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Hi Ecigssa members, In this review i take a look at the Resin Edition Copper FUFDA Mech Mod from Vapjoy. The Resin Edition Copper FUFDA Mech Mod was sent for the purpose of this review by Leandro from Vapjoy.


1x Resin Edition Copper FUFDA Mech Mod

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Copper with Resin sleeve Fufda i received actually was just sent in bubble wrap as it was a sample but i have included a picture of the packaging. With the sleeve being polished resin every device will be slightly unique in both colour and pattern, and the one i received looks brilliant with the main colour present being purple. The bottom of the device is the copper, bottom fire button section, the button is indented and has etched branding on it, the outside of the bottom section, halfway up has a ring of machined knurling. The top section of the Fufda is a hybrid connection copper 510 plate, this too has a ring of knurling around the outside. The sleeve as already mentioned is polished resin and looks quite stunning. The device is very well made with all threading spot on and is very comfortable to hold and fire.

Specs and Features:

Size: 83.65x28.1 mm
Weight: 136g
Material: Copper(T3) Material with Resin. Sleeve
Hybrid Style 510 Connector
For 24mm or 25mm atomizer
18650 battery (not included. recommend Sony VTC4 High drain battery).
CNC logo & serials.
Top/Bottom deck with Knurl design.
Resin sleeve, beautiful & heat-proof.
Spring loaded button.
Colours: Random

The Fufda in Parts

Both top and bottom copper sections screw off the inner sleeve allowing for the resin outer sleeve to be removed, this reveals of course that the inner sleeve is copper. There is notches inside the resin tubing and little grooves at the top of the inner sleeve which means the resin sleeve will only fit one way and in a certain position. Both inner and outer sleeves have 8 generous venting holes in a ring around both top and bottom, these line up perfectly when the resin sleeve is slid on.

Using the Fufda

Of course make sure you know ohms law before using a mechanical mod such as the Fufda and also make sure the atomiser you use is protruding and not a floating connection. I fitted the atomiser on top of the device without the battery fitted, then unscrewed the base and popped my battery in, then i screwed the base back on. The indented fire button depresses in and has quite a bit of travel so i can't see the device firing by accident. To use the device simply press the bottom button inwards and enjoy your vape.


I have had the Fufda for a few weeks and have every 3 or 4 days had a battery worth of vaping with it and have always enjoyed the experience. Despite the travel on the fire button it moves with ease and the device fires instantly and gives a great vape. I see all the advantages of a regulated device but after using the Fufda i can also understand why some people prefer mechanical devices.


Excellent value for money mechanical mod that works great.

Very well made
very good threading
Looks very nice
Good venting
Nice feeling button
Fires Instantly
Comfortable in hand

I would once again like to thank Leandro from Vapjoy for supplying the Resin Edition Copper FUFDA Mech Mod for the purpose of this review.