What's in your hand right now?

Day two with the Diplomat RDL! Zero leaking on the overnight test! Refill number four. Looking good on the Stratum Aerodynamic V10! What a great RTA!
Stratum V10 Black Diplomat RDL.JPG
Day Five with the Diplomat RDL RTA! If you have been looking for a fine RDL RTA then the Diplomat is for you!Dani Micro Purple Diplomat.JPG
After a intense weekend.
Lots of work.
The problem ended up being a lose connection on the bottom of the device that made the screen not work and prevented the device from firing when it was assembled again.

But I have my baby back.
Lost vape thelema dna 250c.
Blaze 26mm.
Dr pepper vape juice.
One happy Baxteen 17209490300042063008335780292422.jpg