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So I figured I would to a noob review on the SMOK FuryS. I took a while to do this because I'm new to Mechs and I wanted to get use to it first. so lets get into it.

It comes in a very well designed and sturdy gift box with two layers. The top layer has the Mod itself as well as a second Switch (I will get a bit more into detail on the switch next) the lower level contains the booklet and nothing else.

The manual is well written and informative, however a little more detail could be spent on the second switch.

The Mod comes fully assembled and ready to go. all you need to do is add an atty and batty and of you go. But there is one thing to note. Be careful with the switch. The Switch has a up and a down side (Like a battery) the mod does not have a spring switch, but a very cleaver (At least I thought it was) magnet switch.

If there is no battery in the mod the switch collapses like it would if you are firing the device. but once the Battery is in and the switch is on the battery the two magnets pushes each other away (Hence the up and down sides) which then acts as the spring. And its a pretty sturdy magnet to.

There are 3 vent holes on the bottom edge of the mod for safety.

Spare Switch.
Ok so the spare switch looks identical to the switch that is in the mod with one difference. On the one side of the switch it has 7A stamped. if you look inside the switch you will notice it has a little PC board. this is actually a 7 Amp switching fuse, so if you do have a short on your coil this switch will break the current flow and protect your battery, but will reengage after a few seconds... Cool hey.


The design feels good and sturdy and the top cap on the mod has a spring pin on the battery side. but that is the only spring in this mod.

The bit I love the most is the really cool skull design on the tube.

The switch has a really smooth operating locking ring with a click function. 1/4 turn to lock 1/4 to unlock and this works in either direction. The button itself works really nice and I have not been able to jam the switch up.

I really like this mod. the spring on the center pin might be a negative for sub ohmers, but I do find that it helps keep the battery nice and quite. there is very little rattle to the Mod when you shake it.

The one negative I can give it, there are two version of the mod. One only allows 18350 batteries and the other only 18650. though I do like the fact that the options are there. I would have preferred the device has a second tube in the box.

All in all a really solid device and it looks really awesome with the skull engraved on the tube. I currently only have the 18350 version but the 18650 is on order.

This mod looks absolutely awesome with the X PURE RDA, Which I will do a review on after using it for a little longer.

I would give this Mod 8/10 puffs, with 1 point lost due to the fact that the manual is a little under detailed as to the second switch. and 1 for the fact that you don't get the two tubes in one kit.

Excellent review @Arthster ..this is a great looking (and sounding) mech - I especially like the idea of the magnetic switch, very clever.

And "atty and batty"...LOL, just classic :rofl::rofl:
That skulls looks like agmat- in the stand up comedy show

Great review @arhster

The switch design is really awesome

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Thanks guys. This was my first review of any kind so still getting use to what the readers expect to see and if the information I supplied was useful.
Thank you for the Kind words.