Ultroner x asMODus Luna Squonker Box Mod


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Hi Ecigssa members, In this review i take a look at the Luna Squonker Box Mod from Ultroner and Asmodus. The Ultroner x asMODus Luna Squonker Box Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.



In this review i take a look at an unregulated semi-mechanical squonk device that has been around for at least 18 months but is still readily available, the Luna. As mentioned the Luna has been out a while so has what now seems the old fashioned method of fitting a bottle but the Ultroner X Asmodus device offers a stabwood finish at under £100 so is still worth a good look. The Luna takes it's power straight from the battery (direct output device) but houses the UL 80 JX chip which gives plenty of protections including a top wattage cap of 80W (the clue is in the name of the chip). Does the Luna still live up to expectations in 2019? i give my thoughts!


In The Box


1 x Luna Squonk Box Mod

2 x Luna Squonk bottles

1 X Instruction Card

1 X Warrant Leaflet

1 X Battery Safety Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Luna comes in fold open cardboard packaging with viewing window which allows you to clearly see the device without opening. I received a Mosaic version which main colour is Black but it's available in an array of standard stabwood or Mosaic stabwood finishes with each one being unique which is one of the draws towards stabwood finishes. I have handled a few Luna devices with standard stabwood finishes and the quality is spot on especially considering the price point but the Mosaic version i received does suffer with quite a lot of pitting which i found disappointing even if it is only noticeable close up when the light catches.
The device is very box like but has no sharp edges as they are slightly tapered and it's pretty average size and weight for a single battery squonk device.
The face of the device has a cutout to press the squonk bottle which also shows off the thickness of the wood and that the device has been made from one solid block. One side and spine is featureless apart from the Mosaic design while the other side has a round, concave shaped fire button with Asmodus logo top left and a little LED indicator top right. Moving to the base we have the slide magnetic plate which keeps the bottle in place which has printed safety marks and the Ultroner logo printed in White and the battery cap with central leaver. Up top to one side we have "Luna" in fancy font printed in White and to the other side a 510 plate with Gold plated, spring loaded BF 510. The position of the fire button makes the device ergonomic as a thumb firer allowing your third finger to press the squonk bottle so very much a one handed operation without needing to move the device about. Apart from the pitting which i believe is more likely on the Mosaic versions and the fire button feeling slightly cheap the device is very well made.


Ultroner x asMODus Luna Squonker Box Mod Parameters:

Dimensions: 82 x 46 x 26 (mm)
Chip: UL 80 JX
Battery: Single 18650 required (not included)
Maximum output power: 80.0 watts
Squeeze Bottle: 6ml
Standby Current: 50UA
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3Ω

Ultroner x asMODus Luna Squonker Mod Features:

1. Compatible with Single 18650 battery with 80W max output
2. 6ml silicone squeeze bottle
3. Easy bottle mechanism
4. Constructed from 6063 aluminium and encased in stabilised wood
5. LED indicator light
6. Multiple protections

Colour/Design: Unique Coloured Stabwood and Stabwood Mosaic Finishes

I weighed the device with and without a battery installed:

Without battery: 120g
With battery: 168g


Fitting The Battery

The Luna accommodates a single 18650 battery which is fitted via an old school style of battery cap which has a central lever that folds out which can then be used for unscrewing the cap. The threading is very smooth and i still prefer this type of design for fitting single batteries as it's very secure and you can't damage your wraps, we also have a small magnet underneath the lever to keep it in place when not using so it doesn't flap about. Some may not like the fact the threading on these caps take quite a few turns to undo or tighten up and although i find long threading on the top-cap of a sub-ohm tank or RTA a pain as liquid needs adding often i don't really see why long threading on a battery cap is an issue as it's not as if you are swapping batteries out every few minutes. The lining of the battery tube is very light and seems to hold the light so the positive marking at the bottom of the tube is very clear so no issues with marked orientation which is far from always the case.


Operating The Luna

The Luna is a semi-mechanical squonk device which has a small PCB which gives the device plenty of safety features to allow a mech like experience while staying safe. The safety features include only allowing the device to fire when detecting resistances between 0.1ohm - 3.0ohm. Other safety protections include Negative Polarity Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Over-vape Protection (10 seconds) and Short Circuit Protection, all these protections if they kick in are indicated by various flashes in various colours of the LED. The device also has overheat protection so if the device goes over 85 degrees it will automatically shut down. The device can be turned on and off with 5 clicks of the fire button, when turning off the LED indicator lights Blue for 2 seconds to confirm and when turning on the indicator lights green for 2 seconds. As the device operates as a mechanical mod the wattage can't be adjusted, you simply press the fire button and vape. while the fire button is pressed the LED lights green and apart from the LED flashing Red and not firing when the battery get's below 3.3v (low voltage protection) there is no battery status indication.


The Squonk Bottle

The silicone bottle holds 6ml of liquid and is a standard squonk fitting bottle so you will have no problems finding a 6ml bottle for the device. Personally though the tension on the supplied bottles are the same as the tension on the bottles that come with the Aether which i very recently reviewed and Ultroner/Asmodus have chosen well as in my opinion they are spot on, not too soft but not too stiff, perfect!
To get to the bottle we have a plate on the base of the device which has a protruding lip at the front and magnets to the rear so it slides in place and is then held very securely , good job!
The Bottle and the fitting of it is straightforward, the bottle has a screw lid which has a tube that feeds through it. The top section of the tube protrudes out the top of the lid and the rest feeds underneath which goes inside the bottle. Once the bottle has been filled simply screw the lid back on and push the protruding tube onto the pipe in the device, the Luna comes with 2 bottles which is a big pro.


My Experience Using The Luna

What a gorgeous device to both look at and handle, ergonomically for right hand vaping it's spot on. I am right handed but tend to vape using my left but i just naturally switched hands while using the Luna and i think most vapers don't have issues with using the other hand if a particular device feels so much more natural to use that way. The fire button sits flush but the texture of the carved Asmodus logo and concave shape makes it easy enough to find and it gives a nice click with a short travel, even if it has a slightly cheap feel which isn't in keeping with the rest of the device. The device fires instantly and gives a great low to mid wattage vape but of course being direct output the power does weaken as the voltage on the battery drops. As for power output not sure if the 80W max the device is marketed at is because there is a safety cap feature on the chip or just that is all with a 0.1ohm build (lowest resistance the chip will allow) with fresh battery the device is capable of.
The only real issue i found was removing the squonk bottle needs to be done when the juice level is very low as you need to slightly pinch it to get a grip to pull down so this can cause liquid to be shooting out the tubing while removing, it can also flood the deck of the atty sitting up top. To avoid this i found if you only remove the bottle when it has less than 2ml of liquid inside and you pinch the bottle as high as possible it then becomes a mess free experience. The Luna will accommodate up to a 25mm RDA or RDTA with no overhang which is plenty big enough for the vast majority of RDA's and RDTA's available.



While many including myself will much prefer the more modern devices like the topside or delta or even the device's where the bottle is housed in an assembly which just slide and then turn to lock in position for a 100% mess free quick experience their will be those that prefer more traditional squonking devices. As far as traditional type squonking devices go the Luna with it's gorgeous stabwood finish still holds it's own and i found it a lovely device to use!


High-quality construction
Unique Colours (including Mosaic)
Stabilised Wood
Gorgeous looking
Ergonomic shape
Small portable size
Nice weight
High performance
Carved Asmodus logo makes fire button easy to find
One hand operation (right hand)
Fires instantly
2 Squonk bottles
25mm atty's without overhang
Device can be switched off
Multiple safety protections with indication
Stabwood finish device at under £100


Traditional bottle fitting style (con for some that like more modern squonking devices)
6ml capacity quite low
Removing bottle with e-liquid still inside can be very messy
Pitting on Mosaic finishes (at least their was on the one i received)
Fire button slightly cheap feeling which is out of place on such a well made device

I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Luna for the purpose of this review.