What Did You Vape Today?

I don't often get vapers tongue with Red Pill, but I had to break out a bottle of Waves which is one juice that resets my tongue and enhances the taste of Red Pill.
I am standing by for a MASSIVE shipment of FRESH Red Pill. Down to one bottle of steeped Red Pill from my travels! So need a fresh tank of juice!
Finishing up my last bit of Glas Sugar Cookie then onto my vape mail received this morning, some Marina Vapes Blueberry Donut and Steeped Lustful Lemon (Lemon Cheesecake)

I bought a few juices to test drive at VapeCon. This one is a winner and may just stay in rotation.
I did try two other juices that were great on the tongue test but @BigGuy did tell me I wouldn't like them in a vape and he was spot on.
I am finally adding a few more juices to my daily routine. Red Pill in the Dvarw and the Blaze, BinJai Mango Strawberry Ice in the Vaporesso ECO, Bar Salts Mentos in the Caliburn AZ3 and a Kiwi, Passion fruit, and guava in the disposable.

Desk Check 240420.JPGIMG_7268.JPG
Thanks for this Uncle Rob. Did you use your standard 2.5mm coil in the Blaze? I am still deciding on whether to get one but it looks more suited to 3mm coils.

Yes 2.5 is pretty much all I use these days!

The bridge I'm really waiting for is the Sturdy One which I have heard great things about!