1. Rob Fisher

    VapeCon 2021

  2. Rob Fisher

    VapeCon 2020 cancelled!

  3. Rob Fisher

    NB VapeCon 2020 - Sat & Sun 29-30 Aug - RSVP - Save the date

    VapeCon 2020 We are pleased and excited to announce that VapeCon 2020 will take place on Saturday 29 August and Sunday 30 August 2020. It will be held at Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria. It's going to be a fantastic event for all! If you haven't seen the video from VapeCon 2019 - have a look...
  4. Silver

    NB VapeCon 2019 - the story in pictures

    VapeCon 2019 was a special event indeed. A celebration of all that is vaping in South Africa - over 2 full days of vaping greatness. It was a super effort from all involved. This year, we had an even bigger representation from the international vendor community - showing continued interest in...
  5. Silver

    NB VapeCon 2019 - Official Video

    Hi all We are super excited to publish the official VapeCon South Africa 2019 video! VapeCon 2019 Heartfelt Arena, Pretoria, South Africa 31 August & 1 September 2019 Event Sponsors: h2vape, Hashtag Vapes, Vape King Brought to you by ECIGSSA A big thank you to everyone that was involved in...
  6. Sharty

    Vapecon 2019 Video Highlights

    Reminisce to an Epic Weekend.. VapeCon 2019! Please click on the link in our bio to watch our VapeCon 2019 highlights.. • • • @VapeCon • • • • • • ENJOY!
  7. Vape Republic

    It's not a hype train, it's the only train!

    :campeon::campeon::campeon: IT'S HERE! Vape republic is proud to announce that this years Vapecon 2019 award winning liquid is almost ready for dispatch to your local Vape retailers! Firstly, we would like to thank the public who took the time out to come to Vapecon 2019! What an amazing...
  8. Vaporesso

    Back to VapeCon 2019, South Africa!

  9. Gizmo


    Vape King Post VapeCon Specials Are now LIVE!!! WHILE STOCKS LAST!!
  10. Christos

    VapeCon 2019 Local Vendor Juice Shootout Results!

  11. Christos

    VapeCon 2019 DIY Competition Results !

    In First Place we have @Green Ranger with the juice called "DD Melons" In Second Place we have @Sareph with the juice called " Coco-Pine Dreams" In Third Place we have @Steyn777 (Who's beard is looking a little sad this time of year) with the juice called "Milk that Tart"
  12. SparkySA

    Post VapeCon interview

    These are a few questions I would like to ask the eciggs staff about Vapecon 1. After spending 2 days at vapecon what was the thing that worried you guys the most but turned out a huge succes 2. When you sneeze is it fruity or desserty? 3. What was the wierdest thing you saw at vapecon...
  13. ettiennedj

    Post VC Clearance - Beest, Aqua, Zeus X, Rincoe & Gbox

    Hey Guys, after Vape Con this year I have some things to get rid off that are no longer being used. All accessories included except the Gpriv that I used one spare bottle. Item for Sale :- Rincoe Mechman 228W Mod Selling Price :- R 400 Condition :- Good, scuffs on bottom Age of the item :- +-...
  14. The eCigStore

    Vapecon 2019 was Lit

  15. Schnitzel Frontier

    A HUGE shoutout to Thrifty Clouds !!! - A VapeCon 2019 Story

    Hey Hey Just wanted to post a truly wonderful experience I had with Wayne Pieterse and the guys from Thrifty Clouds yesterday at Vapecon 2019:ARMS1: Their store was one of the first I happened across while cruising around the floor. Tempted with a New brand for me and the overall welcoming...
  16. Wesley

    VapeCon 2019

    Hey @Richio, Just wanted to give you props for your stand at VapeCon, it's really great to see someone trying to get the word about DIY out to the masses. Out of curiosity, how was your stand received by the general public? Was there a lot of interest?
  17. Chukin'Vape

    If you missed Vapecon - Click on this!

    What a day, join me in a road-trip to Vapecon, fun walk through of the exhibitors and my DIY discussion on stage
  18. Vaporesso

    Thanks all for your support for the Best Stand Award at VapeCon

    Hi SA fans, We are so proud to be informed that Vaporesso has won the Best Stand Award at VapeCon2019 Thanks so much for all the support and love from Vaporesso fans Thanks @Silver and @Rob Fisher for your effort and thanks VapeCon for your awarding Vaporesso will keep working to get better...
  19. X-Calibre786

    Wallet found at Vapecon - Happy ending!

    Hi people, I found a wallet in the visitors parking area as I was leaving vapecon. There were very few cars nearby where I had found the wallet so I assume the owner had left already. It's a small wallet that only has space for credit cards, and there's quite a few cards as well as a driver's...
  20. BaD Mountain

    Rebel Revolution Vape - VapeCon Comp

    Coming to VapeCon this year? Snap a pic of our stall or your RRV Coffee cup at VapeCon and post it as a comment on this thread to enter our competition. One entry per person. Winner will be announced on Thursday 5 September. Happy vaping you Rebels!!