and required constant cleaning to prevent this.

If you are a fan of side buttons, whether at the top or bottom, then the 69 mod should be on your radar. Its cleverly designed, and all the adjustments you need ARE there, they're just difficult to spot.:)

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Awesome, I enjoy reading your take on these things.
thanks all, unfortunately it went dark here quite quickly and photos with flash on are worse than my usual bad photos I take.
I'll add them tomorrow, and hopefully the "how it works" bit will become clearer than my text description
Awesome review man, love reading your write-ups
video now added to original post.

Thanks for that @Vern, I was reading online about problems with the plastic melting in the button assembly with some guys, So I imagine a bottom button configuration would help to minimize that.
dunno hey @Alex , those with melting plastic will scream loudly..the ones where it just works seem to keep quiet.
the pin does travel through a plastic piece, as shown. Resistance makes heat, as we know. So, dirty contacts may make for fun times, whether the switch is top or bottom. If it is badly adjusted I can imagine some arcing everytime you fire also, which wont help much.
If its near my face everyday and I'm almost making a dead short on a lithium battery, I'd like to say I keep the important bits clean. I also like my face quite alot where it is right now:)

I cant say for certain, but the melting plastic people..I dont think it melted from heat conducting from the dripper etc, that seems a bit of a far-fetched story for me to imagine.

Lots of mods dont have a plastic piece like this, so consider that if you are thinking of buying a 69. Its a weakness in the same sense that a lamborghini is low and wont go over big speed bumps. Its like that by design, and once you know of it you avoid the issue.
Eish..... it is like you read my mind....

I should be getting my launcher v2 mech any day now but already I have reservations. I used @Riaz 's Nemi and while I could not fault it mechanically the bottom switch felt weird. Yes the launcher is similar although it is recessed but still bottom firing.

After seeing this review and having had reservations about the only other side firing mech I know of (KTS) I may just order this.

This review has been most helpful.
I dont want to sound harsh, but the kts was horrible for me. The inner tube is unexplainably thin, almost like tinfoil thin, and I didnt get one day where the button didnt interfere with pleasant vaping. It also feel lots cheaper than this 69.

Ok, done a quick weigh-in
kts tube: 5.6g
69 tube: 11.5g

total weight
kts: 84.7g
69: 94g

69 is also around 1cm shorter